GE Monogram vs. Electrolux Icon Appliances

coreypFebruary 1, 2012

I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen and want Professional Appliances that I can design my kitchen around but stay within my budget. I researched the Icon and Monogram series and liked the look of both but preferred the price of the Icon. I did see a Capital 36" Precision Gas Range that I loved the look but they don't make any other appliances and I thought you could get better deals on buying all the same product. I am also planning on buying the all refrigerator/all freezer w/ trim kit in my kitchen and the Icon is reasonably priced and you get more cubic feet than the Monogram for less $$. I see that the speed cook ovens are similar but haven't found any reviews on the Icon model. Any information on these products(or comparable ones)would be appreciated!!!!!

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For the most part, the standard advice is to shop around for the best of each appliance regardless of manufacturer. For instance, while GE makes a great range, their refrigerators tend to be lacking. Both Icon and Monogram score high in my book for dual fuel range/gas rangetop, & wall oven. I am not at all impressed with either brand's refrigerators. Everytime I open an Icon refrigerator I am disappointed--the exterior wrapping looks so nice then the inside is just a let down. I didn't want to be depressed everytime I went for something in the fridge so I crossed them off my list. Anyway, back to the topic at hand--manufacturers want you to buy all your appliances from them and that's why they run those rebates. Often you can find just as good an overall deal by shopping piece by piece. The only place I find it common to have all one brand of appliance is in builder houses where they are getting a killer deal with no sales tax either by doing so.

In our home, we went with the Monogram 36" 6 burner rangetop, Monogram double oven, Monogram hood (only got the hood in Monogram because of the $1,000 rebate with that combo and I really didn't have a hood brand preference), 2 KA dishwashers and a Samsung refrigerator. Mom has a Viking 36" 6 burner rangetop, Miele double oven, 2 Bosch dishwashers and a KA refrigerator. The appliances coordinate nicely in both homes and neither of us have anyone comment on whether or not they all matched brandwise. Hope this helps & happy hunting!

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I agree with Mydreamhome in the idea that you should get the best appliance for your needs in your price range, no matter the brand name... Mix and match if/when necessary.

I, however, have 2 Electrolux Icon all-fridges and 1 all-freezer that I'm quite happy with, and believe I got a good value for the space. Additionally, I had a Monogram double wall oven that GE bought back after very poor and uneven performance for which they had no explanation or resolution. So I can't agree that GE does a good oven. Apparently Mydreamhome's experience is different, for which I'm glad, because I wouldn't have wished my hassles on anyone.

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rhome410, how quiet is the all freezer? I'm looking for an all freezer that is quieter than the noisy GE freezer we currently have.

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I have a little info for u and whoever else has an Electrolux icon all frige and freezer. I have been doing my research ( and I can show u where to verify this) about the products. I also wanted the Electrolux for the WOW factor and because I wanted the look of the built ins.... So here is what I found out
If u look at frigidaires professional line, they r the same units except for the icon tag, the handles, and the ramp up theater lighting. So for the pair I saved $1500 going with the frigidaires. Now I said I will tell u where to check, go to the electrolux web site and call there 877 number it will direct u to either frigidaires or Electrolux and I called both tech lines and they confirmed they r identical right down to the internal wiring and compressors. I hope this helps and I am not to late to save u some cash. Ps the trim kits r identical also( same part numbers.

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I missed Noland_w's question ages ago.. I'm sorry. I have no complaints about the freezer noise level. I don't know how to answer, though, exactly how quiet it is. I have a desk just a few feet away and it doesn't bother me. The ice dropping is the loudest part.

When I got our Icons, the Frigidaires didn't have the lighting, the glass shelving, or as much interior organization... Or the Energy Star rating. They've jazzed up the Frigidaire a lot since then.

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I replaced a 5 year old GE oven (temps ran high, cooked unevenly) with a new Icon double oven less than a week ago. Granted, I've only used it 4 times so far, but it works soooo much better than the GE. Everything has cooked evenly. The timing and temps seem spot on. I love it! We looked at the Monogram, but read several bad reviews and didn't feel a lot of love from the sales staff at the showroom for the Monograms either. He did say that most of the problems he has heard from happened a few years ago, but lately there was not a lot of issues coming to his attention. He questioned the level of Customer Service you might get with GE vs Electrolux as well. I can't attest to that as fact though.

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We have a Frigidaire Fridge that broke down after 6 years earlier last month.
The ice maker will go on strike once in awhile & not make ice but then resolve itself magically.
However, this part was something electronic that they had to take apart the back & the display area.

What was scary was that we were out of operation for one week.
Way too long to get service. Granted we were working via a 3rd party repair contractor that our rental unit required but it still left a bad taste in our mouths.

That said, we are still considering this for our next fridge from Eletrolux here & taking the belief that there are sometimes bad apples in every batch.

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