Glucose Meters and Such

dadoesFebruary 27, 2009

What is the deal with this? It's ridiculous! My grandmother receives diabetic testing supplies through MedWise. They send a new meter every year. Today the 4th one arrived. New. Improved. Results in 8 seconds. Well duhh, the current meter reads in 5 seconds. We test only 5 to 6 times per week (not often enough, I know, but granny won't tolerate much more without throwing a fuss). She already has two boxes of lancets and three vials of test strips (expiration sometime in 2010) for the current meter. I called to arrange return of the new meter. First they said there's no record of a shipment. Then the rep said the new meter is free (I'm betting somebody, somewhere, pays for it), they don't take them back, and the "manufacturer" is no longer carrying the current meter. She said to trash the "old" meters whether they work or not, or give them away. I have advised them not to send more supplies until I contact them to do so. I told the rep that again today, remains to be seen if it holds.

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Could you find someone to donate the new stuff to? Talk to your local pharmacy, medical staff, nursing home, senior citizens, or even domestic violence group. With the economy as it is, I would think someone could use it. Even check with your veternary. Animals get shots/tested too.

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I have to agree with mariend, especially in today's economy that there must be someone who could use the meters. Makes you wonder if the company in question is charging the government a lot of extra charges. I know that the medicare system in the past was full of alot of wasteful practices, and they might just be continuing as they have been for years, but perhaps you can call the medicare hotline and ask them to check on it.

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