Black induction range?

debrak2008February 19, 2014

I'm just dreaming right now. Eventually I would love to have an induction range.

While searching online I noticed there are none that are black. They are all SS. Has anyone ever seen a black induction range? In would need to be 30" free standing.

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I take it that you haven't been looking at the very expensive induction ranges. For (I think) around $7500, the Viking can be had in colors including black. (Check out the original "racing red induction" thread for pictures of one in red). IIRC, the Dacor induction range also can be ordered in black for something like $5k..

Beyond that most induction ranges are black stoves with varying amounts of brushed metal cladding on the front. In theory, you could get a mostly black unit by having the oven door and the drawer front painted black by a metal or autobody shop.

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No I haven't been looking at ranges for $7500, LOL. Any that I've seen are SS with maybe a little black. I've searched on websites and when I choose black my I get no choices....Lowes, ajmadison, sears.....Having the door painted is far beyond my budget. Any range I purchase would absolutely have to be below $2000. As far below as possible.

It will probably be at least a year or more before I can seriously think about replacing my range. I just like to plan and dream. Perhaps induction will continue to be a dream for many years to come.

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debark, while you're in the dreaming stage, be sure you check whether you have the necessary amperage (I needed a dedicated 40-amp circuit for my 30" induction cooktop -- 36" requires 50-amp, and not sure what the range would need).

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I understand about the $2k budget. That was my limit when I was stove shopping a year and a half ago.

Getting the oven door front painted might not be as expensive as you might assume. When I explored getting parts painted/powder coated, I was quoted $100 for the oven's and storage/warmer drawer' fascia pieces.

Depending on what burner sizes and layouts you need or want, and which holiday weekend you shop, you might be able to get an induction stove for around $1300 to $1400. I've seen a Frigidare/Kenmore model (the one with rotating knobs for the burner controls) on sale for about that price. Sometimes the Samsung NE595NOPBSR drops down into that price range, as well. The usual prices seems to be in the $1500 to $1700 range. If you haven't looked at those models, you might want to check them out.

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sjhockeyfan, thanks for the electrical info. I will have Dh checked it out. He does all the electrical in the house.

I'm not picky at all about burner layout or controls. Interesting about the painting being only $100. I'm sure DH will think I am nuts to wanting it painted. I will check out those models. Actually he will think I am crazy for wanting a range over $1000 but I'll deal with that later, LOL.

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