Elder Law attorney question....

craftycFebruary 22, 2009

Going to be spending time this summer in a VERY rural area (cleaning out mom's house to sell, etc. etc.) and have some legal questions we need answered by an Elder Law attorney. There are none who are specifically Elder Law anywhere near where we are going to be and won't really have the time to get to one. (On limited time basis this summer) Does anyone know if a lawyer will do a "phone consultation" (we need only advice, no forms etc drawn up right now) and what they might charge?

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modern life interiors

aarp has a list of elder law attorneys. The first hour of consultation is free. don't forget to mention aarp.. if you cannot travel to them they might do it over the phone the free consult.

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AHA! of course...AARP..thanks for the suggestion, I will check to see which ones might be in PA....she will be giving up her Pa. residency and be coming back to FL. with us ...need to check on lots of things....thanks for the suggestion!

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modern life interiors

your welcome

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Be sure that you talk to an attorney in the state where your questions are (did that sentence make sense?) State laws can vary. A question that applies to her property in PA vs something that you want to know about FL laws.

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Over the years I have called and asked attorneys for advice and they always answered my questions free.

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Thank you all for your comments and suggestions...have found an attorney in Pa. and am now trying to compile a list of questions about the sale/proceeds/taxes etc. Hard to think of everything that might crop up in the transition. I know if she changes her Pa. residency she will lose her state assisted drug program that is funded through the Pa. lottery....Florida's lottery proceeds go to education.....

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