Kappadue Italian scale?

shnaggletoothSeptember 12, 2009

Hi. Looking for info on this scale and on Kappadue items in general. It measures 15" x 15" x 6". Not sure about the metal (brass?), gold paint. From the printing, says it was made on November 5, 1955, no. 210253. However, it also says "No. 2341" (so is it no. 2341 of 210253 produced?) My lack of Italian proficiency makes it hard to figure out what company made this: "Kappadue" or "Boniardi Umberto". Maybe someone here can help figure this out. No information online at all on Kappadue items. Thanks

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I did a little searching and found that I needed to know the italian language for better results. It is a "balance" or "scale" and appears suitable for the precious metals, jewelry or pharmacy trade. It may be labatory grade. The smallest unit is 50 mg which is quite small, therefore, this is a sensitive balance for weighing small items. I believe the weight pans are missing.

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Thanks, jemdandy. That's useful information.

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"Macchini per orefici" means machines for goldsmiths/jewelers.

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