Trigger thumb?

heydeborahFebruary 15, 2006

well i thought that Al was going to have to go to the hospital on sunday nite, i in my heart think he may have had another heart attack, but he just wouldn't let me call 911, men!!! anyways by 7 am monday he was fine, but Carley and i wheren't we stayed up all nite with him. but he missed his rehab. appointment where they were going to see if he had a trigger finger, where the fingers just lock, he says it's had to cut meat or sometimes even hold a mug, i remember he had an ulner nerve transplant 2 times in his other arm, so we are waiting again to have another appointment, i hope it isn't soon because of the freezing weather, take care, and let's get things exciting here again! debbie

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Hi Deb...Sorry to hear about the night Al had. That is scary not knowing and then when they won't let you call. I know he doesn't lke the hospitals and who does? Glad it turned out fine. Have never heard of the tigger fingers. Hope all finds you all doing good. We had a round of cold weather too and a little dusting here in Kentucky. I am read yfor spring. Hasn't been to bad tho this winter at all. We just got back from Athens Alabama where my husband went for a job. He is a welder and pipefitter and didn't make the one tig test, so couldn't get the job. It was on a nuke plant. He can't see like he use to when he was younger, so actually that was a dry run. We also headed to Lima Ohio and no work there either at this time. We finally decided to head home and after many years of this traveling, Dh has retired. We are tired of this line of work. May go to Gulfport Miss and work just for supplmental pay. Anyway, girl you stay warm, and keep knitting those sweaters and gloves. I crochet, but don't knit. I would love to learn.....HUGS Gabby

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