Wolf ag with propane

pam71February 23, 2012

First, thanks for the feedback on my vent hood selection. Now on to the range purchase. I am between the Wolf AG or Df 30 inch range. I have propane gas so I am concerned about the oven flucuation more then with NG ? the sales people tell me that this will happen more with LP. Any one have this set up and can give me some insight? Also, with AG and the burners and oven on at the same time will there be an issue with loss of btu's or oven heating? Thanks-


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I don't have a Wolf, I have an all gas DCS and no problems with baking. Roasted items are even better than my last electric oven.

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I should have said I am on Propane.

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I have a CC on LP it uses more fuel than your Wolf ever will, but there is no loss of power when using both oven and burners. Wolf makes some of the most even heating ovens on the market. Your sales people just want you to go duel fuel as higher price = more profit. I would choose a different vendor if possible. If you don't already have the 220 volt electric supply in place, add that to the cost of the duel fuel. If you bake a lot of bread and pastrys you may want the duel fuel for the dryer heat, otherwise AG will be just fine.

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LP gas or Nat Gas will not make any difference at all to oven fluctuation, they might be suggesting the DF because its more expensive which means more profit.

I agree with eandhl roasting comes out better in gas ovens due to the moisture content within the gas.

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Thanks for the info. I ordered my new range today, Wolf 30 in AG and a modern-aire ps1010 hood. Excited to start using it soon, even though I know it is more then I will ever need!

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