boy, where did the time go?

heydeborahFebruary 20, 2007

hi everyone, i thought i'd check to see what has been going on. we don't have much snow here, only about 3 inches of the white stuff, but it is snowing out right now, so weird because usually we have over 3 feet of the white stuff. i took Al to the doctor yesterday, and he has been put on a different kind of pain killer, and he has impentago (sp), and he still is up all night and sleeps during the day. i figure he must be feeling better since all he did was complain about my driving -lol. our daughter is off school this week - it's called Reading Week here, and says that university is so much easier than high school! since we only live a 5 minute drive from the university and 2 classes are 1 1/2 hours long this semester, i have been staying out during these times instead of going home. our son is here for his days off, and is still playing hockey 4 nights aweek. i turned 51 a little over 3 weeks ago and got a puppy for my birthday, a little girl that is white, gold and black, we named her Gracie Joy, she is a handful, so tiny she has gained weight and is a little over 3 pounds now, Al is in love with her and you can hear him talking to her - "How's my little cutie" wish he'd say that to me! -lol.

i think of you often, but so much to do, so little time! so lets hear some of the good stuff. (PB - reading the Mary Deheim series with Emma Lord, got all the whole series aat the used book store, that's the way i like to get books!)

well it's time to start the batter for the Finnish Pancakes for supper tonite, do you all have Shrove Tuesday too and eat Pancakes or do you have what we call here jambusters?

enjoy the day! debbie

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Well, HEY!! I was wondering how you and Al have been getting along. Same old same old here. I've been colecting the Hamish MacBeth series by M. C. Beaton.. I just love the silly things and poor old Hamish, he just can't seem to get a woman.
I had one child that always managed to get impetago, over and over again. I'll never understand why the other two didn't catch from him. He finally seemed to get it out of his system. Hateful stuff!!!
Take care...

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Hi all. Mostly a lurker here, but feel a bond with those who are and were caregivers. Just got back from visiting Mom at the Benedictine. We went to Mass and got our ashes. Funny you should mention pancakes - we always had them on Shrove Tuesday to "rid the eggs and fat" before Lent.

Lake Superior finally has ice. Coming back from a support group meeting yesterday, I pulled over and joined the other intrepid souls venturing out on it - about 12" thick and crystal clear; you could see individual pebbles 20 feet down. And it was groaning and cracking just as I remembered from all the ice skating we did as kids. It was wonderful!

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