Constipation ??

mamatoadFebruary 12, 2010

I have an 80 year old relative who is having problems. She is handicapped and cannot walk very far, so doesn't get much exercise. Does anyone have the "recipe" for help with constipation? I got it here several years ago and remember that the ingredients included prune juice and fiber. Would appreciate any help!

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There are quite a few of these out there. Hot buttered prune juice is one.

Must ask you what you know about her medications. Most of the pain meds can be troublesome in this way. For example, oxycontin is rather famous for its settling effect on normal peristalsis. Frequent recommendations for senakot or other peristalsis-helpers and avoidance of bulk-up things like metamucil are sometimes recommended there.

However, strongly suggest being wary and vigilant. If her insides are slow-moving and you start stacking up material behind a blockage or slow-moving section, problems can emerge quickly and they can be dangerous as well as incredibly painful. Serious constipation in the elderly is no joke. I do encourage your careful attention to the matter.

If you've had or are anticipating trouble, do get professional advice about this. In my own situation with mom (97) I've been in some pretty bad places constipation-wise over the years. You do NOT want to go where I've been.

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There is a prescription also that DH used to take, but does not need it now, but you can get the same thing over the counter. Take it EVERYDAY, it is a crystal power and I think it is Miralax. Ask the DR. first/or the pharmatist about with the other meds taken.

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Colace (brand name, generic is docusate) is an OTC stool softener. Ask the Dr or pharmacist.

Here is a link that might be useful: Colace

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Have a serving of Uncle Sam Cereal daily and drink hot prune juice afterward.
Increase fluid intake.

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Thanks to all who responded. I think Carol's suggestion of cereal and prune juice will work. I do appreciate all the info!

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This is an ongoing issue with my 90-y-o grandmother. She's on Miralax (generic/prescription instead of OTC, it's cheaper), and takes a couple stool softener tablets every evening (WM generic for Colace). I recently switched her to the version that includes a laxative. She doesn't get as much liquid as she probably should, but that's difficult to monitor remotely.

I recall hearing that my dad's uncle had a habit of drinking a glass of "hot" water first thing every morning, claimed it helped promote BMs, ward-off constipation. Perhaps hot tea would have a similar effect.

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For the last ten years of his life, my father drank a glass of hot water every morning with the juice of a lemon squeezed into it. He had "gut" problems all his life, ulcers, gall bladder disease, constipation. It was his way of treating it. He claimed it helped him "go". At least it wasn't a drug.

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