Non-bunching washable underpad?

JamieFebruary 26, 2012

Hello, I searched and did not see this topic mentioned on the first couple of pages of results.

Can you recommend a washable sheet-top pad that doesn't bunch up, or at least stays put better than others? At this point, that feature is more important than absorbability, although I would like it to absorb moisture, too. I checked out all the ones at the rehab center, and my mom told me which ones she liked better, but the hospital ones did not have brand names on them. The best one was made in Canada, does that ring any bells?

I think if I could see and touch them I could figure this out, but I have to order online and have them sent.

I read the reviews on Amazon, where I went to purchase the pads, but it seems that sometimes Amazon sends out different products, and I'm never sure if the review I'm reading is really about the product I'm ordering.

I do appreciate your sharing personal experience. I'm new at this.

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Oh! I just found a post written by grittymits in 2009 where she recommends the non-slip shelf liner. I think I'll order some pads that look good and have the shelf liner near by. Brilliant! Thank you!

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Do you have a nursing home in your area? They might have some ideas also.

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