Antique picture - need help

newpowersSeptember 25, 2012

Hi, I recently spotted a pair of pictures (or technically prints of photographs) in an antique store, and I could not find any markings or any other identifying information on them.

I absolutely love them, but they have quite the hefty price, or else I would have bought them on the spot. I was wondering what kind of estimated worth they are, or really any information regarding their age, etc. Am I correct in suspecting they are recoloured black and white pictures? The colours seem artificial.

The other picture is the same style but a different girl and background, with a similar frame (the only difference being that the gold flourishes on the frame are placed slightly different). Hopefully someone knows more about these things than I do, even guesses at their age or origin will be appreciated.

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Can't say much without a lot closer look at the work. From what I see it looks like a girl in costume posing for a photograph.....and enlarged and placed in a new frame made to look like an old one.
But it's hard to tell for sure what it is, but that style dress was popular way before cameras, and women wearing a dress that drags on the ground would be inside in a formal setting.
I believe it's a posed photo.
Linda C

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It's definitely a studio shot, but for what purpose, I am not sure. In composition it reminds me a lot of postcards of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

When mail was delivered more than once a day, you could send out a postcard in the morning and get an answer by the evening post. So there are a jillion of them out there.

I give a few people their initial every year as a gift and each gets the same style. Last year I gave post cards with their initial on them and I looked at literally thousands of antique tinted postcards on ebay to find the correct initials in an entire set that matched. Mine happened to have couples in "medieval" dress posed with a giant letter of the alphabet.

Anyway, it looks like one of those postcards. Now, whether it is a photo contemporary to the time that is a larger format version of the post card, or a studio shot of a regional actress in a role contemporary to the period, or a modern scanned image of the same is hard to tell.

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