nora8February 21, 2006

Hello Dear Friends, Just checking in....I miss you all. Hope and pray all is well with you. Life does go on....my sweet Dad is doing just o.k. The other day we were off on our trip to take pecans to have them cracked....we were quite taking in the nice weather....out of the blue...Dad said, "You know I miss your Mom more everyday." All I could say was..."Dad I do too"!!! So we let the tears flow...I know I can't take that pain away for him or myself...just keep going and holding on to the promise that we will see and be with Mom again. Thoughts and prayers for you all. Nora

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Ohhhh Nora, that is so SAD. Sure he does miss her, and only time will tell when he can go be with her again. It is in God time tho. I am glad you are getting the time spent with your Dad and to help him through the times ahead with out his wife. You both can lean on each other and get through it. Pecans, I love to get those around the holidays. My husbands sister sent me some at Christmas, that they pick up on the ground in Oklahoma. Yes, old sister Sue , the one who treated her Mother so bad, while I had her, is the one who sent them. I talk to her but that is about as far as it goes. You know they say, you have to "forgive" in the bible. Doesn't say you have to forget...lol. Oh well, I try to be bigger than her but sometimes it sneaks back in all of her "dirty work" she done.

How ya doing anyway Nora? Are you still working some? I think my husband has decided ot retire from the union where he is now . Collect the pension and then still work at something else. We are planning to head to the Gulf coast and work soon. So many are still with -out so much. Where is the goverment and why arent they on the ball,? This was such a big diaster right here in the US. So SAD.

Yesterday when it was sunny, I was so full of vigor, now today it is rainy and cloudy and I don't have a lick of energy...lol. We haven't had a bad winter ,but I would like to see green again. I have failed to keep the bluebird pudding out for the little birds. Once in a while I do, shame on me. We have been in Athens Alabama on a job but DH didn't make the "tig" test for welding and you had to have that to get the job. So nwo we are back home. Would love to just stay, but we arent close enough yet ot social security, and getting all that with the epension, so he will supplement it for now.

Well Dear, take care, miss seeing all of you on here, but as long as it is quite, then things are good I guesss with the caretakers....Bless you and come more often .....Love Gabby

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Hey there Nora and Gabby....good to "see" y'all. Nora, I know what you mean....sadness pops up at the oddest times. I am sure he does miss her so much. At least he has people around to hear him say it out loud. And he knows you all miss her too.
I was thinking about you the other day as I tended the violets. They are doing fine.
A rainy day here and moods to match. But Spring is not far away.
Gabby, you guys are young. Don't retire too young...life changes in a big way, I think. Tho I am not retired, I do not look forward to it.
Take care...Derry

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Derry, Glad to see you on. I was watching T.V. and Virginia the other day and thought about the "ice", there and you. I guess maybe in some parts it may have been bad, but what about near you. I know you hate the ice storms,and always think of you when I see them. Gosh Derry, I know we are young, but Dh is not retiring from work, just this LINE of work. Unions are not the same anymore, and you work right along with the non- union. Jobs are going to the non union as well. He will still work, at something. Life is so many decisions, and often yo uwonder if you are taking the right steps, but if you never venture out of your comfort zone, then you don't know what opportunities are out there. It is not set in "concrete", that he couldn't recant and go back in and step out of retirement. When are you retiring,soon? Yes I think we are all ready for that burst of spring. When the sun shines, I am happy as a lark, but the mood changes, when it doesn't. Happy violets and take care....how many babies lately??? HUGS Gabby

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It's so good to hear from everyone, things have been so slow here and i often wonder about everyone! and how they are doing! Nora and Gabby, when i heard about pecons and picking them off the ground i though just when are we going to see the ground at all, we shouldn't complain though there is only about 3 feet of snow on the ground! and except for a week total the weather has been so warm. i am trying to grow paperwhites in the house but it says 6-8 weeks to get anyplants and they are just peeking their heads out of the soil, i also got a beautiful azalea plant from Al for Valentines day, you can see the new growth on it. Gabby people here are losing their jobs like there is no tomorrow, we have alot of paper and wood mills here and i think there is only 2 left, our next door neighbour is out his job, and feel sorry for them they have a 5 year old and the guy only has his grade 10, so there will not be any job for him unless he wants to be a telemarketer -- good money 10.50 and hour but he was making 26.00 an hour before, so i think see there is always someone worse off than us, thankgoodness Al is employed by the college here and we still have wonderful benefits. SAme with Matthew (our son) has a great job as assistant manager of the store he works at, tey are already thinking of him to be a store manager -- gee only at the job as Assist. manager for a month! but he will have to move, and Carley is going to be going to university in North Bay and we really don't have anything here for us anymore, that we are thinking of moving too, Al has not heard from his sister who lives in town since his mother passed on, matthew saw her when she wanted a discount on something at the store, but he went into his office instead of saying no to here, people show up when they want something don't they. i think because of the damp,damp weather Al is in alot of pain and he seems to be taking alot of nitro for his heart. well i better get something done here, take care, miss everyone alot! debbie

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so good to see all of you!!! glad to hear how things are going in your lives.Nora big (((((hugs))))) to you and your dad, i know it can't be easy for either of you! a lady at our church just passed away, my DH keeps saying, I wonder how Howard (the DH ) is doing? they were married for 50 some years!!
DH has been having some problems, his feet have been swelling soooooo bad. Dr started him on lasix Monday, but hasnt seemed to make a difference. He was back to his cancer dr yesterday (was there last week, as he was running a fever for several days, we do't knwo why either), so she had him go an get ultrasound on his legs to check for blood clots, we were there at 9:30PM, no clots though!!! he goes the 10th for an echocardigram, to see if his heart is pumping right, DD says they are checking for CHF!! he goes back to this dr tomorrow, so don't know what she will do about the swelling.
DD Hope is having her gall bladder taken out the 3rd, and getting a D'nC done also, do both while she is out! she is hoping she won't miss much school (LPN classes) only has 4 months till she graduates!
the grandkids are doing ok, Jerrid 's nose keeps running, suppose he's getting sick! i hope not!
take care everyone!! now Abreeze needs to check in here too! miss all of you!! DianePA

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