Ideas on Dresses for Elderly Soon to Be MIL

realitykraftFebruary 24, 2006

We are getting married in early May and I don't have a clue where to get my mother in law to be a dress. She is totally dependant on us for her shopping. I cannot imagine taking her to Macy's and making her try on clothes.


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give us a little more info and we might be able to help
how old is she, does she have any handicaps/disabilities?
how 'formal' is the wedding, what size does she wear? any other info you can provide?


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Does it have to be something new. Maybe you could re-fresh something that she already has. My mil hated spending money on new clothes. Sometimes I could add a new top or bottome to something she already had and she would accept this easier.
I also often would say-My friend has just lost alot of weight and she left me this bag of clothes. Let see if this might fit you, I hate to just turn it into rags. She really like this. (she was always a penny pincher).
Good Luck

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There are some great deal on evening gowns/Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses on E-bay! You can't beat the prices! You can put in a search for her size and they will send you e-mails daily. I was amazed at the great prices & selection. Some were only worn one time or were even NWT (new with tags) Just try to look for description that say is was stored in a non-smoking environment, otherwise you might end up with cigarette odors.

I just got a gown for my Mom for my son's wedding in June, because I would never be able to get her to go shopping. Also my mom only wants to attend the church ceremony and not the reception. I can't justify the price for something she may only use a couple hours. The dress we got her is a very pretty celedon color with a suitcoat jacket so she doesn't get cold from the a/c. We might just have to have it hemmed, but I can mark it and have it done without her having to go. Also, I will be looking for a very low shoe or slipper as she doesn't need to wear heels (Too dangerous for falls) She has Alzheimers' and gets way too uncomfortable around a lot of people.

Good Luck with whatever you decide.
Blessings ~~ katclaws

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