Need help identifying tea/coffee set

FBODYWS6September 9, 2012

I am trying to get some help identifying the maker/value of a coffee or tea set I purchased at an estate sale several years ago. It has initials on the bottom of each piece that look like HJ? It also has impressions of the numbers "831/1" on most pieces and "831 0" on a few. It looks like it may be Victorian or French. It is brown and gold painted and it has service for 6. The tea pot has two different scenes. One on the front and one on the back. I have been researching this on the internet but have not found anything that looks like this.

I would like to know any or all of the following that someone may have info on:

Origin (eg: British, German, American made)

Age (time period)



I would like to know if it is a coffee set or tea set as well

Please see pictures that I uploaded to Photobucket in the links below.

Thanks in advance.


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I may be totally out in left field with this answer, but I believe that teapots are, generally, short and squat - whereas coffeepots are taller and not so stout.

I await to see what the more knowledgable folks have to say about this question.

Heck, I'll probably even learn something new!

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I believe it's a Sevres wannabe....a repro. It's not hand painted and just a little too gaudy for the real thing. There are companies that specialize in making repros of various fine porcelains. No one with much knowledge would be fooled but sitting in a glassed in china cabinet it could pass.
It likely had a paper label as well as the mark you see on the bottom

Here is a link that might be useful: The real thing

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Being taller, is it maybe a chocolate pot????

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It's a coffee pot, chocolate pots don't include a creamer and sugar bowl....and the cups are taller and straighter, and often have a hole in the lid for a stirrer.

Here is a link that might be useful: chocolate set

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Yes, of course. I did not notice the sugar and creamer. Oh, Linda, that chocolate pot set you found is gorgeous!

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