Hi, I'm back for a while

chattypatty49February 10, 2006

was here a couple of years ago and everyone was so helpful. I was going through a rough time with my mom and alzheimers and everyone here was so thoughtful and I appreciated it so much.She is in a nursing home now, but is not doing so well right now. Maybe some of you will remember me, I was going to school because of a job downsizing and taking care of mom. Since then I have had several strokes and am now disabled, but I keep on hanging in there. Just wanted to drop by and say hello and say thanks again for all the help and getting me through those tough times.

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Hi Patty,

Yes I remember you. You were dealing with your mom's illness at the same time I was dealing with my mom's (she had brain cancer). She passed in September of 2004.

I'm sorry to hear your mother is not doing so well -- it's so hard to watch them decline. Also sorry to hear of your strokes. I hope you have help and support around you. Take care of yourself!

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Hi Patty... Good to hear from you. I was thinking of you recently and wondering how you were doing. May God encourage and strengthen you and have mercy on your dear mother. I don't post very often but am glad I took a look at the site tonight... ~abreeze

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thanks lasershow and abreeze. I knew there would be someone here that would still remember me. My brother came by today and said that mom was doing a tad better, hope she keeps improving. My strokes left me paralyzed on my right side, but rehab and lots of prayers has me back almost to normal. I can talk now so people can understand me, and I don't have to have someone with me all the time now.

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Hi Patty! I remember you too! glad to hear that the rehab has helped you (i too had a very,very small stroke but i am just fine!), i hope that you aren't going to be around for just awhile and that you will stay for a long,long time. how do you keep busy - i know caregiving is 24/7 but when you do have a spare few minutes how to you relax or do something that you enjoy doing? keeping very cold in the north where's it -31F, yes that's minus 31 and wearing 2 sweaters! debbie

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Hi debbie, I am not taking care of mom now, she is in a nursing home. I had to have someone live with me for about 7 months or I would have wound up in one too. I'm not ready for thar yet. The drs wouldn't let me come home if I was going to be by myself, of course I didn't agree, and got out voted. I am crocheting and doing a little quilting, still a little awkward, but I get it done.

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Hi again Patti, what a dahhh i must be, i'll just blame it on this cold weather -lol! i too love quilting and knitting, am just finishing off a mary maxim sweater for dear son, boy why don't i learn to weave the tails in while i'm knitting i also love crocheting too, but i think you will find this funny, i cannot do any knitting in public, why you're probably thinking does she have a phobia, not that's not it, i am a "lefty", and learned to knit in europeon style, so this is needle tucked under the arm, well this does not work for me, sooo i have to put the needle between my legs-lol, and i would get the most terrible stares from people, when i had my baby stroke, i forced myself to knit with large needles just so that i would get feeling etc in my arm, so take your time things will get better! it's even colder out -35F!!!! debbie

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