Beverage Center - Do any of them not suck?

ladoladiFebruary 7, 2012


I have been looking at beverage centers, something to keep wine bottles AND beer bottles. Don't need any can space. Preferably, under $800. However, most of the customer reviews I've read have 3 stars or less and more unfavorable reviews than I am comfortable with. And I've even read reviews for beverage centers in the $900-1100 range. Is anyone happy with their beverage center? Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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I have a Marvel 6BARM that I got from a local dealer for around $950. It retails for over $1400. I like it. It's a bit loud when he compressor kicks in, but that's only a few times a day. I was considering Avanti, Danby, and KA among others in the under $1000 range so the savings almost made it a nobrainer. If you search for beekeeperswife or even my ID, you should find a link for Perlick factory seconds. Those sound like great deals too. I'm on an iPhone, otherwise I'd search and post a link for you.

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Link below - we plan to purchase from them as well. Bee said to ask for Scott - he manages the the factory outlet items.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perlick Factory

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My parents have an avanti at their beach house and it is great. It gets really cold (food safe levels) - some only get to the low 40s which is not cold enough to be food safe. It holds a ton too. It is not terrible looking, but there are others that look nicer - if they would get rid of the black band across the top it would look very nice.

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Sophie Wheeler

Wine and beer need different temperatures. You are better off getting a separate wine fridge and then a small beverage fridge that can actually chill beer.

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Perlick,Sub-Zero,True and Marvel.

Built-in beverage centers that don't suck cost $$$.

If you have space to properly ventilate a free-standing model they are much cheaper.

Avanti beverage centers and undercounter fridges are designed,engineered,and made by Kexun Home Appliance Co. in China.

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Should add Liebherr RU500 to list of beverage centers that don't suck.

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thank you!

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I know I'll get dinged for this, as these are generally not accorded a lot of respect, but we have a Uline 2000 undercounter bev ctr which has been great over the last three years. Works great, looks great.

I had also initially been reassured by this post:

Please read about U-Line Corp

Though I'm now discouraged by the last post, added several years after the original thread. Maybe it was just a "golden era" at U-Line. Still, I like mine.

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Most of the upper end beverage fridge companies make dual temperature units for wine and beer/soda, depending on your needs. Some are better than others, don't think there is a great consensus. Perlick, Marvel are the ones that come to mind as being better brands. Good Luck!

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Does anyone have a True Beverage center. They really look nice, but I am wondering if they are noisy. I liked the layout of the Marvel, but heard they are very noisy.

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I will second the suggestion for a factory 2nd from Perlick. Scott was great to deal with and it saved us quite a bit of money!

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'Food-safe' temperatures are not what you want for wine. That's much too cold. Reds in the 60s and whites in the 50s. With beer, it depends. Some you might want around 35, but others (stouts, porters) a bit warmer. Soda of course should be cold, but not frozen.

I've heard of units set for 3 temperatures, but it would be simpler (ie, cheaper) to purchase 2 units, one for wine and the other for soda/beer.

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Dee, you only mentioned that Avanti was designed and manufactured in China. Did you think this was a huge negative?

We're looking for a decent 2 zone bev fridge and the Avanti and one by MagicChef came up for What do people think of Avanti or MagicChef 2 zone bev coolers?


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In my experience the quality manufactured goods coming out of China are from companies with long records for quality like Apple and Nike.

New Chinese companies usually produce junk.

Avanti falls in later category.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon Avanti Reviews

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And so does MagicChef

They have only one review on Amazon for beverage centers but they don't sell as many as Avanti.

Here is a link that might be useful: MagicChef.

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Here are 10 reviews on Magic Chef compact refrigerator.

Here is a link that might be useful: MagiChef Refrigerator

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Perlick factory seconds are not used appliances.

They are unused appliances that have a scratch or ding on them.

Sometimes the defect is in plain sight sometimes the defect is in the back where no one will every see it after installation.

Liebherr RU500 is $1499 including shipping. Not $2k+

Here is a link that might be useful: RU500

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Hi Dee,

Thanks for the link. I was looking at the dual zone models. I think the RU 500 link is for a single zone as best I can tell because it doesn't explicitly mention dual zone.

I looked at the Avanti dual zone on Amazon - scary. Six one star reviews. I forget my other source but the Avanti reviews weren't that bad. OK. No Avanti

Any other thoughts on dual zone beverage refrigerators that are reasonably priced?

Thank you.

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Oh, and it needs to be not more than 24" to fit into the island. We want to store wine on one side and beer/water/soda on the other side. I didn't find one like that for Liebherr on the site


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Hi -

I answered your other thread but we have Elecutrolux IQ-Touch 24" Beverage center under our island. I really like it but it's a bit more limited on storing wine than the horizontal racks (I guess, I don't know which one you're considered. You can keep it upright, and there is a tilting rack at the bottom for wine which can be used in an up/down fashion, if you know what I mean?

We really like it - the controls are under the counter and it holds temp really well. Completely quiet - no sound at all (the Marvel and Danby models are supposed to be fairly loud in terms of the compressor and fan.)

And, it has gliding shelves which pull out smoothly - wish our U-Line in the wet bar had that.

As an aside, we did look at the Perlicks which are supposed to be top notch, but I couldn't find a second or factory-refurb that worked and new was too spendy for me.

Link is below and here's a pic:

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux IQ-Touch Beverage Center

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It seems you are looking at the French door 24" beverage centers. These are a Chinese design and are all about equal in terms of performance and durability.

I don't think there is a better choice for dual zone beverage center in the mid price category than Marvel Luxury Series 6BARML.

Temperature range is 40-65 degrees F.

It does not go as low as some of the more expensive BC and it will also make a little more noise. But better than the alternatives.

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Thank you both! The Electrolux looks like it is single zone and we were thinking dual zone. Dee, DH didn't like the look of the Marvel and then said maybe we're trying to do too much and he can just keep his beer in the regular fridge. We don't drink soda and don't really want the kids drinking soda. He suggested that we go back to just having a wine fridge.

DH gets a GE discount but all of the wine fridges listed are single zone. Does that mean it is only for white wine? Or is there a certain temp at which you would store both red and whites?

He saw an 15" he liked - CWR262DZ EdgeStar 26 bottle. It got good reviews on It is dual zone. What do you think of it?

Does a dual zone wine fridge bring us back up to a close to $2K price point?


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Well, I guess you can select a temp for either white or red. Or select 50 degrees F as a compromise but this is really too cold for really heavy red wines.

For long term storage of really heavy red wines you probably want something a lot better than what you are looking at.

EdgeStar is another Chinese product. The top shelf is made for red and lower for white. The top has a 7 bottle capacity the bottom 19 bottles. Perfect if you like White and your husband liked Red :)

BTW It is good to be health conscious but remember balance. Or your kids might end up free basing Big Gulps behind the 7-Eleven a few years down the line.

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Dee, that's exactly right, I like white and he likes red and it has a child safety lock and looks good/compact. Drat, I was afraid it was another Chinese brand. But I didn't see negative reviews on servicing it. Maybe I should ask my local appliance store if they service it and what they think.

They kids do get some diluted juice. Juice is very sugary. And yes, when they go to school and see other kids drinking soda as they get older, we'll have to let them have some. But I doubt in our house we'll have those half gallons of soda that I grew up with (unless we're having a party). Plus, I don't really like all that gas. :) For something like ice cream, they will get that on a special occasion, like someone's birthday. That seems to happen every month or two. They get healthy fruity/granola snacks, Animal Crackers a few times a week for good behavior or if we're eating out (and need to stall for more time)

Thanks Dee. Was there any other suggestion on dual zone wine fridge that didn't cost a fortune besides the Perlick's Seconds whom I do want to call but haven't found the time?

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Fagor FSV144US $1100 This is a new model in the USA that has good specs. Never seen it much less seen one operate.

Fagor is a Spanish company that is well thought of in France and Spain. They are the 5th largest appliance company in Europe and manufacture all over the world.

If interested I would call them at 1 (800) 207-0806 and ask where it is made and any other questions you may have.

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Only one zone, but when I was looking at these things (wine versions) I thought the Subzero felt the most solid vs. Perlick & True. I think the door weight and seal on the subzero add a nice touch.


Here is a link that might be useful: Subzero Bev Center

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Our brand new SubZero beverage unit is horrendously noisy. (Dealer installed last week.) I may start saving or appropriating $$$ from other remodel funds put aside in order to replace with another brand. It is that bad, the racket it makes. Price, at least in this case, is not always a guarantee of low noise levels...

Looks-wise the SZ is gorgeous but wow, IMO a huge mistake I made when I purchased. We have one of their fridge/freezer units, installed last year, and love it. But that undercounter unit? A total thumbs down from our house. I can hear it running from other rooms, it's that loud.

To the OP: best wishes!! I hope you find something great! The idea is wonderful, to have the little fridge under a counter for extras, drinks, whatever. Good luck to you.

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I too am in the market for a new bev fridge (not needing a wine fridge)...this thread has been helpful--our Marvel crapped out after about 4 yrs of service--it was a less expensive one, I think I paid about ~$600 or so for it, but it has always been incredibly noisy and I cannot recommend it (at least their 'lower' models).

Our refrigerator is a SubZ and it is very quiet, so I am surprised to hear their bev fridge is noisy--I had been all set to purchase one until I read the above post.

Am thinking about a Liebherr RU500--they seem to be well built and the price is 'reasonable'; my only gripe would be that the handle does not go all the way down...

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Just got my Perlick Sig series outdoor fridge from their factory seconds site, great deal at over 40% off. Had a dent on the side that won't be seen once installed.

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