Assistance with purchasing medications?

ccintxFebruary 11, 2012

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this. My 72 year old dad needs financial assistance purchasing medications. He was just hospitalized for his 3rd stent with a history of quintuple bypass 14 years ago. He told his physician that he hadn't been taking his meds for a while because he didn't have to money to purchase them. Where can he get assistance with these expensive medications? I am unable to help him financially. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

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Is he signed up for a Medicare Part D plan? If you didn't review the meds and the available plans every year, then you can't change until next fall. Is he on a low income plan in his state? As in MedicAid assistance for low income?

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I don't know if he has signed up for Medicare Part D or not. HE's not on any kind of assistance other than Social Security. He can barely live on that. I was not aware that he was in such a bad state financially, and was not able to purchase his meds. I think his sorry wife takes his money and buys non-necessities. I just found out about this today. So I have a lot of investigating to do to see what kind of help I can get him.

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How much access do you have to his home and records?

I'm not much help on this and I don't mean to waste anyone's time, but I'd start off having him show you his Medicare card... that you get when you're eligible at 65. That will at least show you if he has Parts A & B. A pill bottle with pharmacy info and phone # to call could possibly tell you about any insurance he may have used in the past.

I might be tempted to call SS and see what they say - one can enroll in Part D after the enrollment period closes, but will be subject to a late penalty. If he's been paying for drugs out of pocket, Part D with its penalty might outweigh having no coverage.

I'm sorry to say I've paid little attention to the blizzard of drug coverage literature that fills my mail box every fall since I have creditable drug coverage as a retirement benefit

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A number of pharmacuetical companies offer assistance with many medications. Check this site: for one with info. You may want to look at others -just type drug assistance programs.

With names & contact info of a few of them, ask his Dr. for a complete list of all your Dad's medications, i.e. dosage & times to be taken (if you don't know for sure.)
You may have to enlist his doctor's help...drug cos. often ask for Dr. verification.

BTW, I have not used any of these programs, but told someone in our sm. N. E. TX community about them & she was able to get a lot of help for her DH. Good luck!! Suzi

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Thank you so much everyone for your advice. I'll followup on these resources.

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You mentioned a wife. If, for any reason she is using the money and not buying meds that is a serious problem you may not be able to help with. How long have been married? Only marriage? children? and how do you get along with the wife--your mom or step>>
You may have to get legal help or talk to someone about elder abuse.
Just some things to check on.

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Yes, do check with his doctor on which medications your dad is taking... Sometimes a doctor will prescribe certain brand names when there are other brand name drugs which do the same thing but are much cheaper... ( The doctor tried switching to a drug for hubby's high cholesterol which had a $112. deductible for us to pay, even with our drug coverage, when another brand only costs us $12. ) Besides that there are generic brands which are a lot cheaper...

Another thing you may want to look into is where your dad gets his prescriptions filled... Places like Target, K-Mart and Kroger's have hundreds of drugs for only $4. for a months supply and $10. for three months supply...

Good luck

P.S. Scroll down to the bottom of this post... On my page is an ad for SSI Disability in Michigan, perhaps there will be one on your page for your area.

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Go to and create an account. You will then have the user name and password so you can check anytime. You will need his SS# and date of birth, of course, and it will show his current status with respect to just what his coverage is and with whom.

If you also peruse this site:

You can find info on financial help by just scrolling down under the heading "Medicare Basics" on the lower half of the page to "Help with Medical and Drug Costs."

From all that you should be able to determine what you can and cannot do and the circumstances under which all that may or may not be done. Might have to dig a bit but it is all there.

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if he has no medicare prescription coverage, the chances are real good he won't be able to afford it .... I can't!
HOWEVER, I can get 2 of my meds (BP & Allergy) from the manufacturing because I don't have drug coverage. Your dr should be able to get you started or maybe a local agency. And the elder abuse thing re: wife (from the way you worded it, I assume it's not your bio mom) might be something else to discuss with the dr. BUT if you don't have durable power of attorney or dad won't give permission, you may be hung. Do start with the doctor -- it won't be the first time he/she has been asked for help along these lines. Good luck!

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