Gas Range Broilers ... ceramic vs. steel mesh vs. under glass?

jellytoastFebruary 11, 2013

Does anyone know the differences between the different broiler types on gas ranges? Three models that I am considering each have a differenty type. The Wolf appears to be some sort of steel mesh, the Dacor has ceramic plates, and the Capital's broiler is under glass. Is any one better or worse than the others?

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Ceramic broilers are not as durable but the average home cook will not use a broiler enough to wear it out.

Wolf and Capital have similar broilers but the Capital is behind glass.

If you wait for the Wolf broiler to heat up before placing food under it virtually all fat/debris should incinerate before reaching the broiler. In my experience some splatter does accumulate over time.

The Capital has optional motorized rotisserie. You can't place the food on spike after the broiler has fully heated up because you will burn yourself. Ergo glass. It makes it easier to clean.

I think the top rack position in the Capital is closer to the broiler than in the Wolf but not 100% sure on that. That makes it more likely to get splatter if you place the rack that high. But easier to clean.

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