Shower Niche - How to Tile?

BlackChamoisJanuary 4, 2012

I am installing a niche in my shower.

I am using a white subway for the field tile. The sides of the niche (inside the niche) will be the subway tiles also, but on the back of the niche I am doing a "mosaic" effect with penny rounds.

My question is ... do I lay the side tiles first, and then the penny rounds? Or the penny rounds first, and then the side tiles?

I know it may sounds like a trivial detail! I am inclined to say the former ... side tiles first, then the penny rounds, but would like to hear from the experts! Thanks much!

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It'd look much better if you do the penny tile first. They're a little tough to cut straight, and have a tendency to fall off the sheet if you cut them on a wet saw. Installing them first means you don't have to be as precise with your cutting, because the side pieces will hide the cuts, thereby giving you a much cleaner look.

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now-- I hope you've waterproofed this niche, and about 6" out onto the wall all around it??

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Thank you for the info on setting the tile! I've seen some advice to use Redguard. Is that what you would suggest?

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Either that or Hydroban.

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