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jdezJanuary 8, 2014

This is actually a plumbing question. DH won this faucet as a door prize at my company's employee golf tournament a few years ago. We laughed about it because we thought it was such a strange type of thing to win at a golf tournament and we have joked about it for years. We are now building and would like to install this faucet in the guest bath when the time comes. It's a pretty faucet and seems to be extremely well made. My question is, this faucet seems to be set up differently than most and has two posts on the bottom of it. Will we have any problems installing this or is it going to need to some kind of special equipment for installation? It seems like all the parts are in the box except the stuff that would go under the sink. Should we expect any huge expenses or problems? Let me know if you need a pic of something else?

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No pic is showing.

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Seems they are only sold to professional plumbers, even stranger that this would be given away as a prize. Was there a card from a particular plumber? (Maybe he was hoping for the business?).

I would contact PlumbingMaster directly, and see if they will help you out. Maybe they can email you the specs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plumbmaster

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Thanks raehelen. I will try to call them. I can't get the pic to work either. Don't know what I did I wrong. Thanks for your response though.

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