Information needed on DH's 'acquisition'

nanny2aSeptember 14, 2011

DH loves to collect old things. This is something he recently acquired, and I'd love to know more information about it. There was a very difficult to read typewritten note with the necklace, relating to Hudson Bay Crosstrail beads, but the type is so faint that it is too difficult to interpret. Can anyone here tell me more about this piece?

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Is the pendant silver? Do the red beads have a white core? Can you see what they are strung on?
Those French cross beads were mid 1800's and in the northern parts of the US. It looks Indian made to me ( as in Native American Indian...or Canadian). I don't know enough about who in that area might have done silver work...Tinglit, Ojibwa, idea who might have done silver work like that. But I'll bet a little research will give you some good hints!
Linda C

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Yes, the pendant is silver, and the beads do have a white core. They seem to be strung on some sort of thin rawhide or leathery line. I just don't know anything about any of this stuff, and don't really know where to research it.

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I googled "Hudson Bay Cross trail beads" and got a bunch of hits. Do the same, and read up.

Here is a link that might be useful: TRADE BEADS OF THE FUR TRADE?

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