Another who do you think made it....

javaandjazzSeptember 19, 2010

Ok, here is another one for you all. I picked this up on my travels this weekend at an antiques show on the green in the picturesque & beautiful small town of Amherst, Mass. I know it's art nouveau but does anyone have a clue as to who made it? I would love to hope Bradley and Hubbard but who knows. It's relatively small, only 3" square. What do you think the stone is? Just noticed under the handle maybe the numbers 846. Maybe Jenkins Brothers out of Bridgeport, CT? Thanks again, Richie

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The stone could be marble, onyx, or manufactured.

Its an intriguing piece. Is the base cast iron or other cast metal? And what is it? Candle stick holder? Incense holder?

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Could be Pairpoint, they made lamps, casters,pin cushions, ring holders,card receivers,ash trays, toothpick holders, dresser sets, smoking sets,puff boxes, ink stands, etc so all sorts of items with gold, silver or German silver, their stuff is numbered but I didn't find this in book I have on it.I think they used marble for some lamp bases. Would help if we knew what this was. 3 in. is pretty small, toothpick or match holder?? Not in toothpick holder book either. Looks like it would have a place on an entry side table (maybe to take match & light oil lamp) or on sideboard in dining room with toothpicks handy. Hope someone else has the answer! Is it pewter metal & is pot ceramic or metal?

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Oh, Pairpoint did use that flower on some of their wares. If you aren't familiar with them,they were almost same quality as Tiffany. Lamps sell for thousands.

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Sorry, it's a candle holder. There is still some melted wax in the bottom of the acorn. Thanks for your information.

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Beautiful piece your stone looks to be Rudma, similar to this piece - Antique Charles Lindbergh Aviation Airplane Ashtray,

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It's an art nouveau, probably bronze, chamberstick. Looks nothing like anything ever made by Pairpoint to me... I think it has sort of an Elbert Hubbard look.
The stone is most likely alabaster.
It's great!!...
I spent many happy fall afternoons standing around at a keg at Amherst with a dixie cup of beer in my hand during my college years!!
Linda C

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Geez, that is a very nice object! Love it.

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