Style, Age, Value?

gdbirdSeptember 6, 2012

I don't have a clue as to the style of this chair. I believe it dates in the 40's - 50's. Anyone help, including possible value?

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It's just a mid century chair with a saber leg. Not antique not collectable. Worth what you can get for used furniture....$40 if you are lucky.

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I don't completely agree on the value. People in certain markets (Like the Northeast or the West Coast) are much more interested in Midcentury furniture than other styles right now. If it can be attributed to certain makers, it could increase it's value somewhat.

$40 won't even buy a run of the mill Heywood Wakefield chair in my market.

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Here are two chairs of unknown provenance. They are part of a pair which increases retail value quite a bit. On the low end we have this chair, circa 1960s at a Retail antique price of $825: (this was the lowest price I could find, but keep in mind this is Retail, and a Pair.

Here is a nicer chair, better shape, nicer upholstery, older. Still no maker. Again part of a pair, and Retail antique but $2475 for the single:

I don't want to over inflate your expectations. As a private seller of a single chair your price would be quite a bit less.

What kind of isolated back water can I come to and get a chair like this for $40? I will rent a U Haul.

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Your 50s/60s side chair if in good shape would be worth around $175. and up here in New England, in a shop selling mid century furniture.

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There has been a renewed interest in mid-century ranch architecture here, and along with that goes a concurrent interest in mid-century furniture and places like ebay have been seeing a boom in mid-century decorations for several years now.

It is collectable, it's coming in to its own. the value will vary geographically with the style's popularity. But a clean, well-preserved chair like this in a popular mid-century style would or should fetch three figures here and I live in podunk.

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

Mid century modern is making a good enough come back for a furniture maker to start making it again.

Here is a link that might be useful: New mid century modern furniture

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MCM is certainly hot in the Denver area. And I love that chair. My guess is that at the least it would go for $200-300 here.

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