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marjenJanuary 15, 2012

OK folks, Looking for some advice here. I have this one bathroom in the house that has always been trouble. It was just poorly designed on my part (wish I had a do over). We have been living with it for years, but now the kids are getting older and its just really not working for me, having everyone shower and change and everything in out master bath. So its time to once and for all fix this thing. I will include a link to the layout, I will try and post some pics tomorrow.

Basically it is an upstairs bath used by the kids and it also serves as a laundry room. The biggest issue is the sink. Right now its a 30" sink tucked in the corner and kind of set back so it feels really cramped when using it. I would like to incorporate a larger sink area.

One idea is to move the door to the room and add a new 60" vanity on the left of the room when you walk in, building a closet where the current sink is and leaving the washer/dryer where they are? Would have about 38-40" of space between vanity and w/d. Door would be a little tight but would work. Kicked other crazy ideas around like moving w/d to hallway and building a closet to hold them. But long term and drom retail does anyone want to do laundry in the hall way?

Anyone see any other layouts I am missing. I am willing to moving plumbing, walls, whatever if I never have to mess with this room again.

Here is a link that might be useful: bathroom layout.

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Can you post the photo in the message body? That makes it a lot easier to comment. I tried doing it for you, but it's protected somehow.

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If I knew how to add directly to the post I would, but not sure how to.

I guess part of my question is.

1. If the w/d are not covered in any way, do most people see an issue with that?
2. If they moved to a new hallway "closet" how do most people feel about doing laundry in the hall. Actually its on a big balcony, but still.
3. If I were instead build a smaller close to hold new stackable w/d is that considered not acceptable by some people. I am thinking retail.

Just things i am thinking about.

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For a house with kids, I'd think it advantageous to have a full-size washer and dryer, either side-by-side W/D like you have now, or the full-size front load stackables. I have a set of LG front loaders that are terrific. And stackable. Though we have them side-by-side.

A quick idea? I changed your side-by-side W/D to a set of full-size, stackable, front loaders. To minimize moving plumbing, I left the toilet and tub as-is. You can even leave the W/D just to the right as you enter the bath, but I slid it to the back corner.

A single bowl vanity with a lot of countertop, or a slightly tight two-bowl vanity located on the right wall. Or a very wide trough sink that has a single drain but two faucets. It'll be more spacious than a standard single bowl, but it won't look as cramped as two bowls squeezed into a 60" countertop.

Something like this or a variation of it:

On the left wall as you walk in (behind the opened door), perhaps add a semi-shallow (12"-14" deep or so) linen and storage closet.

That can either be full height, floor to ceiling...or you can make it like upper and lower kitchen cabinets. The countertop on top of the lowers can aid as a laundry folding station.

Between the windows on the back wall (or attached to the side of the linen closet I drew in) you could add a flip-up small table or shelf hinged to the wall. When you're doing laundry you can flip it up for sorting and folding.

Depending on how much wall space there is on the back window wall between the left edge of the left window and the left corner, perhaps a shallow wall cabinet mounted above the toilet? Toilet paper storage, toilet cleaning supplies, shampoo, bar soap, etc. Even if it was only 5" or 6" deep it could help out. Optional for sure, as you don't want that back corner of the room to be cluttered or "top heavy".

And an option, if this will be a multi-kid could continue the wall you have right now that is to the left of the door, extend it all the way to the back wall, with it terminating between the two windows. Add a door to privatize the toilet and tub. One kid can toilet or shower while another is at the vanity.

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I'm not sure where my post from last night went...
But, I had the same idea as Mongoct--stackable w/d

Also, I had asked what is in the space that is where the marking 65" is (below the tub)?

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Thanks for the ideas. We were thinking of maybe stackables. I guess I was thinking would that potentially deter people if we ever sold (I am building another house some day I swear)?

The 65" I marked that as that is an area outside the bathroom in the upstairs balcony. It is deadspace right now, with railing on the left side. I had thought of building a closet for the washer/dryer there.

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The smaller capacity stackables could be a deterrent to a buyer. But the full capacity front loaders, that should not be an issue.

I'd consider it a upstairs laundry (no basket lugging), near the point of laundry generation (the kids' bedrooms).

If you sell, negotiate to leave them behind. Meaning, consider leaving the washer and dryer behind...not the kids. ; )

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OK sorry for not knowing how to attach these, but here are some pics of the current bathroom. Also I have a 5 ft vanity that is for the master bath that is not installed yet so i brought it up and put in place of one of the ideas i had to see if people think that if I moved the door if that would work. I think there is enough of a walkway but do not want it to seem overly crowded.

Here is a link that might be useful: Current pics

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I really like Mongo's new layout, though I might suggest a few possible changes. I would take his advice to put in a door between the tub/toilet area and the sink. I grew up with a bathroom where the tub/toilet area had a separate door and it was great for allowing the tub or toilet user privacy while not blocking usage of the sink. Or in your case, sink or washer/dryer. I also might consider keeping the vanity (double sink vanity now) on the far side of the room to allow some natural light from the window for the sink user and also place the washer/dryer closer to the door. I like the idea of making the "linen closet" Mongo's drawing a bank of lower cabinets with counter and some upper cabinets. I find landing space in a laundry room invaluable for folding, sorting, etc. I might even make the lower section completely storage for dirty laundry (either hampers or shelves with sorted baskets).

I recently swapping a set of side by side (old) washer and dryer for a new high efficiency (large) stacked LG washer and dryer. I love the new setup. They're out of the way and allow for more dirty laundry storage/sorting area. The new washer and dryer are fantastic and look great. The extra space works well for me for sorting, but someone could easily remove the shelving in lieu of something more functional for them. Personally, I had some concerns about resale, but felt that making the room a more functional space while still allowing high end washer/dryer would be more valuable. If future owners don't like the setup, there are no walls preventing the future owners from de-stacking and putting the washer and dryer side by side. Perhaps instead of a full wall (which wouldn't have the flooring continued underneath) you could do something else like a frosted glass wall or nothing at all to allow future buyers to swap from a large vanity and stacked washer and dryer to smaller vanity and side by side washer and dryer.

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I do plan on adding a door and complete the wall to separate the toilet/tub from the rest of the room. That is something i have wanted to do for awhile and will make sense. I guess I am still mulling over whether to leave w/d on the right and add a linen closet and then add a new vanity on the left (see my photos) or stack and keep on same side as vanity (right), or move w/d out of bathroom into balcony area.

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It'll look like this:

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And the photo should appear like this:

Seems convoluted, but it's easy after doing a couple of photos.

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Stackables would be my first choice in your space. A second choice would be to use your "dead space" 65". Enclose it.
I don't think it is different to do laundry in a closet, than it is to do it in a full bath. It isn't a separate laundry room either way.

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Ok here are my two main ideas. Opions on which is better?

plan 1 calls for stacked w/d in a new dedicated closet for them with a 5' vanitry next to it. Also adding the wall between that area and tub/toilet.

plan 2 calls for w/d on the right with no walls, maybe a couple shelves above them with a new vanity on the left and adding the same separater fo the two areas. Both call for also adding a new closet in the adjacent hall/balcony area.

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In option 2, what is the width between vanity and w/d? (it looks too crowded)

Option 3: W/D where you put vanity in opt 2, with vanity along the outside wall and door slid to the right. How does that look? I am worried your walkway to the toilet/bath room is too narrow if someone is standing at either sink in opt 2. Moving the sinks to the end of the room, might make better sense.

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Option 2 there is about a 40" walkway between vanity and the washer/dryer. Vanity cant be on outside wall due to the window. It needs to be left or right.

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I think I m going to go with option 1. It leaves pretty much all plumbing in the same spot, just need to move 2 things about 3 feet for the washer. It hides the w/d in a closet and it leaves the most space for traffic and vanity. Biggest expense is the new w/d :( Time to start watching the sales.

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I prefer option 1, but with a pocket door separating the tub/toilet room from the vanity/WD room.

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Good choice. I also like option 1 best.

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I thought of a pocket door, but the plumbing for the tub is in the wall that it would need to go in, thus it wont work.

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I'd swing the toilet door the other way then. You don't want someone to become trapped should there be an emergency.

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Well I am back to update this thread. Finally starting on this project. Got a little busy and sidetracked but its now a go. Gutted the room (right side) this past Wednesday. Today we finished rough plumbing and got the wall between left (toilet and shower) and the laundry/vanity side framed. Decided on a version of plan 2 above. Vanity (4 ft single sink) on left. Immediately on right will be linen closet then washer then dryer. About 44-48 inch clearance between left and right side. Plenty of space. Already a nice difference just getting that new separating wall up. Looking to do electric one night this week, frame new door opening and closet next weekend then sheetrock it all back up. Moving quickly, only about 6 hours of me and one friend doing the work so far. Excited to get this done. I need to pick out a vanity and new paint colors. Pics next weekend.

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Marjen-did you finish? I would love to see pics!

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I'd put sliding door or pocket door on WC b/c it is only 59" long. I have same size WC, I think it is bad idea to have in swing door on it. Just in case someone fall you will have hard time to open the door.

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Well months later, here are some pics of how this turned out. I am VERY happy with the final product. This was the 3rd time I redesigned this room, finally got it right. Every house has that one room, you wish for a do over and this was definately the one.


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