Please look at this pendant light

megs2September 28, 2010

Hi...I have never posted anything and hope I do this right. I am enclosing a picture of a pendant light I just purchased.It was found in a garage of a very old man on the Eastern Shore.Nobody has ever appraised it as far as I know. The man's daughter had no idea of its worth when she sold it to me.I do not know why I just had to buy it, because I don't need it.It just looks so old! Does anyone know anything about it's value or how old it is? It is a pendant light which works.I guess it was rewired.It has an iridesent type of glass, and green jewels which feel like glass( not plastic). It has what looks like gold gilt paint. It is about 2 feet tall, 13 inches wide. The glass is hard to explain. It is white but looks sort of like a pearl.Please see the enclosed link to my photobucket. Thank you very much in advance.

BTW I gave $75.00 for it.I probably got taken.

Here is a link that might be useful: my picture

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It may be a "show globe" popular window dressing for pharmacies. it's rare to see a white glass one, they were usually clear and filled with colored liquid.

It might also have been a light from one of the many oriental or Turkish themed movie theaters 1900-1950. It definitely has an "I belong in a Turkish palace" look to it.

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Fori is not pleased

I looked. I have nothing useful to say. That's an odd one.

I think I would have bought it too.

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Thank you both for responding.I was hoping I had happened across something very rare & valuable.Oh well...I'll let it go on Craigslist. Thanks again!

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Fori is not pleased

I think you should decorate around it!

Can you find any manufacturer marks on it? UL stickers, anything?

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