Thinking about the new Bain Geysair Oval Plus. Opinions/Exp?

raehelenJanuary 22, 2013


I think this really is the time we are actually going to get these Bathroom renos done! Basement BR was finished about 4 years ago. Now we're starting to tackle demo and reno of our two upstairs Baths. We were delayed by hiring a design builder who let us down, took the money and ran, along with our plans to add an addition to create a new Master Bath. Long story short, it has taken about two years to get over the disappointment, and in the meantime we've scaled down the original dream and now are working within the framework of the two existing baths. So, one dream I do not want to let go of, is a wonderful therapeutic tub (only now it will be in the main bath, and the house's only bathtub). Perhaps it is better in the long run, as Bain now has a new option--Geysair, which sounds like it is exactly what I am looking for- and with the new moist air bubble system will eliminate the previous issue of dry air bubbles causing a sensation of cooler water. Haven't any idea of cost yet, so just wondering if anyone has tried out the new Bain, and or installed one in their bathroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bain Oval Plus Geysair

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The Geysair option currently retails for $350, and is slated to increase in price on Feb 1st. I just ordered it on a Bain Ultra Origami operating on blind faith, as the only complaint on air tubs is their cooling effect, which Geysair claims to eliminate. Don't know whether it's marketing hype or an actual improvement, but I don't want a cold therapeutic bath. I'll report in once I've experienced it.

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Thanks for the reply Coolbeans! Here, my supplier said the Geysair is an additional $200. But tub I'm thinking of is 3700.00! Am starting to second guess/rethink this Bain thing... Costco has a Maax Reverie tub with Chromotherapy and Aerosens for $2399. Will see if I can compare a Maax to a Bain at a local showroom. Close to double the price for Bain.

Also got a quote from my Cultured Marble guy for over $6K for a 36" X 60" shower...may need to rethink that too! Good news is while scouting out the Costco website saw a great price for an electric towel warmer, and for bathroom accessories...LOL

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Bumping to see if anyone has actually experienced a Bain with the Geysair option. Am trying to save money on shower to be able to afford the tub... Sales clerk's reasoning about the air chamber being less prone to future problems than a multitude of tubes seems like it makes sense. But ~ $4K before 12% taxes is a lot to spend on a theory! LOL

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Bumping again. Has NO ONE installed and tried a Bain air tub with the Geysair option? Still thinking this is what I will order, but it's so expensive. Wondering if the Bain sales pitch that the air chamber is maintenance free versus the tubes and check valves of other manufacturers is really valid?

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Mine will be installed by the end of the month and I will post about it.

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Hey Coolbeans! Have you had a chance to try your Bain Geysair tub yet? I still haven't ordered mine, but our bathroom is close to being completely gutted, so need to start finalizing my decisions!

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Sadly, no. The project is running two weeks behind schedule.

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FINALLY - My Bain Ultra Origami with Geysair is operational, and I took it out for a first spin this evening, Oh my oh my. It is a sixth of the size of my old jacuzzi, which means that all the jets are close by and very powerful. The bubble bath made gigantic bubbles. The backrest was warm and the water stayed hot for the full 20 minutes that I bathed. It truly felt like a massage (not just carbonated water). I am glad that we installed a hand shower because there were suds everywhere that needed rinsing off. Happy with this indulgence, which will ease my husband's and my aches, pains, and dry skin.

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Been thinking about you! LOL Want pics! Once you're out and have everything rinsed off!

Pretty sure we're doing the Bain Ultra with Geysair, even though I've never tried one (other than sticking my arm in the cold water in the show room). Just need to decide on a model now!

Happy for you, and hope one day to be able to indulge too! (Still gutting Master bath, and tub will go in next BR reno!)

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Raehelen, will post pics once all is done. We're a full month behind schedule but should be done in a few more days. Very happy with the tub, surprised with its power, delighted with how hot it stayed during its maiden voyage,

Need some recs for low-sudsing bath products . . .

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Have now taken a half-dozen baths in my Bain Ultra Origami with Geysair.

Still smitten.

This evening, used some lavender bath gel, no bubble bath, and cooler water. Delightful and therapeutic.

Plusses: relaxing, messaging, warm, comfortable, soothing.

Negatives: loud (but I don't care)

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Thanks for the update! I know everyone says they're loud, but I wonder how it compares to Hot Tub loud? DH and I usually have the pumps/blower going most of the time in the hot tub, though I know many people don't like the noise, wonder if it's sort of the same kind of thing?

I can hardly wait till we get more bathroom to go...

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Raehelen- did you get your bainultra up and going? I am going tomorrow to look at a bainultra evanessance freestanding oval tub. I love the style of the tub and wondering about adding the airgeyser option. Is it worth the extra cost?

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Rae Desaulniers

LWYD, No I haven't got my Bain Ultra tub yet. I have finished the second bathroom, and am loving it. The third and final bath is on our to-do list for this year. (2015) One piece of advice re pricing..they are very expensive, but there must be some room for plumbing supply place matched the best offer I could find. Some places quoted an all-inclusive price, others charged extra for drain and overflow (hundreds extra), so make sure you are clear what the quote includes. I've changed my mind, and am now planning on getting the Thalassa 55. Once I looked in the catalogue, I realized there is actually more inside room though the tub dimensions are narrower.

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