DH is now in nursing home...

marylmiJanuary 3, 2010

He went to the hospital over the holidays with a bladder infection. They kept him for 3 days, then I was able to get him into a nursing home where he was already on the waiting list. I thought I could take care of him at least for the winter, then this happened. They have him in a wheelchair and it takes two of them to help him in the bathroom. Maybe this happened at the right time as I knew I couldn't take care of him myself much longer, but didn't want to think of nursing homes. Today he really didn't know who I was...but was nice and comfy so that made me feel better. But now have to think of the cost! Not good holidays!!

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There are several ways to pay for the home. Talk to the person in charge of the home, your social services at the medical center, Center on Aging, AARP, etc. Sometimes the charge you for things the person really does not need. Ask for monthly statements and find out if your husband did really get what they charged for. I wish you the best.

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Mary, be sure that you talk with an attorney who specializes in Elder Law. There are ways an attorney can help you with Medicaid planning. Don't waste time, do it ASAP, it will be money well spent, but make sure that you talk to a specialist in this!

The linked article is for California, but all states have programs.

Here is a link that might be useful: planning

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sushipup, I will be going to see a MMAP (Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program) counselor next week and find out exactly how much of our income the nursing home will take. The article sounds like the info. in the Medicaid pamplet the nursing home gave me. I never thought of going to an attorney but maybe a good idea! The more I read....the more confused I get!!

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