Dad is back in the hospital

sandieflJanuary 4, 2006

Dad was getting dialysis Monday and the center caled to tell me that when they finished his treatment and were taking him off of the machine,he was unresponsive.They took him to the ER and when he got there he had an irregular heartbeat.By the time the heart doctor arrived he had stabalized.They kept him to run some tests.They think from the bloodwork that he had a mild heart attack.Because of his condition and age they will only treat him with meds.While he is there they will be giving him a swallow test,and also a GI.He is constantly complaining of constipation,even though he is on laxatives and having some BMs.He is barely eating or drinking so his skin is like tissue paper.Things are not looking good for him right now.Just wanted to update you.Thanks for listening.

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Hang in there Sandie, I'll keep you in my thoughts..

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Hi Sandie, hope the meds, make your dad better. My Al also has heart problems and because he is also a diabetic and has it seems a million and one other things wrong with him, he can only be treated with meds as well. they must be doing something right, he hasn't been in the hospital for i believe over 6 months! if you have read my other posts you will see that he does take his nitro stray alot though. keep us updated! and i wish you well! debbie

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