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craftycJanuary 26, 2010

87year old mom lives with me...recent blood work had her glucose levels at 109...the Dr. just wants to take a pro-active approach to keeping it from going higher and has ordered a Glucose tolerance test for her. What can I do in the meantime to help this situation? We were told to cut out "white" (breads, refined sugar etc. )--- any good sites you can recommend where I can begin my "research" into this problem? Thanks for any help, suggestions and ideas.

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I can't imagine a doctor getting too excited about that number! It's very close to 'normal', as I understand it. Ask him to do an A1C test before a glucose tolerance test.

And just lay off sugar, white bread (altho sourdough bread is not so bad, and the whole wheat that isn't just colored white bread, bagels are awful). Limit white rice and potatoes to small servings No juices, like OJ, that's more sugar than sodas.

Here is a link that might be useful: A1C test

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Was she fasting for the bloodwork? My doctor did the glucose tolerance test first, when it came back high, he put me on meds and a diet for about 6 weeks then did an A1C to check and see if the med were whole family is diabetic and my grandma that lives with me has lost both legs due to it. What kind of health is she in other than this, being 87, is she in good enough health to put her through all the test, i know my poppa was 82 and when he started getting sick he didn't want to go through all the test and stuff, he just wanted to be comfy for his last bit of time, but if it would have been up to me he would have done it cause he might still be here, although, that is a whole other thread, sorry. I would def stay away from anything white, soda and juice. There are a ton of websites on diabetes. Good luck!!!

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I need to add a little... first of all, blood sugar levels vary widely during the course of a day. 109 is not a dangerous level in any book that I've read, but I am not a doctor.

But I will say that if I am 87 and have no other major metabolic health issues, I'd be eating cake three meals a day. ;-)

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my thoughts to, 109 is not high, so I am def with sushipup on this one, if i was 87 and no major problems, i'd eat what i want to too!!

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Thank you all for the replies...yes she was fasting the day of the blood work. Her health is good, except for arthritis and joint problems (has had a knee replacement and needs a shoulder done but Dr. doesn't really want to do it on someone that old) I agree about the number being on the high normal side not really being a real immediate threat, guess the Dr. just wants to keep it from going any higher. For right now, just going to cut out the whites:certain cereals, breads, and the fruit juices, and keep an eye on the labels of things for carbohydrate counts. Thanks for the replies and thoughts on this. Will ask Dr. about an A1C test.

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