What do you think the value of this painting is?

ailene54September 1, 2012

When I had to break up my grandmother's home I put many of her "treasures" in my basement with the hope of using them in the future. When we moved 6 yrs ago I re-did my LR/DR so that I could use her end tables, coffee table, and most of the paintings I saved. When looking up the artist Auguste Bouview on one of my water color's I found a company doing reproductions of his work at: http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/Auguste-Jules-Bouvier,-N.W.S./The-Gipsy-Maid.html

My painting is in the original frame, with "antique glass" intact. From what I saw on line many of his paintings are of the same woman. Do you think I should get this appraised? I love it, will not sell it, but am curious of it's value. FYI: My grandmother found this painting in the garbage in 1923, I also have a Jappe clock she found at same time. Most of her "treasures" were found in the garbage or junk yard. The tables I saved were imported from France post WW 11 when she had money to decorate, all have marble tops. Any advice you can give me will be appreciated.

Another water color my grandmother had told me she "added color to". I can't find an artist signiture, and wonder if she covered it up when she added her "color to it". (I miss her so much). Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.

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That top frame is amazing!!...have it appraised just for itself.
Can't tell much about the "painting" with out a much closer look. It's not usual to put glass over an oil painting and that looks nothing like a water color to me. If it's a repro you will see that with a magnifying glass.
The bottom picture also has a lovely frame, appears to be an engraving that she has embellished with flowers around the edge. It may be an original etching or a repro....can't tell from your picture....but even if the picture is junk....the frame is not!!
Linda C

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Yes, the frames are amazing, but I also adore the pictures. Even an old print from that era is not without some value and you might be surprised. Don't blame you for not wanting to part with them. They're beautiful.

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Thanks for the information. Where do you suggest I take them for the appraisial? The top one I'm sure is an original, the bottom one may be a print.

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What makes you think the top one is original? From what I can read about the artist on the web, most of his "works" are in repro oils. What they do is make a print on canvas and then "texture and color" it so it looks like an oil.
BUT the thing that puzzles me is that I can't find any depictions of the exact pose and costume of the gipsy girl in your picture.
do you have a college with an art department? or a museum near by. Before you spend any money for appraisal, you need to find out if it is indeed an original....and if it is an oil, why does it have glass over it?

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will call the local college and ask if aomeone will take a look at it. The reason I thought it original is that it's been in my family since 1923. The antique dealer who fixed the frame told me the frame was made for the painting, he thought it was an original (what ever). I hung it up and didn't think much of it till recently when I saw a repo done by same artist, it was similar (same subjuect) but still very different than my painting. I will contact the local art/history dept. and hope they can help me out with my questions.

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We look forward to hearing your findings.

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It reminds me, before color photography became common, many studios had "artists" to add color to portrait pictures. I worked at such a studio in high school in the 50ties.

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