Hairy ball and claw foot table

kathi_mdgdSeptember 27, 2006

Anyone know anything about this table?? All i know is that it's a hairyball and clawfoot side table,possibly tiger grained oak.It has the number 507 on the bottom.I was told that it's possibly circa 1890-1920.Here are a couple pictures.

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That's a claw and ball foot, not a hairy paw foot.
Not sure what to say about that table. The legs look like walnut and the top quarter sawn oak.
I would say the dates given are close to right...but it looks like a married piece to me. The legs are too heavy and short for that top to me and the top too gracefully made for those clumsy legs.
If it weren't for that lower shelf, I might say is was a piano stool legs put on an oak parlor table top.
Frankly, I'm not sure what it is.
Linda C

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Thanks for the info.Actually it's not that short.It's 29 1/2 " tall.Here's a couple more pictures.


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Here's one in the link that is similar. I don't think the seller knows much about his either though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ball and Claw side Table

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Sorry Linda I have resrored/repaired/refinished hundreds of oak and walnut pieces in the last 30 or so years, and I would bet my house on the FACT that those legs are OAK. Therefore I seriously doubt that it is a "married" piece.
It was repaired very sloppily by someone --but it all looks like it was the same original piece.

I also base this on the fact that I have two very simalar "parlor tables" like this one. Mine are identical except for the fact that one has the ball and claw feet and one does not. Also mine have the ""barley twist" turned legs. I rest my case- thankyou!

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I have not refinished and restored "hundreds" of oak and walnut pieces, but likely 20 or more...and over about 45 years.
You may be right on the wood of the legs....the 2nd set of pictures look a bit like oak.
The legs are not what is known as "barley twist". That term describes a finer more delicate spiral turning.
I still say it's a married piece. The way the legs are fitted to the top and the proportions are not typical.
Linda C

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I did this search for oak parlor table and came up with similar tables. The design seems fairly typical of many of the others in the search. It is not a terribly graceful design which is probably why Linda believes this is a married piece.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oak parlor table images

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AAH Ha! Thanks Barnmom. I think the piece originally was like the picture linked below. And someone removed the square top and replaced it with a serpentine top.
Clues are the way the legs are attached in the photo of the underside, and the incompatibility of the style of the legs to the top..
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Another clue to a married piece: The legs splay too far for that to have been the original top. You would trip over them walking past the table.

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Duh! The obvious and I missed it! How right you are!
Linda C

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Kathi, do the legs exceed the footprint of the table top? I can't be certain of that from the photos provided. I'm not convinced it is a married piece, I think the legs and top are compatible according to the particular style of this type of table. It just isn't a graceful design to begin with. The legs sure look oak to me and the finish looks the same all over.

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Just an observation from a lurker, but if this piece were *married*...why are there no marks on the bottom of the table top showing where the previous base was attached? Also, the lower shelf follows the shape of the top very closely and is attached in such a way, it would be hard to argue that it was attached when the pieces were *married*. IMHO :o)

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I never said the legs on the table in Question were barley twist, I merely stated that my two tables were (barley twist) Thank you!
I also stand by my belief based on how many of these parlor tables I have rescued from desitution, that it is an original combination of legs and horizontal surfaces.
There were many many variations on this type of table and very few (that I have been around or worked on) were what I would call "rock-solid"

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No the legs do not exceed the tabletop,and there is no way you can trip over this table,unless you're blind in one eye and can't see out of the other.LOL

As you can also see i don't polish this as i always heard that you shouldn't.Don't know if that's true or not,so i just dust it.

I also have another table that i'm told is an 1878 library table.Havn't taken any pictures of that yet.

Eventuall i'd like to get an appraiser to come in and appraise my stuff,as soon as i find out how to find an honest one.

Thanks to all of you for the knowledge you are passing on to those of us that don't have a clue as to what we have.I for one appreciate it.

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Why not polish it with a good paste wax? The wood would look much nicer--it's dried out now.

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It's not a marrige, it's all oak including the legs. I'd guess we get one or two of this type of table in my shop each year.
Paste wax is really not going to do anything for the piece unless there is a finish to polish with the applied wax.

Also we never use paste wax on oak, the grain is so "open" that the wax will settle in the openess of the grain and eventually turn white when it dries ,you'll never be able to get it out of the "low" points of the grain.
Leave it alone or refinish it ,but don't think that the "snake oils" are going to save the day.

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I agree with Stocky. It's a Victorian or Victorian style oak table with turned legs and very nice claw and ball feet BTW. It's probably worth $200-$300.

I'd clean it up with a dry microfiber cloth to see whether it's got polyurethane or not. If it does, nothing you do to the surface will matter since it's sealed.

If not, you could nourish it sparingly with Howards Feed N Wax, which is an oil type wax I use successfully at home. It doesn't strip or leave residue at all.

From the underside it's obviously been worked on a bit. I see drips there in the first photo of the underside. Difficult to tell what that might be from a photo.

29-1/2 is standard table height.

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Aren't those legs in a 'spindle' pattern rather than 'barley twist'? Or is that unimportant?

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Came across this page and even though it is from a few years ago I am curious. I have a table very similar. The feet are ball and claw style which I believe is called Man of the North or Green Man. I am going to sell this table and wondering if you ever got an appraisal or if you sold yours and what it is worth.

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