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littleomeFebruary 13, 2006

I thought I'd start a thread about Viking appliance's for all of us owners to report about our FIRST HAND experiences with these products. Good or Bad.

This came about because in another thread (Viking, Wolf, & others) I responded about the now seemingly infamous thought process that declares Vikings as known for being issue prone and having poor customer service. This does not appear to be a FACT as far as I can see (Ive done a pretty extensive internet search for product reviews and have been an owner of Viking products for 13 years). Sites such as and others contain reviews from 0 to 6 owners, and all seemed bad. My theory is those who are satisfied just didnÂt go to the site and review. Therefore the review is inaccurate.

This won't be entirely accurate either, but if there were one thread on this forum that is based on first hand use/ownership for those who are considering a purchase of Viking to search for, it would be very helpful.

That said I think there should be one ground rule. You MUST own the Viking product that you report on. Opinions are a valuable thing. But opinions gained through second or third hand knowledge would defeat the purpose. (Trying to obtain an accurate consensus about a product, not perpetuating a popular thought process)

ALL VIKING OWNERS Â Please post your opinion about the product(s) you own, good or bad.

Need a prompt?

What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?

What product(s) do you have?

How old are the product(s) you have?

What do you like about it/them?

What do you dislike about it/them?

What was your experience with customer service?

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?

Would you buy another Viking?

Just some ideas. Please, please every Viking owner should respondÂ.Fairgold, ShappyÂ.

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I'll bite.....

What attracted you to your Viking product(s)? I preferred the layout of the interior and the pizza box sized drawer on the bottom. I preferred the smaller condenser vent across the top vs. SZ. Cabinet-depth. Ability to accept custom panels.

What product(s) do you have? Designer series 48" side-by-side refrigerator freezer.

How old are the product(s) you have? A little over a year.

What do you like about it/them? Love how it looks. Love the interior layout.

What do you dislike about it/them? Electronic components/panel seems a bit cheesy. See below for problems.

What was your experience with customer service? Local authorized techs were nice as can be but not properly instructed by Viking on how to easily remedy my all-too-common problem. Dealt strictly with local authorized service company and regional distributor, not Viking.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?
MAJOR problems, including water leaking underneath the fridge that ruined $$$$ custom cabinetry and cracked a floor tile and INCHES of ice build-up inside the freezer compartment. Repeated service calls that spanned nearly a year before finally being resolved.

Would you buy another Viking? Under no circumstances. In fact, if I were in the market to buy a home, an all-Viking kitchen would be a major detraction - for ME anyway.

I also have the 15" Viking wine fridge. Chose it for the black interior, glass doors and wooden pulls on the racks. Only company with that combination of features. Works fine. No problems. A little noisy but not terrible.

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Kudo's to you Littleome for having the courage to post a pro Viking post. While I sympathize with the owners who have had bad experiences with their Viking products I feel it's the exception and not the rule. I'm not a VIking owner yet, but have also spent the last 6 months searching the interent, going to every applicance store in my city and asking friends how they like their Viking appliances. What did I find out? My friends love all their Viking appliances and have had no problems. I was told about the refrigerator leaks in detail by several sources and feel this problem has been addressed. Customer service depends greatly on what area of the country you live in.
I'm in no way trying to negate the mishaps that have happened to any of the owners of Viking products, BUT I do feel that to base your buying decisions all on a very few posts consideraing the number of Viking appliances sold and other sources of reference that exists is not valid. With that said I went with Viking for my stove and refrigerator.


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Under NO circumstances would I buy another Viking product. The fact that you read that people may not be having problems with their range doesn't mean much since you can find favorable and unfavorable experiences with all products. I LOVED my first 48" 6-burner/griddle range. No problems. But this one?! A LEMON! I've had problems with it from the beginning. About a year ago the repairman came again to replace the spark ignitor for the broiler also reinstalled power wire to the spake switches. He replaced the value + knob front left. But, alas, the broiler only goes on sometimes and the same for the burners. For $8,000, I want performance...but that's just me.

Next: Thermador

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What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?
- I wanted an open burner pro-style rangetop

What product(s) do you have?
- 6 burner, open burner, rangetop, converted to LP onsite

How old are the product(s) you have?
- 2 months or so

What do you like about it/them?
- Works great

What do you dislike about it/them?
- I wish the lowest simmer setting was below "Low" (turn the knob counter clockwise all the way), so that it wasn't a delicate adjustment between "off" and "high"

What was your experience with customer service?
- Very little. I called them for a few install and sizing questions. No complaints.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?
- No issues.

Would you buy another Viking?
- Yes.

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What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?
Performance and style.

What product(s) do you have?
36" range, 6 burner, open flame.

How old are the product(s) you have?
4 months old.

What do you like about it/them?
The performance is great. Those burners heat so quickly and evenly and the convection and broiler are fantastic. It also looks great in my kitchen too.

What do you dislike about it/them?
My big beef with the range are the black burner bowls and holders. It is so hard to keep them looking clean. I hate anything black as far as appliances but I gave in for this range because I really wanted it. I'm just getting used to not having a spotless range all the time. The grates are difficult to clean too. At least it looks like I do a lot of cooking whereas my old faux stainless range always looked too clean. Nobody believed I used it all.

What was your experience with customer service?
Excellent. Replaced a burner bowl very quickly and adjusted 2 burners. Quick response and courteous.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?
A burner bowl was chipped when I first opened box. 2 burners had difficulty lighting.

Would you buy another Viking?

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Come on....the good, the bad!

Old timers I don't see you here supporting (or knocking) your stuff.

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Failed to add my own personal experience with Viking.

"Hi, My name is Pamela and I've owned Viking appliances for 13 years." (Hi Pamela)

FIRST HOME - Remodeled our kitchen in 1992. Had graduated from culinary school years before and was working in restaurants. The kitchen came with a OLD Jenn Air slide in range, GE Fridge, and sears DW. HATED IT. Wanted something that compared with what I had at work. Back then you didn't have a ton of choices, there was not Foodtv (or at least not on my cable), and I was not inundated with advertisements for Viking. Had to search for appliance dealer with high end stuff to boot! Ended up with:

30" Viking Rangetop
30" Viking Venthood 900 CFM
27" Viking Electric Double Convection Ovens
36" Sub Zero 550 bottom mount fridge
Miele dishwasher - don't recall specs, model #

All of these appliances were more than I hoped for. I got great service out of each and ever one of them, and they continued to look great year after year. There were a few repairs.

Oven clock needed to be replaced. We were hit with several surges, something wrong with electric due to transformer somewhere. Viking replaced for FREE. Excellent customer service.

Sub Zero's ice maker went when we put the house on the market...12 years after install. Cost of labor and parts to replace...$150

Miele - Choose Miele because of my German husband. That's what his family had. Like the energy saving features and stainless steel interior as well. Never had a problem with it.

Venthood - worked like a charm, albeit a bit noisy.

We sold the house in the fall of 2004. We are still in contact with the new owners. They absolutely love them and have no problems. I truly believe the appliances helped sell the house. I sold the house myself, was present during open houses, everyone who walked in the kitchen would gasp! It was a tricky house to sell. Beautiful house on a lake, completely remodeled, in a highly sought after town. Problem...two houses from the corner of a BUSY street. Had numerous conversations with potential buyers (we did get multiple offers) about busy street. All were weighing it against kitchen.

OK new house. LOL 1902 Cape, but new to us. We knew right away the kitchen would be done. So in February of 2005 we tore apart the kitchen. Appliances installed March 2005.

48" Viking rangetop with 6 burners and grill
48" Viking venthood 1200 cfm
48" Viking stainless back splash with double wall rack
30" Viking double convection ovens
Viking microwave
Miele Incognito G843 SCVI Plus
Sub Zero 650 Bottom Freezer

Briefly looked at other brands. (Wolf, AGA, Dacor, Thermador). But decided to go with what I knew and loved. I personally don't need a rangetop or ovens for that matter with programs or lots of technology. That's not how I cook. I cook 100% from scratch using whole foods. I need appliances that let me control what's going on with my recipe. Viking fits the bill perfectly.

I've been using the new stuff for close to a year. I love them more. I really needed more burners. Several times a week I cook multiple meals...storing the others for nights when the family has commitments that interfere with cooking. I use the grill 2-3 times per week. Veggies, fish, chicken, you name it. At least once a week I'm grilling Chicken or shrimp for lunches the next day. Living in Massachusetts, it's nice not to stand in snow to cook!

The new venthood is far superior to the old one. Viking added stainless steel filters, like restaurant filters. They clean up like new in the dishwasher. They make the hood MUCH more quieter than the old. I love the heat lamps and the halogen lights are also an improvement from the old fluorescent.

Microwave - OK, I'm not much of a microwave person. But I liked the looks of this one. It is very solid. We pop popcorn, heat a cup of coffee when desperate, and occasionally a dinner plate if DH is really late from work. Does all of this with no problems. It was pretty expensive in my humble opinion for what I do with it.

Would I buy another Viking? IN A HEARTBEAT

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--we have a Viking 48" range with 6 open burners and griddle. It was converted to LP on site. It has been installed for 8 months.
--we were attracted to the size of the smaller oven (another brand I was considering did not fit my favorite baking dishes--i.e 9" pie plates, 9x13 pyrex, casseroles), the open burners, and the fact that we could get it in black.
--I also like not having extra electronic gizmos on the range (I thought I would hate not having a built-in timer but I found I really prefer having it separate.) The temp in the small oven seems to stay quite consistent--I haven't had enough experience with the large oven to form an opinion. Which brings up the fact that I love being able to use the small oven for 95% of my cooking for our family of 4. I like the "feel" of the oven doors--I felt the doors on another range we considered were too heavy.
--I don't like: wish the "simmer" setting would go lower. I also wish that so many btu's weren't lost when converting from gas to LP (I should have considered this aspect more when choosing.)
--no experience with custmer service(only with our local appliance service dept.)
--problems: LP conversion caused us some annoyances--the original gas guy who installed the range neglected to convert it, somebody came back and converted the range but wasn't able to convert the griddle. The repairman from the appliance store couldn't convert the griddle. Finally, DH did it 8 months after installation. Phew! Not Viking's fault but still frustrating. It should have been easier (once the range was installed nobody wanted to pull it out again.) Now that the griddle's finally working, we're not sure if it gets as hot as it should (no other experiences to compare it with.) DH and the gas guy had a lot of difficulty leveling the range when it came (the appliance deliverers should have done this but sleezed their way out of it.)
--the jury is out on whether I would buy another Viking product. I've never had experience with a pro-style range before so I can't make any comparisons. I just thought I would be "wowed" more than I was. I haven't had any "problems" that would keep me from buying Viking.

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What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?
I wanted 36", high btus, open burners, self-cleaning range, in white. There were only a few ranges that met my criteria.

What product(s) do you have?
All-gas, 36" range (6 burners)(white)

How old are the product(s) you have?
Installed in June 2004. It has worked like a charm from the first day.

What do you like about it/them?
There are no bells and whistles with this range - no timers, no alarms, no clocks. It's just a cooking machine. I really like the knobs on the front, so that I get absolutely every inch of space on the top for cooking. I love how easy the oven door is to open. The broiler is fantastic. It's very easy to take apart and clean-up - the open burners are wonderful for cleaning spills. The simmer is great.

What do you dislike about it/them?
Cannot think of anything at this moment. It meets my expectations.

What was your experience with customer service? If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?
I have not had the need to contact customer service.

Would you buy another Viking?
I would certainly purchase another range.

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Thanks for this thread.

What product(s) do you have?

VGRT362-4Q - 36" wide gas rangetop with four sealed burners and the 12" wide char-grill. It is black with a stainless front and island trim. I also bought the chopping block grill cover.

What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?

Loved the look of it and preferred the way the grill worked over any of the other brands I checked out. Plus there is a Viking dealership demo place near my home and I was able to go and "play" on one before buying it. That was very helpful.

How old are the product(s) you have?

We bought it in December 2005 during our kitchen remodel and we've been using it ever since (for about 2.5 months)

What do you like about it/them?

I love the look of it and the oohs and ahs I get from everyone seeing my new kitchen. I had been using an ancient, crappy, bottom-of-the-line stovetop/oven combo for the 7 years previous to our remodel, so getting this Viking rangetop was like going from a half-dead Pinto to a Ferrari overnight. I love the solid feel of it, the industrial style, the burners are awesome, the grill is only OK though, see below. I love the sealed burners which makes cleanup a breeze with no junk falling below.

What do you dislike about it/them?

The black top of the range shows every drop and crumb, but I'm so in love with it that I don't mind wiping it all the time. Some folks on this forum had warned against having an indoor grill, but I ignored them. But the grill really is a pain to clean. And it smokes a lot if you don't clean it. Littlome, I would love to hear what you do to keep your grill clean while using it regularly. Maybe I'm making it more work than it should be.

And although I thought I bought a decent hood that would intake the smoke generated by the grill, because the rangetop is on an island and is subject to even slight breezes, not all the smoke gets sucked up and my new very sensitive fire alarms go off almost every time I use the grill. :What was your experience with customer service?

I have not dealt with them as my contractor installed it. But the folks at the distribution center I went to were great. They had a great showroom and a working demo kitchen with all sorts of Viking appliances. I was wowed, and they were very helpful and nice.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?

Nope, none beside what I described above.

Would you buy another Viking?

Yes, I would have no qualms about buying another Viking, but I probably would not buy the indoor grill again -sob- I was SO looking forward to that being such a cool things to have in my new kitchen.

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Thank you so much for this thread. I have not bought my Viking yet, but am about to order this week. We want to get the 48" AG range with 6 burners and griddle (VGIC or VGSC). We live in S.CA and can grill outside nearly year round and would use the griddle more than a grill. Any comments re: sealed burners vs. open? Thanks for any comments on this model. It would be nice to hear how others like theirs before we commit to buy one.

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Thanks for keeping this thread going.

Weeznuts, what kind of venthood did you go with and what is the CFM?

I hope I can help you with you grill problems, if not if any other owners of grills can chime in and help...maybe we can work this out.

Ok, without knowing what your venthood is I'll focus on the grill.

1st...have the venthood on high

2nd...turn the grill onto med-high, let it heat up a good 5 mins.

I would call Viking service to have them come out and check the grill to be sure the flame is correct. That said I will tell you, as a former professional chef ALL grills and griddles will have hot and cold spots regardless of the brand. What you need to learn is where yours are. Once you know that you move the food around during the cooking process which will allow everything to cook at the same rate. Example: Chicken breast. Say you put four chicken breast on your preheated grill. Let them start to cook for about 3 to 4 mins. Give them a 1/4 turn (on the same side). This will give you pretty grill marks. Let that go about another 3 to 4 mins. When it's time to flip them, rotate them around the grill bringing the chicken in the hot zones to the cool zones and vise versa. Do the grill mark/rotate thing on this side also. Times vary based on thickness. Practice makes perfect.

3rd...You need to adjust the heat of the grill to what your cooking and monitor the smoke. If it smokes to much, turn it down. If it's not cooking fast enough or the grill marks are taking forever, turn it up. Again practice will make perfect.

4th...Cleaning...After EVERY use I let it run 5 to 10 mins depending on what I cook. Toward the end I brush it off with a little brass brush splashed in water. I then take a wet sponge and wipe off the rangetop area immediately around the grill and the flat surfaces around the grill. Let that burn off, THEN I turn it off. I pull out the tray underneath and clean that up quickly in the sink. I believe that tray is dishwasher safe, but I never have room left in the dishwasher! Let it cool and cover it. It's good to go the for the next time starting with step 1.

Weekly cleaning...about once a week I pull it all apart. Just about everything comes apart. I wash everything with Bon Ami or Dawn or a combination of both. You'll never get the stainless steel back to original, but they will be free of grease and residue. The grates clean up beautifully.

Hope this helps. Good luck and don't give up!

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I'm a bit late coming in on this one, but thought I'd chime in.

Our home, which we purchased new about 3 years ago, is almost entirely Viking. 6 burner rangetop with griddle, 30" (I think) double convection oven), and dishwasher.

First the good.

I'm perfectly happy with the cooktop. Works great. Needs cleaning often, but it isn't too hard to get clean. We really don't use the griddle at all, so it's a waste for us. (Make sure to get the cover for it as it gets yucky looking over time.)

Really don't like the ovens. I wish is was more digital instead of manual knobs. The fan is loud and runs for ages after you shut it off. Also seems small to me. I can't get my largest baking sheets in it other than to turn them sideways. Just don't like the ovens.

Dishwasher is very ok. Pretty quiet most of the time, but seems to take forever to run. And we had to replace the main motor after only 3 years, which was irritating.

I generally wil stay away from Viking in the future, except for cooktops.

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I am late in joining this thread, but would like to add my experiences with Viking.

What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?
We wanted a 48" range with griddle, double self-cleaning ovens and in something other than stainless. Viking offers many color choices and seemed to be a good product.

What product(s) do you have?
We have a 48" burgundy duel fuel range w/6 burners and griddle. We also own a 15" undercounter wine fridge and a 52" outdoor grill with gas oven.

How old are the product(s) you have?
The range and wine fridge are 10 months old and we've had the grill for about 7 months.

What do you like about it/them?
Range: Initially I felt that the burners performed well. Other than that, I can only say that it looks beautiful and we get a lot of compliments on the color.
Wine fridge: works fine, no problems
Outdoor grill/oven: My dh loves the grill, especially the searing. Performs well and food comes out great.I like having the convenience of an outdoor oven.

What do you dislike about it/them?
Where to start?
Range: I have had non-stop problems with it. The ovens started giving me trouble after the first few months-inconsistant temperature and uneven baking. The burners stopped working in October. Serviceman came in November and said he had to order parts. Burners started working if I used a lighter. Serviceman came back out in February and didn't have the right parts. Serviceman is here today and says he doesn't have the "latest" parts that Viking is using to fix the problem. He says they will be here in 2 weeks. They have been saying "2 weeks" since October. Also, the hinges haven't worked on the big oven for months; they replaced them this morning. Self-clean hasn't ever worked on the small oven; they have been working on it for 4 hours and can't figure out how to repair it. The last month or so I've had additional problems with the big oven, can't get the broiler to work or the self-clean. They can't figure that out either. I will be putting in a call to both the store where I bought this piece of junk and to Viking as well. I've called thnem before and highly doubt I will get much from them ever.

Wine fridge: no problems whatsoever.

Outdoor grill/oven: Grill is fine; no problems at all. keeping fingers crossed that it remains this way. The oven is difficult to get started at times.

What was your experience with customer service?

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?
I would give anything for a new range. I suspect there will never be an end to the many problems I have with it. The repair man is leaving shortly-He was here a total of 4.5 hours and his only success was replacing the hinges on the big oven door. He ordered 3 relays, a spark module (?) and new igniter kits for all 6 burners. Neither oven is working at all, which is worse than before he arrived. When he is out the door I am going to make some calls and complain.

Would you buy another Viking?

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I have seen this thread but waited to comment. Just a few words. I am a new owner of a Viking all-induction cooktop. The cooktop was defective right out of the box (power supply defective RHT Fr. burner)the other 5 burners work great. I love this cooktop period and unless my dealer or Viking screws up, that will not change.
I will make a educated guess that when pro-style ranges became popular and electronics were added to satisfy the residential market that is where most manufacturers drop the ball. There are 3 reasons, 1. Bad design 2. Very little support given to the service end by the manufacturer. 3. Most customers no very little about ranges in general (Pro style). I am guilty as well as I purchased a range made by a different company and it was a real lemon. The best range I ever owned was a Wolf commercial no gimmicks just a good straight foward design. So my point being if we all spend the big bucks, let's hold everybody involved accountable starting from the top down.


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I have the Viking 36" all-induction cooktop. After being promided first delivery in last May, I actually got it in Oct, but still in time (barely) for on-time installation in total kitchen renovation due to finish for Thanksgiving. Unit was DOA and Viking service couldn't get to me in time for Thanksgiving dinner. This was the only appliance that had any serious problem, including some floor models, discontinued and scratch and dents.

When local service guy eventually arrived he was polite quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. The performance of the cooktop is amazing, except when preparing Christmas feast we discovered one of the two large burners was not working.

Also, while I like the large non-digital Viking signature knobs, the stainless panel behind them is easily the hardest thing in my kitchen to clean. Don't know how they did that.

For $4000 I think I have a right to expect a cooktop that actually works. Would I buy again? I think this unit, like other high-end "name" appliances, is over-priced but at the moment there isn't anything comparable available in the US. Once there is, I wouldn't pay a premium for the Viking name.

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I hope no one minds my jumping in here. This has been a helpful thread for me as I originally planned on purchasing a Viking. Interestingly, I contacted the local Viking store and asked them about the negative reports I have heard about the Viking range. The sales woman said she had heard the reports also and asked the distributor. The response was that the Vikings that are installed by the builder, instead of a trained service person, seem to be the ones that have issues. I do not know if this reponse corresponds to those that have issues; however, I thought it might be worth investigating if one is considering a Viking.


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Thanks to all for participating thus far! Good and bad.

Teresa b - interesting comment from your local store. I wonder. Gas appliances are pretty basic, not much to go wrong. My experience is the first set of Vikings were installed by the KD. Our current appliances were installed by DH as we DIY 95% of new kitchen. There wasn't much to attaching the gas line and sliding the range top in place. Double wall ovens were plugged in and pushed into place.

What Viking appliances are you considering?

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I have a 48" all gas, open burner, Viking Range on order. I've read all of the reports here, but wanted a burgundy range. When I went to the Viking center for their demonstration/brunch, they told us that if use use a certified Viking installer, we would have 1 more year of warranty. I will do that. Also, I plan on buying an extended warranty if I can.

I'm anxious to write here about my experiences with my range.. It's just not in yet.

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I have had my Viking Rangetop, 36" with griddle, for a few weeks now. I know people who have Viking products and they loved them. Despite the bad reports here, I went for it and so far so good. My water boils so quickly, the heat is even, and it is easy to clean. When I first got the rangetop the manifold had a leak, which Viking quickly replaced with no problem. I would buy another on in a heartbeat!


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This thread is of great interest to me...especially if you read of my present horror with KitchenAid.

Can I ask something of Viking owners, as I'm looking at the 30" freestanding.

#1 Do you prefer sealed or open burners and why do you like or dislike?

#2 Oven - Do you prefer all Gas convection or electric, there again why?

Thank You!

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I have a 30-inch all gas, self-cleaning range. I've only had it for a week, so I can't comment on repairs/ customer service.

Why did I buy it? I wanted a self-cleaning oven and I still wanted a gas oven/ broiler. One of the few things I do use my oven for is roasting chicken, and I was willing to buy a new range just for that feature. Viking was my only option in a high BTU range, which I have had for 10 years and wanted again. I also fell in love w/ their eggplant color (and it is even more beautiful in my home than it was in the showroom!)

My comments about comparisons to "my Wolf" are re: the pre-Sub Zero home ranges Wolf used to make called Wolf Gourmet. I have no experience w/ the new Wolfs. Here are the improvements over my Wolf that I've noticed so far. My old Wolf & the Viking had the same number of BTUs, so quite frankly, I wasn't expecting any real changes. So, I'm pleasantly surprised at how much better this Viking cooks.

The burners boil water much faster. Our coffee water used to take 5 minutes to boil; today it took 3 1/2 minutes.

The oven door is much cooler. My old Wolf was hot to the touch, and had caused the wood drawers next to the oven to crack. I guess it is because of all the extra insulation for the self-cleaning oven. This oven door is completely cool to the touch, w/ the oven on.

The oven IS smaller, though, because of this extra insulation. All my old pans fit, but some of them have less than the optimum 1-inch around them. It is especially smaller front to back. I don't use the oven much, so it shouldn't be a problem.

The Viking oven heats faster. It does seem to cycle on and off more than my old Wolf. I don't know if that's a good thing (more even heat, probably) or not (why would it be losing heat, if it's so well-insulated?) The clicking is a little annoying in a quiet house, though.

I tried out the convection feature several times-seems to be a better fan, w/ more even browning than my wolf.

The broiler works really fast-oops, I burned the crostini for my dinner last night!

I did run the self-cleaning cycle already. It stunk up the house (new oven smell), even w/ my Vent-a-Hood on, but the door to the oven got less warm on self-cleaning than it did during normal baking on my Wolf.

The only thing I haven't tried yet is simmering anything. But so far I'm very impressed with this range, more so than I had anticipated. Again, I bought it because I wanted a self-cleaning oven. I wans't expecting it to cook any differently than my old Wolf. So, unless this thing breaks down every month (my old Wolf was a fussy thing, I had the repairman out every year or so) I am a satisfied customer.

Re: open burners-that's what I got. You have more versatility. You can take the range top to the sink to clean up a big spill, or you can take the sponge to the range & wipe up the spill there. With a sealed burner, you can only clean the stove at the stove. It may take you rinsing out your sponge a lot of times, whereas w/ an open burner, you can just rinse the top off in the sink.

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I thought I'd give an update on my ongoing repair issues with my Viking range, which I detailed above.

After the serviceman left our house I called the appliance store service center and also Viking to complain. I was assured that the parts would be overnighted and my range would be in working order in a few days. After a week I started calling and leaving daily messages for the customer service supervisor in charge of repairs. Five days of leaving messages and no return calls, so I called Viking again and started yelling. An hour later I got a call that Viking has approved giving me a brand new range.
It will take 8 weeks and in the meantime I don't have a working oven, which is horrible considering I have 3 kids and usually cook 6 nights a week. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this new one will be problem-free. It will be installed by a certified Viking installer; the last one was installed by our GC so maybe it will make a difference.

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Hi Littleome,

I am considering the 48 inch duel fuel range. Interestingly, I had a one hour meeting with the distributor on Saturday morning to go through all the features, and I asked more questions about installation. He said that I would be surprised how many times, the floor is not level and the electric outlet is reversed when they go to service the new range that is not working. I asked him about the refrigerators while I was there and I like what I saw but that was before I saw the thread on THS about the problems with the Viking refrigerators. I am going to KBIS later this month, and he will be there so I can ask him then about the refrigerators now that I have educated myself.

We are building a home so I could easily use them for the vent/hood, microwave and beverage refrigerator as well and probably get a good deal.


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I have the 36" 6 burner DF range, installed by an 'uncertified' husband and local electrician in Sept 2005. So far so good considering the appliance store delivery crew DROPPED my range six inches while offloading from the truck and the oven door slammed open onto the asphalt! The appliance dealer replaced the hinges and the metal brackets which hold the oven door handle and it seems to be operating fine since.

I bought the Viking primarily because I felt the looks of the range fit in better with my vintage styled kitchen than the Wolf. Wolf and Viking are the well known brands in my part of the country so also from a 'resale' perspective, I thought it was the better move. I also loved the chunky knobs and the separate grates for each burner.

I purchased the a 3 year extended warranty for this appliance as well as our counterdepth KA fridge from our local appliance dealer.

All in all, I'm a satisfied Viking owner so far.

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I'm not a Viking owner (maybe yet). In my research on the Viking rangetop and wall oven, I have received mixed feedback from friends who are users, more negative than positive - and on both ends of the spectrum.

One thing I learned (and my reason for posting this): the product is likely to function well if installed correctly. Installations can be by the local appliance chain store or kitchen contractor or vendor to a local restaurant. My happiest owners had their units installed by the latter two (contractor / vendor). Hope this helps. My decision I'm afraid would be based on my budget - but I was glad to read (either on this forum or another) that a GE model was more than the Viking.

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littleome, thank you for starting this thread. I find it more helpful to read forumer reviews of a particular appliance on a separate thread and not mixed in with other brands. This has been a very good read. : )

I am not a Viking range owner but may be one soon. I am torn between a Viking and a Wolf for varying reasons. I'm not a 'serious cook' so I'm sure either will work for me. I'm mostly concerned with reliability and ease of use.

That said I will share what our appliance repairman owns- a Viking - 5 years. He is a very intelligent man and has had his own business for 30+ yrs. He had one problem a few years ago at Christmas with the ignitor. Turned out it was caused by the local power company. The power source is troublesome on his end of town (small mountain village in So.Ca.) and when everyone was using their xmas lights it affected the power to the stove. I'm not sure of the technicalities of this, but will ask him on Monday when we have another chat about appliances.

He also doesn't have any complaints with Wolf, so he's not helping me much with my decision! lol! But at least I know he is there to fix them if needed and he is only ten minutes away. He did add that installation is a critical factor with these ranges and told me to let him know if I needed him for it when the time came. He is never pushy for business, but I can't imagine using anyone else.

Now, to make my decision . . . drumming fingers on keyboard . . . : )

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I'll add my thanks for this thread.

I'm curious how melis918 is doing in getting a replacement range. Still waiting I guess?

I'm in the market for a 36" gas cooktop, and I like that Viking has 6 burners. From what I can tell from the negative posts, most are not for the cooktops. But I'll keep reading....

Oakland, CA

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Any thoughts anyone on the VGSU162 6 burner cooktop? Grates seem heavy in the store..and prone to scratching the ss. But I LOVE the 6 burners on 36 in and the pro look, high btu' this a buy??

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Here is another update.

After a zillion phone calls to the service department at the appliance store where our Viking was purchased and several complaints to Viking, I was told yesterday that our replacement range would be delivered today. (hooray!)

Yes, the range was delivered as promised, however it was not exactly what we expected. What should have been a custom-color burgundy range turned out to be only partially burgundy and the rest was black. Yep, we got a two-toned range! It looked liked somewhere in the middle of assembly they forgot what color it was supposed to be and switched to black. Of course we rejected it and were told that that they could not put back the old range, as the instructions were to take it away.

I now have a 48" void in my kitchen and cannot cook at all. I left messages for the service department supervisor and the store manager, but did not receive a call back. At this point my husband wants a refund and wants to go with a different range manufacturer.

The problem is that the backsplash and kitchen was designed around the burgundy range color, so a stainless will not really work. I could go for a Lacanche in burgundy, but I don't think they make a 48". My husband has given up entirely on aesthetics and wants to order a Wolfe. I am thinking maybe a custom color Bluestar. In any case I am not sure how I will survive much longer without cooking capabilities.

I look at the gaping hole in my kitchen and could cry.

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Melis, What part of the range was black? I am getting the burgundy range and am curious.

About 18 months ago, when I first visited the Viking Center and fell in love with their burgundy range, the only reason I decided not to get burgundy at that time was because of the burgundy burner trays. The color made them look cheap, just not a good look.

A year ago, I went back to the center when we were getting serious about ordering and I found out they had changed the burner trays to black. They looked so much better with the range than the burgundy ones did.

Mine isn't installed yet, but I've seen it and never thought it looked "two toned". I'm wondering if the trays are what you were talking about....

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I have a mainly Viking kitchen, all electric installed at end of 04 finally. This is in a weekend home.

Right away I had leaking from the freezer of the 36" fridge. They called me to swap out the controller board. The repair guys installed a heating ring and since then no issues with the fridge or freezer though freezer wasn't quite as cold as I'd have liked.

Elecric cooktop, Designer series. Early this year the decals on the controls started to disappear. They completely replaced the cooktop. But I must say it is an excellent smoothtop and I found the right brand of cookware that works perfectly on it. So I have no performance complaints.

Hood - this has been trouble free and works well. It's a bit noisy but it pulls out the smoke and moisture and the light is excellent. No issues at all.

Designer series oven with analog clock. This has been a mess. The oven heats up so much during normal use that it has burned out 2 clocks so far. Attempts to retrofit a cooling fan (it came without one) were ludicrous -- no one at the factory could even tell the repair guy how to do this and the directions were wrong. The oven calibration also went haywire. The self-cleaning function basically doesn't work very well. The oven doesn't get clean and the front two inches of it as well as the door need to be done by hand. Oh, and it has to be done with mild soap and hot water or the finish can be harmed -- no oven cleaner (what planet are they on?)

After I screamed my head off to the dealer it took the regional rep to get involved and get any action. Nothing happened otherwise no matter how much I called. At that point the oven worked but burned up the food, the temperature varied wildly and I couldn't touch the control knobs.

The distributor sent out their own specialist repair person. They ordered the wrong fan so there is still no cooling fan. He was supposed to come back with one but it is more than a month with no action. But he did calibrate the oven (which doesn't burn things up now) and he also adjusted the refrigerator and freezer temps so the freezer works much better.

I've started in on them again.

At this point I am way past upset. I am just relentless and obdurate about these issues. This will get fixed becuase I will continue to scream and call. I spent so much money at this dealer that I became a good customer and they are behind me 100%. They have fought for me and made this happen. That's essential for success. The dealer must be behind you.

Also, the problems with Viking pale in comparison to the issues with my Asko washer.

I would never buy another Viking appliance. I would never buy another Asko appliance.

If I had to buy a gas range my choice would be between a Wolf and a Lacanche.

For an electric double oven I'd probably go with Miele (Wolf electric ovens had as many problems as my Viking) although the oven racks are a bit flimsy and I find the preprogramming annoying.

For refrigerator I'd look into the Liebherr or maybe consider the SZ. I don't mind the Viking and I love the interior config. It holds a ton. It's just not worth the hassle with them should something go wrong.

DW, I am 100% totally committed to Miele and wouldn't go with anything else, despite a long arc of adjustment issues.

There are lots of new appliances being introduced all the time. Electrolux has entered the market with some handsome ovens and a refrigerator too. Another German manufacturer is coming into the market soon. LG has that switch out fridge with the convertible drawers.

There will be many more options and hopefully more reliability for our dollar value. But it won't happen if we all don't continue to scream here and elsewhere. And I also believe the conventional wisdom in these cases is true: the fewer the complaints you hear, the better the product.

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We have had a 36" 6 burner drop-in for a couple of years now. We replaced a low end 4 burner cook-top and picked the Viking because it was the only high end 6 burner that fit the cutout and we didnt want to modify the countertop / cabinets. This cook top has been great, we installed it ourselves and have never needed a service call, the burners where "good to go" out of the box. The grates are a little close together if you ever actually try to use all six at once but we knew they where stuffing 6 burners where most only put 4 or 5. The advantage I found with this is it is that the grates are all the same height making it very easy to slide a pan from burner to burner or off a burner to adjust the heat. We are currently remodeling the rest of kitchen and we are probably not going Viking for the ovens because we are not big fans of the retro styling in their line of ovens. It looks like we will be going with the new Dacor oven. Would I buy a Viking again, you bet, if it fit our needs I would have no hesitation.

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rlp1, which model of Viking cooktop do you have - the designer series or the professional series?

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I guess I'm not sure, I'll need to check. It has six sealed burners with the controls on the right side. front left is high power and the front and back on the right side are low BTU simmer. It is remarkable how hot the food gets without burning.

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rlp, is this it? This is the one I got, but it hasn't been installed yet?

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Yep that's it, but mine is black. works great your going to love it

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Can't wait!!

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Any luck at resolving your issue with Viking? I plan to purchase a Viking range so your experience has made me apprehensive.


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Wall ovens, 36", pro series in burgandy. Have been in about 6 mos. Selected for the color and the old fashioned knobs vs. digital. All is fine except for one eccentricity: the broil comes on if the knob is set at about 500, NOT at broil. Had Viking guy out to fix it right away. He said they had this problem and had added a new panal, but that mine WAS the new panel, and "look, it depemnds on where you're standing, how tall you are etc" other words, a lot of nonsense .( putting it politely) It was late in the day and he had mentioned that replacing the panel was not a quick job. I just never followed up on it. Not a problem for me...I know where to put the knob for broil. Still, I know I should have insisted on it being correct in every way for the cost of it! Also have warming oven, but it's seldom cute, though, and very handy occasionally. I posted all about this knob thing at the time,wondering if anyone else had the same situation, but got zero response.

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Does anyone know why Viking will only ship to a few states? We're at the bottom of the road and they won't ship here.

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Jankey, I don't think you are talking about Viking, which is a manufacturer. You must mean the retailers. Or the fact that distributor districts won't allow the retailers in their district to sell beyond their own limits. If you're trying to buy from a retailer in a district other than the one you live in, then no, the retailer will not (can not, according to the agreement he has with the distributor) ship outside his own district. Moral of this story is to shop at a retailer within your district.

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Thanks for the info. I should have said the 'online dealers won't ship' - It would be nice as their prices are so much better than our local retailers.

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Local retailers should be just about the same prices. One word---if you try to price any price-protected appliances over the phone, you will be quoted MSRP. If you actually walk in the door, you should get a lot better price. Someone mentioned this practice recently, and it really struck a cord with me.

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I am living in a rental (while our house is being remodeled) that has the exact viking stove we were planning on purchasing. I love the range, but have questions about the oven. It is a 36" so the oven is just one large oven (not 2 small). The space seems to be so large that the oven does not heat very well, ie it doesn't get hot and takes forever to cook anything (at the moment waiting for a meat loaf to finish... put it in at 6, it's 7:40 now). Curious if anyone else has had this experience.

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Dual fuel? Maybe the electric service is under rated for the oven? Also, these things can be calibrated. You need an oven thermometer to find out if the oven is calibrated properly.

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jpegmolnar- I had the same problem when I first started using my Viking (36" all gas). I notified Viking to have a service person come and take a look at it. With all the bashing about service, I have to say they responded quickly and without a question or a problem. Anyway, the service guy told me that with the 36" oven you need to wait between 20-30 minutes to heat the oven properly, not just when the little red light goes off. If you set your oven to 350 degrees then approx. 20-25 min. and at 450-500 degrees it would be 30 minutes. He said because heat rises that the light will click off before the whole oven is at an even temp. That is pretty much the same with all ovens makes. Now that I wait the proper amount of time, I don't have a problem with undercooked food anymore.

I have to say that I LOVE my Viking, it performs wonderfully and I think it is also the best looking range around.

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I have a Viking 36" range. Love it. The complaints I have is the center of the pan doesn't heat evenly. I move the pan around a bit. That is it.

Contrast that with my Jenn-aire refrigerator. The ice maker quit on it during the warranty period. The Maytag repairman came out and was upset first that he was going to have to get it out of the cabinets (it is a 24 inch deep model and susposed to fit flush with the cabinets).

He replaced a valve, then was jerking it around trying to slam it back in place. I finally stepped in to help him but it was obvious he was already mad that pulling it out and putting it back it was such a pain.

The last straw was when he told me I needed to buy the extended warranty. He told me how many problems Jenn-air has with their refridgerators. And he kept going on and on. Finally I said to him "So you're telling me I bought a piece of crap" and his reply was "Yep, pretty much".

Then I got the letter from Jenn-air that I thought was to comment on their warranty repair, it was just to sell me the extended warranty.

Not the image of the Maytag repairman you get on TV!

I won't buy anymore Jenn-air crap and I get that from the man that services them!


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Yeah, well that serviceman is a dumbass. If a Jenn-Air fridge is a piece of crap, then so are Amana, Maytag, KitchenAid, and Kenmore refrigerators. The same lines that produce those brands (or parts thereof) produce Jenn-Air.

Unfortunately, stuff breaks, even high-end stuff.

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I am considering a Viking Range.

Can anyone give me thoughts on the virtues of sealed burners vs. open burners? My original thought was to go for sealed because I figured that way nothing drips down into the stove. What are the benefits of open burners?

Also, is self-cleaning necessary? Is it impossible to clean the non-self cleaning range? Anyone had any experience good/bad either way?

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I prefer the open burners for cleaning. My previous ecperiences with a couple of cooktops with sealed burners was that a spill-over was harder to sop up, and the jets would get clogged. Now that could just be the experience with the two cooktops that we had.

Nothing will drip "down into the stove". The drip tray catches it all. I lined mine with foil, and change the foil if necessary. The burner comes apart and the pans go into the dishwasher. With the sealed burner, I was sopping up liquid with a sponge and that was indeed a messy process.

The benefits of open burners are supposed to deal with better combustion and more effective heat. But honestly, I haven't heard that discussion for ages. I think that most newer sealed burner designs are probably better than the old ones, as far as heating effectiveness.

My arguement was with cleaning. I find the open burners to be a lot easier to clean than the sealed burners. (But there are plenty of people who will argue that point, too.)

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I have a duel-fuel 36" slide in range with sealed burners, installed in April 2005. It worked for about six months then some of the burners wouldn't light. The Viking repairman replaced one of the sparking units. A few weeks later, same thing. He replaced the sparking units with something heavier duty and a new design (he said). Starting in March 06, the burners light, but spark the burner next to them non-stop. Called for service again. The guy was an hour late and I had to go to work. Despite leaving a note and the door unlocked, he didn't come in to fix it. I called to reschedule and they told me it was my fault - that there was a window of service, and I should have been there (despite the scheduler telling me, "we'll see you at 8am monday morning"). Now they want $100 to pay for the missed call before they will come again. I live in RI and they are in CT, over an hour away. I called a local "authorized" repairman. He came and said he'd replace one of the sparking units, needed to order a part. That was May and I haven't heard back.

I'm furious. I paid almost $6k for the range, and on an average day, 3 of my burners work (the ones in back, typically). The warranty is up, I will have to pay $100 for the previous call which didn't happen plus who-know-how-much-more, take time off from work, etc.

Yep, I read all the bad stuff about Vikings and still got one, thinking that kind of stuff doesn't usually happen to me. I am careful about installers and a careful user. Not so. I wouldn't choose Viking again. They are riding on their upscale name and their product seems to have a bad design. Their service network is too sparse.

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I think the Viking rangetop is ok but I would not go near their ovens. I'd look at Miele and Dacor for those.

If you're going for a 24" Viking wine cooler, check out the GE. It looks almost identical to the SZ and is way less. If you don't want to go for Viking refrigeration (I have a 36" bottom mount and it's really fine) then I'd certainly not go for a Viking wine fridge. GE has 1 temp zone and I keep it between for whites and reds. SZ has 2 zones if you need.

Re dw I'd go for the Miele, midrange without all the gizmos that are causing issues. It's a wonderful DW.

VAH rocks.

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I have a VGSC3064BSS range bought in 2000. This was their first gas convection self-clean unit they made and after consumer reports found problems with it they did some adjustments to it. That is when I bought my unit - after the changes.Guess CE missed some other issues with the randge that developed over the next few years. My unit has had 5 service calls (that means more with returns). The repair bills have been over $2,200. I know the ignitors have been replaced at least once, now the thermostat board and self-clean board and door latch. Viking seems to not get that this is what any sane person would call a lemon. Of course they don't have any customer service worth speaking of. I'm in NYC and can't imagine what service looks like elsewhere. Anyway, I would nver buy a Vking range again, or any other of their products just based on the way they (don't) handle problems. They don't get "it" Anyway love sub zero's customer serviice and I wish they would make ranges. It seems that most of these high-end companies don't want to stay above the fray with customer satisfaction. They all look good, work well and then when they don't they are just like maytag or any other company. If something is out of warranty it becomes your problem regardless of how much or how many time one has to repair the same thing. I have had a dacor single undercounter convection oven for fifteen years without a problem in one apartment; a wolf cooktop for 40 years with not a single problem and a Thermador double wall microwave combo that lasted 30 years and when replaced with same unit by Thermador the troubles began with the same lack of customer service that Viking has so I guess it is really a crapshoot. If any one has any suggestions or tactics on getting Viking to replace my unit I would love to hear them. By the way, I have a service contract w/GE, so I've been lucky financially so far; it still rubs me the wrong way that Viking thinks they have no responsibility. I've always used Viking's "authorized" servicers with the GE service contract. Somehow Viking does not get the records of service calls after the warranty period - how convenient.

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Austin, SubZero does make ranges - Wolf (they're the same company now).

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How do Wolf range prices compare to Viking? Is Wolf a lot more money?

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Wolf and Viking are in the same price catagory.

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Will gladly contribute my two cents. Viking is the first ever high-end brand I ever owned. I bought almost all-Viking kitchen for a coordinated look. Although my kitchen is not quite finished yet, I could not wait any longer and started using my appliances as soon as they were installed. Cover up the whole kitchen with plastic as soon as I am done cooking (am I crazy???)

What attracted you to your Viking product(s)? Looks and reports on quality from SOME people.

What product(s) do you have?

Viking 30" all-gas sealed burners range in burgundy, 30" all-refrigerator in burgundy, a 30" hood 600 cfm 18" high, and a microwave - ALL PROFESSIONAL series.

How old are the product(s) you have? 1 MONTH

What do you like about it/them?

The range works really well, I can't stop enjoying cooking on it. Such a HUGE difference to my old Maytag!!!!!! Did not try the oven part yet, since the backsplash is not installed yet. The fridge works really well, no complaints. Once a week I dispose of the water from the collector, and it's fine.
MW works as usual. No complaints yet.

What do you dislike about it/them? Nothing yet. I am really loving them.

What was your experience with customer service? Called them to replace a couple of minor things, they seemed to cooperate. It is Delia, the Long Island Warehouse.
Would you buy another Viking? Yes, in a heartbeat. To me, it's like a BMW vs Chevrolet. It has style, besides the performance. I love BMW. In fact, I am dreaming about replacing my Bosch DW (which is 7 yo, but works super and I have no guts to part with it) with a Viking one, when it's time.

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NEVER AGAIN. Oh, am I screaming? Whenever I think of the Viking Range Comapany my blood boils. I purchased an outdoor grill VGIQ532-3RT in Febraury 2005 for around $6000. Since getting the unit I have had continuous problems. I have had the entire grill replaced part by part with some parts being replaced twice. My rotisserie has completely failed twice, sear burners replaced, basically everything besides the side burners have failed multiple times. Part replacement is measured in months not weeks. If it had not been for an outstanding service technician that stepped up to the plate, I would have a 6k ornament on my porch. Viking pushes off product repair on their distributors. When you call their service line they sympathize, and then refer you to the independent distributor that they have no control over. Viking has the worst customer support that I have ever experienced.

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After a year of chronic problems, Viking has replaced my range twice. The new one works well (so far) except that the broiler does not work when set to "broil". It needs be at around 500. Since this is a brand new range, I would think it has the new panel. I will call them tomorrow, but I really feel that the Viking range will always be problematic for me. Are you having yours repaired?

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I have had two new ones in my kitchen within the past 9 months. Neither one was satisfactory. With Viking #1, the water dispenser and ice maker never worked even after a Viking repair man spent 5 hours trying. With Viking # 2, ice jammed in the door dispenser and had to be pushed out with a wooded spoon and the freezer temperature measured by a thermometer varied in the morning from 0F to +16F. Obviously, ice cream was hard one day and soft the next.

One good thing-Viking refunded my purchase price for the refrigerator. I am still seeking payment for the overlay panels required for the model I purchased. Guess the distributor will just sell the refrigerator to the next unlucky person. Don't let that be you.

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melis918. Just by chance I checked this thread agian: I have the Pro Series wall ovens, not the range. All is fine except for that weird glitch with the broiler coming on at 500 vs. 'broil'. This, when the setting is on Broil not bake, that is. I'm not a big baker or oven user in general, but it's were all of my other (not-high-end) ovens. I splurged, I confess, for the burgundy color and the manual knobs vs, digital. Suppose i should have insisted this be corrected, but just got lazy. I know where to set it, so.... Good luck with your range; the service dept. sounds dreadful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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I am very happy with my Viking range.

What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?

1) The lack of electronics (there is electronic ignition on the burners but other than that, it's all mechanical = less repairs in the long run.

2) High-powered, all-gas (I don't bake so didn't want to pay for Dual-fuel). We live at 7,000 feet and are on propane, I needed the extra burner power.

3) Bomber construction.

4) Could get it in black, with matching hood in black.

What product(s) do you have?

30 inch VGSC Range (All gas, self-cleaning, convection oven with open burners).

30 inch Chimney Wall Hood - VCWH with stainless accessory rail.

How old are the product(s) you have?

1 Year

What do you like about it/them?

1) The Broiler is fantastic: heat element covers a large area and is very hot. I LOVE this broiler.

2) Good performance on top burners: I see where others have commented they wished the simmer was lower. I had mine adjusted upon installation to get the tiniest of flame and I can melt chocolate without a double boiler no problem. Boils water fast too.

3) Self-Cleaning oven

4) Open burners: Have had both open and sealed. Prefer to take the parts out, throw them in the DW and be done with it. No more sopping up spills, scooping stuff up with a sponge and scrubbing, endlessly going back and forth from stove to sink. Personal preference here, others love the sealed burners.

4) I love that I could get the range hood in black to match the stove. Love that black / stainless combo.

What do you dislike about it/them?

I like everything about the range,couldn't be happier. Would like it if the fan in the hood was quieter, but I rarely need to turn up full blast, so it's not much of an issue.

What was your experience with customer service?

Excellent. I had a problem with the range, the door didn't sit square. They sent out the service tech who confirmed it was incorrect. They replaced it promptly. I was and am very happy with their response.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?

The door didn't align properly, did not sit square in the frame. The roll-out tray under the burners was crooked too. I will say I learned this: Viking Ranges are designed with frames that are supposed to "flex". This is so they can be fit into kitchens with surrounding cabinets/floors/wall that are not square, and still be leveled properly. The installation is very important with these ranges. They are not designed to just be shoved into the space. That is why, when I had my issue, they didn't just send a replacement immediately: they sent a technician to be sure the range was leveled properly etc. I've gotten the feeling that alot of issues arise from improper installation, including leveling, calibration of burners, etc. The technician told me that they take a bit of "fiddling" with when you first install them. (They were out to my house twice, "tweaking" the adjustments.) But that once you get them set properly, you'll rarely need a repair. This has proven to be the case for me. I spent top dollar to buy the range/hood from a local specialty dealer. I am convinced the quality of their technicians is one reason I'm so happy with the performance.

Would you buy another Viking?

I would buy another pro-style range from them in a heartbeat. I would not buy a refrigerator or dishwasher from them because it doesn't strike me as their core competency. I have a Viking range and hood, a Kitchenaid Dishwasher (dish drawers made by Fisher & Paykel) and a Jenn-Air fridge, so I'm obviously not worried about coordinated appliances, I just want the best solution for each function.

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I have just completed my kitchen remodel with all Viking appliances (professional series): 36" VGRC range all gas open burner (4 burner w/grill & griddle), 36" hood w/heat lamp, 36" range backguard with shelf, VEV900 range hood and external blower, 36" VCBB built-in refrigerater w/bottom mount freezer, and dishwasher. This is my first experience with Viking. Was considering SZ refrigerator but, went with Viking for the look (liked the door handles and the smaller vent on top). I was told by my dealer/distributor that the Viking frig was equal in all respects to the SubZero.

Appliances were installed by distributor 3 weeks ago. I have not used the range because we are awaiting delivery of the backguard and shelf (we kept the plastic packing material on the range to protect it when the guard is installed). The dishwasher is working fine and up to expectations (very quiet). I am having problems with the refrigerator and range.

My distributor had the local Viking repair rep come out last week to check the refrigerator and the range.

(1) The lettering on the full length drawer (convertible meat/produce) came off when we removed the plastic protective wrapping (I know it's minor but, this is a $6000 appliance). The rep said he would order a replacement drawer lid.

(2) The frig door "clunks" quite loudly when opened beyond 90 degrees due to bottom door hinge mechanism. Sounds like the hinge is going to break off. The service rep is ordering a new hinge to see if that fixes the problem.

(3) Most disturbing is the rather loud intermittent whining or humming noise coming from somewhere below. I can't pinpoit it exactly. It isn't a constant noise but, it's coming on more frequently with time and staying on longer. The noise will also change frequency. It starts out a higher pitch and then shifts to a lower pitch. No noise coming from the compressor on top that I can tell. It is definitely coming from something that is running, like a motor or fan. I have the frig built-in to a custom wall space (wood studs/sheetrock). The service rep kept trying to tell me the noise was coming from the small interior fan in the top of the frig - obviously not. His final response was "It's not as loud as some I've heard on these models". I have taken the issue up with my distributor and GC. Has anyone else had this problem? Any information would be most appreciated.

(1) The removable drip pan in the slide-out drawer under the burners/grill would not come out (it was catching on something). The service rep pulled the entire drawer out (on rollers). The pan was catching on the gas line for the grill. He pushed the line up slightly so the pan would pull out easily.

(2) When trying to fix the drip pan, the rep noticed that the whole front of the range is not square. The pull out drawer is off square to the oven door, and the oven door is out of square enough that it doesn't seal on one side. He said it could be that the range is "packed" too tight in the space between the cabinets and counter (custom wood cabinets with granite counters). I checked and the cabinets/counters are exact to Viking's intall specs. My distributor and GC are coming to look at it this week. I'm thankful for information provided by "chantico" regarding their experience and that the oven is designed to "flex" for install. Maybe the service rep was right and it's an install issue. I'll keep you posted.

Jury is out on whether I would buy Viking again. It depends on how these issues are resolved or not. I'm not concerned about having matching appliances. I want functionality and reliability. I'm fairly confident that the range issue can be resolved. The refrigerator may be another matter. It may be premature but, if Viking can't fix the problems with the hinge and more importantly, the mystery motor noise, I would prefer to swap the Viking for a SubZero. Anyone had any luck with Viking returns?

Can't comment on performace of range or hood/vent, since I haven't used yet. I'll follow up later. Thanks again to everyone for contributing comments.

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As far as I'm concerned it's war. I had my 9th service call yesterday. The oven was recalibrated after the defective fan (which came with the oven) was replaced.

This oven does not keep a steady temperature. It took me 2 hours to get it set to 375 and then it didn't stay there. It is impossible to bake in it.

I'm now deciding whether to force them to buy it back or to replace it. I'm leaning towards a buy-back. The cut out is the same size as the new Miele single.

It's my fault as I was warned by posters on this forum and I bought it anyway. All I can say is the rest of you folks are warned as well: don't go there.

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It's my fault as I was warned by posters on this forum and I bought it anyway. All I can say is the rest of you folks are warned as well: don't go there.


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sorry to hear that. i know you had been expecting more, always sorry when folks dont meet basic obligations.

question, though; is it viking related or poor local service?

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I would never buy another Viking product.
After my viking designer series double ovens had been installed about a year, all the decal markings on the top panel surrounding the knobs started rubbing away -- not because of abrasive cleaners, just easily rubbing off with my finger! I have the ovens in white enamel with greyish decals. I called Viking, who claimed it was a "cosmetic issue" and would not replace it under warranty! I explained that there was no way to use the ovens without being able to see the temperature markings!! Eventually, they admitted they had had a problem with the markings on the enamel coming off and would replace the panel. It's now been a little over a year with the new panel, and now the markings are rubbing off the enamel again. Viking says they will not replace again since it's over a year. I asked whether they anticipated all the enameled indicator markings to come off after a year, since I've never even heard of this happening to ANY appliance, much less one that cost $4500. They basically said tough luck. This product is completely worthless.

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I bought a Viking 30" gas range in 1999. It was a reasonably performing range but it had some cosmetic issues and the enamal in the oven cracked on some spots after a year. Viking totally ignored all my inquiries - so the rumors about terrible customer service aren't rumors.

They may be better now - but they lost me.

PS - we moved a few years back just did a kit upgrade and went with Bluestar.

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Update: I have now called Viking direct at the suggestion of my dealer after the regional rep informally said they would not replace the oven, only once again replace a thermostat that was recently replaced.

Told the story to the customer service folks and they are contacting the regional rep.

I am seriously considering launching a class action suit if this does not get resolved properly and my dealer is aware.

If anyone else has not received satisfactory action is interested in potentially joining please email me.

This is unacceptable, especially since many choose this brand because it is domestically made.

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Pumalo - the Viking fridges do have a condenser fan in the bottom. It is SUPPOSED to help evaporate the water that drips into a pan below when the freezer defrosts. Most of the time they are not PLUGGED IN at all, since they are not connected in the factory and there are no instructions to the installer in any of their literature to do so at the time of install. At least this was the case two years ago. I have no confidence that Viking has done anything about this since many of us had this problem back then. The result can be flooding under the fridge when there is excess water in the pan and it is not evaporating fast enough (this is what happened to us - $2300 in damage to our custom cabinetry surrounding the fridge). It sounds as though yours is plugged in, but may need to be replaced or cleaned. Mine is nearly silent now.... just a light hummmm.

Remember that your distributor is your best ally in all of this and the key to getting this fixed as long as it is a repair issue. Viking will be useless. Your salesman/store is powerless. Evidently, each distributor's repair people have to figure out all of these fixes themselves, as there appears to be NO communication from Viking to them about how these problems can be resolved. What part of the country are you in? Our Viking repair guy rocks (MA,RI, NH) .... but he is probably an exception to the rule.

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TWIZ: Thank you so much for resonding to my question about the noise my refrigerator is making. I will give the information to my contractor and distributor. I'm in South Carolina so, I don't think your service rep can help (unless he wants to come down and enjoy our warm winter weather!). Our local service rep has not impressed me at all but, I've bought quite a few products over the years from this distributor and hope he will be able to help. I agree with you that the reps (other than yours) seem to know very little about Viking appliances. Again, the info you were kind enough to post here is invaluable to me, and I thank you for your time and effort. Sincerely, Pumalo

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Credit where credit is do. Viking re-invented the residential range business and brought excitement back to appliances. Lately however it seems all their efforts are slanted toward promotion of the product as opposed to quality control. The sealed burner gas range is having the DCS problem that when the oven is on over 350 degrees it sucks all the oxygen from the burners and they won't stay lit. They are still having refrigeration problems, because of the design they bought from Amana. Moisture is still hurting their refrigeration sales. Viking is a good solid company and with the head to head compitition with Wolf - SubZero they would serve them selves well to address the few problems they are having and get back in the game.

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Never Ever Again!!!

Regrets are a terrible thing.

I own a 42 inch side by side with ice maker and water dispenser, a downdraft, microwave and 36 inch cooktop. All viking, all purchased new within the last 2 years. Also own 30 inch double Miele oven--love it love it love it--and F&P double dishdrawer---love it to dispite the bad press.

Microwave is the only one I am happy with.

The Refrierator is the worst appliance I have ever owned with the worst customer service. I have filed a BBB case against them and still fighting to have the unit replaced. I have lost the entire contents of the fridge and freezer. Ice maker has been repaired 4 times, water dispenser 2 times, evaporator replaced, brand new mahogany floor is water damaged from leaking doors. The ice maker doesnt dispense ice yet again and ice is forming on the inside so badly that the door has to be forcefully opened, then you have a mess of ice on the floor.

I just want the unit replaced!! History shows it is a stainless steel monster LEMON!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I didnt answer the questions professionally, but more than a little pissed!!!

Oh, The lettering has disappeared from my cooktop as well... and the downdraft is sooo loud!!!!Havent even thought of discussing those probs with Viking. Seems trivial at this point


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What attracted you to your Viking product(s)? The reputation and the stainless steel professional appearance.

What product(s) do you have? 42" inch ranchtop with 4 open flame burners and an 18" griddle

How old are the product(s) you have? 2+ years

What do you like about it/them? Instant on/off of heat, high heat output of burners.

What do you dislike about it/them? Keeping the black enamel clean. Also, the Viking burners are larger than the burners on most gas stoves. The larger circle of flame will heat the sides rather than the bottom of most sauce pans. We have had to limit the use of our smaller sauce pans to very low heat or placing the pan off center on the grate. But it has been a good excuse to get some All Clad sauce pan that have a larger diameter.

What was your experience with customer service? good

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit? The contractor who installed our range top did not properly convert the unit from LP to propane gas. When we turned it on for the first time, the flame shot up about 2 1/2 feet. Thankfully we did not have the hood fan turned on. The store we bought the unit from sent a technician out the next day and he converted the unit to propane and adjusted the flame height. The unit has worked fine ever since.

Would you buy another Viking? yes

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Update to previous posting. After several weeks my contractor finally contacting Viking directly (bypassing the distributor). The following week, there were 4 (four) Viking representatives in my kitchen (3 techs and 1 sales rep). They were able to fix all the problems with the 36" gas range and they called in an order for the condenser fan on the frig that was making the loud noise ("twiz" was absolutely correct - it needed to be replaced). The new fan arrived 3 days later. They spent a total of 2 hours in my kitchen checking the range, frig and dishwasher to make sure everything was functioning properly, showed me how to get the best out of my Viking appliances, and invited me to the Viking cooking school open to all customers (Viking pays your hotel tab). Before they left, the sales rep asked if there was anything else they could do to make me a happy Viking owner. Now THAT is what customer service is all about. If I'm going to pay for the best, I expect the best...I was very impressed.

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I haven't been on this forum for a while but thought I should update my posting on the Viking induction since some members have asked me privately about it.

I have had the Viking 36" all induction unit for a year now. You can read above about it being DOA for Thanksgiving. Once it was fixed, I learned how to use it, only to discover during Christmas cooking that the most poweful burner was dead.

I put off getting it fixed because of my initial experience with Viking service. I finally called the local authorized service company that had done the original repair and they were very responsive. Someone came out, took out the unit, and said they'd order the part and have it in 2-3 weeks. About 5-6 weeks later, they showed up with the part only to discover it wasn't the failed component. Finally, a week or so later they came with the right board and the unit has worked fine since.

Some observations after one year of use. It uses a different technology than all the European units. I think Viking had some sever teething problems with it. This is not unexpected, but the Viking company didn't seem to care about the satisfaction of its initial customers. I agree with one of the above posters that Viking seems to care only about promoting their name and not satisfying their customers. Their customer service department was a joke.

When I looked at the interior of the unit, I was very impressed with the quality of materials. Beyond industrial strength, all the parts looked like military spec.

The performance of the cooktop is astounding. I rarely even get to medium unless I am boiling a large pot of water for corn. The simmer capability is excellent. There are gradations between the settings. I'm still not used to water boiling in less than a minute in the steamer or the instantaneous start/stop of boiling when the power setting is changed

I much prefer the large knobs to touching finicky touch controls with greasy fingers. The ceramic surface is easy to clean and has no scratches. The stainless rim scratches easily. The brushed stainless panel behind the knobs is the hardest thing to clean in my kitchen.

On the whole, an excellent product once you get it to work. Wish I could get this technology from a different company.

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If I owned a faulty Viking, I would print this out and Mail it to the distributor, the Viking VP of Marketing, VP of sales, the CEO/CFO and anyone else I could find in thier food chain.

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Lurker here, but just have to answer this:

What attracted you to your Viking product(s)? House came with them.

What product(s) do you have? Viking refrigerator (30") bottom freezer, 6 burner rangetop with griddle (gas), Viking hood, 27" double wall ovens. (electric)

How old are the product(s) you have? Bought in late 2000, we moved in 3 years ago.

What do you like about it/them? I love the rangetop/cooktop. I've never had a problem with simmer, etc. Love the grates. The ovens are fine. I'm not an expert.

What do you dislike about it/them? I don't think there is ANYTHING I like about the refrigerator. It's noisy, the drawers break, come off the runners, and the bottom freezer is a big mess. I loved my previous Sub-Zero (although I had problems with that freezer too).

The griddle is uneven heating. Just have to get used to flipping the pancakes at the bottom first!

What was your experience with customer service? I have been waiting for a new drawer for the refrigerator and a new knob for the hood for just over a month. To be fair, I'm not sure if that's a Viking problem or a serviceman problem.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?
See above.

Would you buy another Viking? I would never buy another Viking refrigerator, but I think I'm about to buy a 30" Viking dual fuel range for our 2nd house.


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Short Viking refrig story:

There's a very beautiful Viking bottom-freezer 36" fridge at the appliance store where I've been oogling a Blustar range. All anyone can hear in the showroom is the clunking and grinding of the Viking! I'm amazed to think that even a Viking dealer can't get the thing quieted down.

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We purchased a Viking sealed burner, all gas, stainless steel 36" freestanding range (VGIC) in January 2006. We chose the Viking because we wanted a 6-burner range. Our previous range was an antique 42" Universal that was lovely but the burners often had to be lit with a match and when we renovated, we replaced it. Little did we know that we would still be lighting our 21st century Viking burners with a match.

The problem started immediately and initially seemed to be related to the broiler/oven -- when the broiler or oven was on, the two left burners failed to light. We knew it wasn't a gas flow problem since matches would ignite the burners. Our suspicion was that the spark module, which controls the ignition, would get confused when the oven was on because it would think all the burners were already hot and not provide a spark to the burners. However, upon reading this site, it seems even those with cooktops experience burner failure (although it does seem that the major sufferers do have the freestanding range). We had our distributor, who we like very much, call Viking. To make a long story short, we had a terrible servicer who was rude and incompetent (one guy actually showed up once -- 3 hours late -- and claimed he couldn't do any work because the range was too heavy for him to move and I would have to stay home from work another day when he could bring a second person -- but the servicer KNEW we had a freestanding range!). The spark module was changed first, which only made the problem worse -- the burners failed to light even if the oven wasn't on. We complained to our distributor, who called Viking and arranged for a different servicer. We then waited months and months for a new "ignition kit" to be made available from Viking. On Nov 15, the new servicer (who did seem more experienced and was definitely friendlier) replaced all our ignition tips. Now the problem is worse than ever. I would say we have been lighting the burners with a match 90% of the time. We have spent so many days home from work that I'm sure the $4000 Viking range has now cost us double in time wasted (not to mention the hours I've spent complaining about it, like right now!). It's completely unacceptable that one should pay so much for a range that has such poor quality control and also poor customer service. Viking itself seems just as bad as their authorized servicer -- for example, my distributor called them recently and they had no record of our initial service call, although they are the ones who set it up. I suspect that they are aware of the ignition issues but are unwilling to put the money and research in to solve them. And reading this site is even more disconcerting -- apparently even more can go wrong. I would never, ever buy another Viking item again. I should have listened to Consumer Reports -- serves me right -- caveat emptor.

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To throw in my $.02, we've had a Viking 4-burner LPG cooktop for about 10 years. I'd liken it to a 60's Triumph sports car....great inital impression, very snazzy, but don't rely on it.

Things I like: large surface area for big pots. Decent flame control. The fact that it's gas and not electric burners.
Things I hate:
Igniters have never worked well. Sometimes they don't start a flame, other times they just spark and spark and spark.
Area between drip trays and burners is open, allowing stuff to fall into lower drawer all the time.
Stuff burns on to the enameled drip trays and they're impossible to clean really well.
Front knobs fall off at slightest touch.
But the thing I HATE, HATE the most is the use of plain cast iron for the grates. They get dirty, they rust, they're just a pain. I've even considered putting them in the oven when I run a cleaning cycle.
Finally, I've never seen an appliance brand with so many negatives mentioned by so many owners. Even their new $400 food processor is reputed to be junk.
Maybe their cooktops have gotten better, but I sure would comparison shop other brands.

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RE: viking - all owners please clip this post email this post what is this?
see most clipped and recent clippings

Posted by dmlove (My Page) on Wed, May 24, 06 at 16:22

rlp, is this it? This is the one I got, but it hasn't been installed yet?

Scroll up to see the pic of the cooktop in question.

This is the exact cooktop I got 2 months ago, and as soon as the induction cooktop I ordered to replace it comes in, that sucker is gonzo. It is their top of the line, Professional series, gas cooktop, LEMON is a better name for it.

It has given ongoing frustration and aggravation from the first day , to the point I now get aggravated just looking at it. For 17 years, I had the coil type electric cooktop by Thermador, 4 burner, grill in the middle, and LOVED it, would take it back in the blink of an eye, not one service call in the whole time I had it. We did a renovation, so replaced all our appliances and went to gas instead of electric.

I will give you my observations and experiences to date. First of all, there must be something integrally wrong with the design of the burners themselves. All the heat flares to the outside of the cookware, handles get hot, you burn your hands if you forget to use a hotpad. I have not required the need for a hot pad to lift my cookware ever, but do now with the Viking gas cooktop. What a total waste of energy, and tell me, who cooks on the outside of their cookware? or wants to?

Here was my first experience cooking with the Viking cooktop in question. I made my normal goulash recipe. I have top of the line cookware, use them as an all in one pot. So brown in them, simmer in them, etc. First of all, the pot burned on the walls inside!!! The bottom of the pan was cool and the meat only browned on the outside perimeter of the pan. By the time I browned, simmered etc and then removed the Dutch oven I was using, handles too hot to touch!!!

Next nite, did a stir fry, again, standard cant fail recipe. Took me 20 minutes!! Isnt stir fry supposed to be fast? By the time it was done, pieces of chicken dried up and totally tasteless.

Viking did come out, cant say they were not prompt. They adjusted a bit and assured me unit is working just how it is supposed to be working. If that is the case, it ain't working.

One of the burners ignites when it wants to. My son lifted a frying pan off another burner once, a flame shot up and singed the hair off of his left arm.

Viking is not cooperating at this point. I am at the point I will not have the cooktop in my house, I absolutely detest it, got to that point now, beyond hate.

The dealer and store and sales rep that I purchased all my appliances from have been wonderful. They are taking the viking back at at their cost and will deal with viking after this, I have had it.

You will never in a gazillion years be able to sell me on the merits of gas cooking, at least not from the experience I have had with my Viking product. Totally inefficient use of energy, poor product, dont buy it

I have ordered an induction unit instead.

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I have been using my viking range since August and I have no complaints. I have the 30 inch dual fuel open burner. Everything has been working great. just made thanksgiving for 11 and it came out great. The cooking performance of the burners has been great for all different kinds of foods. I did have to adjust the heat at which I cooked things at as the viking seemed much stronger than my old electric. The oven has also been great. We have baked, roasted, broiled etc and the food has come out great. I bought the viking because I got a good deal but I would buy another.

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I bought an 36 Viking sealed burners/AG.

Upon first use, some of the burners wouldn't ignite. Viking guy came out promptly. He told me about 600 Viking ranges got sent out with faulty igniters. Viking terminated their contract with the people who supplied them with the bad igniters. He switched out my entire igniting system with a brand new one, and it works beautifully.

I cannot tell you how much I've enjoyed cooking on this range. It heats evenly, the flames are very strong, and I was able to simmer turkey broth all night while I slept. The broiler works QUICK. I love the looks of the Viking, plus all the accessories they offer.

The customer service was good. The Viking repair guy was nice and on time. I told him all about this forum, and he agrees that Viking certainly is paying the price for the faulty igniters, and they are trying to make up for that.

Would I buy a Viking range again? CERTAINLY.

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In our previous home we had 48" all gas w/4 burners, grill and griddle. In our current home we have 48" all gas w/4 burners and double griddle.

I have had a great experience with Viking, looks fantastic, cooks great.

We found we did not use the grill in our previous home so we went with a double griddle for current home. Now I find I don't use it much (except for prep on cutting boards over griddle space) due to clean up. That is just my shortcoming though, no problem from Viking.

Biggest complaint - DITTO on the simmer function!!!

We are planning a vacation home and will be buying Viking again.

Someone on this thread mentioned the lettering coming off of their range front. This may have been addressed elsewhere, but my experience is: our housekeeper used oven cleaner on the stainless apron which labels the burners and some of the lettering did come off (again our fault) BUT- The actual settings are listed on the knobs themselves, so it is not an issue if you know which knob controls which function. This may have been how Viking resolved that issue.

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I've been avoiding this thread for a while but in view of all the negative I'd like to add my positive experience.

I have the Viking Designer series 30" cooktop, stainless steel with continuous grates. I didn't want to give up 5-6" of real estate for side controls which limited my choices to Viking, Thermador, Verona and Jennair which have controls across the front so the full width is available for sliding pots around. Quickly narrowed down to Viking and Thermador; Viking was clearly going to be easier to clean.

I've had it for about 18 months. It boils water faster than I need it to, simmers fine and cleans up easily. The knobs have a nice grip and feel and have fine control. The staggered burners mitigate some of the front to back space loss due to the controls. It's the only appliance in my new kitchen that did not require a service call. It also looks very nice.

It would be easier to clean between the knobs if there were a little more space between them but I'm really stretching to make that criticism. I would recommend it and I would buy it again.

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RE: Viking Refrigerator
We have the 36" bottom mount freezer. We no longer have adequate clearance when we open the freezer drawer; we cannot pull it straight out without it getting hung up with the right bottom of the main door of the refrigerator unit above. Not sure what is going on, but I guess we'll have to start tracking down a service person. Also, the salad fixings in the produce drawer are beginning to freeze recently. Not feeling to good about this model choice vs the less expensive similar model Amana our friend has.

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Annalee -- hi. I have the same fridge and while I didn't have the problems you're describing I do know from the Vike problems I did have that the fridge must be adjusted properly and the adjustment is counter intuitive. The Viking techs know how to do this and the regular servicers don't seem to. My fridge works much better now than it did originally. They should be able to repair your drawer; sounds like alignment. If you need phone numbers email me.

Having said that, my oven was just bought back and picked up this week. I have never been so glad to see an appliance go. My Weber bbq has a more accurate thermostat.

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What attracted you to your Viking product(s)? Look, Professional Reputation, Quality

What product(s) do you have?
2 DFUD Professional Dishwashers
2 VFCW Garbage Disposals
1 36" VICU Professional All-Induction Cooktop
1 48" Five-Star Range (Used to license the Viking Name and make almost identical units)

How old are the product(s) you have?
Dishwashers 8mo and 12mo
Garbage Disposals 6mo
Induction 2yrs approx.
Five-Star Range 6 Yrs

What do you like about it/them?
Dishwasher - cleans every time from pots and pans to china, quiet, and good-looking
Garbage Disposal - Never jams, will take anything, can be run with people sleeping in the next room
Induction - Perfect for low-temp cooking and can boil water like nothing else! Things are even and doesn't make my kitchen as warm as a summer in Havana. NO WAITING!
Five-Star Range - Look and feel of Viking with identical features (save for lift-out doors which I think Viking does now)

What do you dislike about it/them?
Dishwasher - Nothing
Garbage Disposal - Nothing
Induction - Nothing (see below)
Range - Nothing

What was your experience with customer service?
Nothing at all for products other than Induction. Bought the first unit for sale in my area and it was a minor headache. The six burners had 2 faulty ones which had trouble sensing the induction pots. Required 3 visits. First one (within 3 days of call) discovered unit needed part. Second visit (within 48 hrs) unit had part replaced but was still faulty - thought part was faulty. Third Visit (24 hours) senior tech came out, looked at unit, apoligized profusely, said "it is very new and we can't fidure out why this wont work" then said "Look, I actually want a faulty unit so I can have my guys know how these things work for our customers and you can be at ease. Can I give you a new one on the truck that was tested at our center today, never used, and we will extend your warranty to a two year warranty in writing?" Needles to say I was thrilled and said it would be A-OK.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit? (see above)

Would you buy another Viking? In a heartbeat. Currently replacing all faulty appliances with Viking.
Next up:
GE Side by Side Fridge which has needed two service calls in the last year.
Undercounter Wine Fridge for my Bar
Icemaker for my Bar

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I wanted to follow up on my Thanksgiving posting regarding our 36" VGIC sealed burner Viking range, which suffered from burner ignition failure for the first 11 months we owned it. Viking came out four times but I am happy to say the fourth time did the trick. If you have trouble with your range igniting, insist on having the entire ignition system replaced (as stovegirl noted earlier in this thread). In our case, the Viking service people kept changing one small part of the ignition system at a time -- this is not effective. Viking is aware of the problem so if you just insist, the entire ignition system will be switched out and should work.

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I purchased this top of the line range 11/2003. It came with a door and trim that were not alligned and required a service call, it was covered under warranty. Two years after purchase the spark module went out on the stovetop, requiring two service calls and over $200 in repairs (this happened Thanksgiving week!). Three years after purchase the oven's thermostat went out requiring three service calls so far and more than $400 in repairs. The Viking authorized repair company put the wrong size thermostat in so I still need more repairs! This all happened the week before Christmas, not good for my holiday baking. For each service visit I must take an afternoon off work, losing pay. I have spoken to Viking and they are completely unwilling to extend the warranty or to stand behind their product in any way!

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I ordered my Viking range before Christmas and it came in just recently. I am still about a month (or two at this rate) of getting to use it. I must say, after reading this thread I just want to cry.

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What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?
I liked the solidity of the range compared to the Bluestar which I was considering.

What product(s) do you have?
In my previous home, I had a 30" AG range for 5 years

What do you like about it/them?
I liked the higher BTUs, the stainless, the broiler, the ease in cleaning -- even though it was not self-clean, the option not to have the apron so I could easily vacuum underneath. All top pieces came off in small enough pieces to clean easily in the sink (no dishwasher).

What do you dislike about it/them?
The continually clicking ignitors.

What was your experience with customer service?
The tech guy that came out was nice and loved Viking. I was a bit peeved that they didn't switch out the ignitors, but they still worked.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?
The convection fan stopped working less than a month after install due to insulation wrapping in fan blades. Ignitors would continue to click for about a minute after flame, but only sporadically and never while the tech was there (hence the non-replacement). That continued through the 5 years.

Would you buy another Viking?
I just bought a Wolf for my new home, but I wouldn't tell someone not to get a Viking Range based on my experience. It was still good, though not perfect.


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Update. I've posted on other threads but not on this one since my Viking DESO 105 designer series electric wall oven was removed and bought back.

My new oven (another brand) is installed and I have been using it. The Viking oven that was removed is, performance wise, inferior to the new one in every way.

It's not even like being in the same century. I don't want to bash Viking but the truth is I would not go with the brand again nor can I recommend it.

Their engineering and quality control simply isn't up to the level of several competitors even though the prices are.

It's sad to see this and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that their remaining appliances in my kitchen don't break down. If they do, I'll probably rip and replace since it's proven easier and more effective than dealing with them.

This from someone who had a Viking kitchen and another kitchen renovation likely coming up.

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Posted by yaknakterry (My Page) on Fri, Mar 2, 07 at 21:25

I ordered my Viking range before Christmas and it came in just recently. I am still about a month (or two at this rate) of getting to use it. I must say, after reading this thread I just want to cry.


you have to remember that those that post problems are those with bad experiences. for most people (who enjoy problem free use) they dont bother to come and broadcast to the world: "hey - guess what? my product did exactly what it was supposed to!"

you might say that those who get what they expect are less motivated to broadcast the meeting of their expectations to the world than those who feel shafted.

i've had a viking cooktop (pro-style, 36" 6 burner) in operation for a bit over a month now. no problems at all. it boils, heats, fries, sautes and even cuts through this tin can! amazing! (oops, no. wait. sorry. those are the ginzu knives. well, the viking boils, heats, fries, sautes, etc, just fine anyway)

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Myzmak, I think I have the same cooktop as you do (VGSU36) - have you done much simmering? It's the one thing I haven't been that impressed with, although in my tests last week, it handled simmering of water well in all kinds of pots, but I've tried simmering, for example, chicken & dumplings with less stellar results. Let me know your experience.

Rococogurl, as I recall, you exchanged the Viking for a Miele, right? There were some lengthy threads a few weeks ago about what makes a high-priced oven better than a not-as-high-priced one (putting aside bells & whistles, like a rotisserie). So, what is it about the performance (not the reliability, not the looks, not the bells & whistles, just the basic performance) of your new oven that is superior to the other one? (FWIW, I have neither the Viking nor the Miele oven. I just haven't yet figured out what's better about the higher-end ovens, and I'd really like to know).

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What attracted you to your Viking product(s)? the look, high power
the price and features vs wolf,the only really close contender at the time

What product(s) do you have? VGIC305-4B

How old are the product(s) you have? 5 years in march 07, wow I have been on here over 5 years now

What do you like about it/them? the look, heat, broiler

What do you dislike about it/them? the lettering on the control panel
wipes off easily

What was your experience with customer service? hard to say, they
use a generic service person here, " a what? Viking, hmmm never heard of that before" *plays hillbilly banjo*
If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit? Had a tiny piece of something caught in a burner valve, fixed it myself because of said hillbilly. Oven door hinges were wearing a groove in themselves, took off to lube, and when I went to put them back on the threads striped out, welded nuts on the back, lucky Im handy,
and have a welder. lastly, one oven burner igniter was getting weak
so I replaced both, $36 on ebay for 2- good deal.

Would you buy another Viking? WHY E ESS YES
I want to add that I never could understand what the deal is with the simmer, low is almost low enough for everything, and yes, the true simmer is quirky to set just right, but when you do, you could leave
anything on there all night, in fact I made a soup stock and had it set higher than low all night. just line the S on simmer up with the line and that is just about right, I think fairegold had said this years ago also. Oh and I got a brand new counter trim vent on ebay for $10
retail for $200. Shipping $35, seller puts value at over $100, UPS charges $45 for import chrges on items over $100, ther goes my saving, oh well still a good deal.

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dmlove, I just this morning saw your post to me on this thread when it was bumped up. It's been such a long time since you asked your question I'm sorry for not responding earlier. I just didn't see it. I hope my answer, which I'm happy to give you, is still relevant.

Regarding actual performance of my new oven (Miele 4880B) that make it superior. There are many points. I also will attempt to answer the underlying question which seems to ask whether the performance justifies the additional cost.

Here is where the oven excels:

*Pinpoint temperature accuracy and even temperature.
*Very even convection cooking for both roasting and delicate baking.
*Excellent insulation and cooling -- my cabinets no longer get hot. Nor is the control panel ever hot.
*Excellent broiler that also very handily turns itself off
*Excellent and even baking on every setting -- none performs any better than another and all are tops from roasting to delicate.
*Heat probe that's accurate and I use (NEVER used one before) that completely eliminates any need to check for doneness at all. Also, 30 minutes before the meat will be done you get an electronic notice and countdown.
*Combo heat settings that let me to simplify recipes and cooking methods.
*Ability to cook different things on different racks at same time
*Favorites setting for frequently made recipes. I recently programmed my Meatballs (the first). Now I make them but no longer need to look to see how long they cook or what the setting should be. I just go to meatballs.
*Two built in timers
*Easy clean up (the coating is terrific on the racks and this non- self clean oven is easier to clean than the previous one which had self cleaning but only did half the oven. When I spent an hour scrubbing the very heavy Viking oven racks and side racks with steel wool after soaking them for an hour in ammonia water to get them clean I really was wondering what I'd paid for).
*Atomic clock - power outages no longer affect my oven at all (I previously replaced 3 clocks)
*I haven't mentioned the rotisserie. I though I'd never use it though I did try it. The result was fantastic but there was a big clean up afterwards due to the spatter. It's a great thing to use, and worth the extra work, for company or for very special recipes. I have a spit-roasted Moroccan recipe I will try with this eventually. While people rave about this feature it's an extra for me.

I'm an oven cook. I use it for things many do on the stove (like rice). I also bake. Also, because I taught cooking years ago many of my recipes are old and in no way adjusted for convection. The oven is accurate even when I adjust the recipes by lowering the temps by 25 degrees.

With the Viking oven there was no advance in performance. I loved the way the Viking looked. However, the heat wasn't even. I never knew what the temp was and had to use an oven thermometer and open the oven door to cool it down. Things burned or didn't cook. The control panel got too hot to touch because the oven vented up. The heat fried the electronics which required repeated repairs -- so I've been very wary of any oven that vents above the door and would never again buy any that did.
My cabinets got hot. The clock blew out repeatedly. This is no exaggeration: my Weber bbq was more accurate temperature wise.

This oven is more advanced than any I've previously owned and the only one that changes what I need to do for actual cooking -- and makes it less work. That's why I like it.

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can you give us an update on your Viking fridge? I'm considering purchasing the exact same refrigerator and I'd like to know if your previous issues were resolved with the new condenser fan. Anything new pop up in the meantime?

Is it just me, or does it seem like built-in refrigerators have a multitude of problems? It's sort of discerning to read that a $6000 refrigerator causes any other reaction other than sheer happiness. I've been living in an apartment complex (moving to a house soon, hence the fridge upgrade) using a Frigidaire side-by-side freestander that probably cost the management company a whopping $800 and it has never given me a single problem in the two years I've used it.

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I purchased a Viking side by side fridge with Ice/Water dispenser and for the past 12 months have had nothing but problems with the Ice and water dispensing. The unit has been replaced once due to service techs not being able to fix ice dispensing issues and the new unit now does not dispense water. After having them replace the whole freezer door assembly the water dispensed for about 2 months before failing again last week.
Here I go again with servicing the unit, I would never buy another Viking Fridge again just based on the frequency of breakdowns.

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January 19, 2007
Ordeal by Appliance: Weekend Home Tales
FOR some people, the most elusive aspect of owning a vacation home that sits beyond big-city borders isnt finding the time to enjoy it. Its finding someone to service the deluxe appliances inside.

"We called Viking over the holidays every year," Rosemary Devlin said of her half-decade-long (and mostly futile) efforts to schedule manufacturer service for her mutinous dishwasher. The appliance was installed along with a suite of Viking cousins when Ms. Devlin and her husband, Fay, whose main house is about 20 miles north of Manhattan in Irvington, N.Y., built their six-bedroom ski house on Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vt.

But in what devolved into an unwelcome tradition, the dishwasher died almost every December during the holidays when the house brimmed with more than 30 guests. The machines problems were minor, Ms. Devlin said, but she was rarely able to persuade a Viking repair service to go to her house over snowy country roads. "We usually ended up getting a local appliance service," she said, noting that she had to order parts that a Viking service person might (or might not) have had on hand.

Years of similar duress wore down the Devlins and their stock of paper plates. "We finally ripped the dishwasher out and replaced it with a KitchenAid," said Ms. Devlin, who is betting that both parts and repairs will be easier to come by.

Ms. Devlins woes were echoed by others who stock far-flung vacation homes with expensive appliances loaded with the extra features that prompt bragging rights but so highly engineered that they usually cannot be revived by screwdriver, wrench or a swift kick.

"There are a lot of trains and bells and whistles that increase the probability of breakdown because the more things you have, the more that can go wrong," said Ron Sawyer, executive director of the Professional Service Association, a trade association based in Albany. For example, he said, digital control systems may be handier and more efficient than mechanical timers, but they are also "more subject to failure because of power spikes and things like that."

Making their predicament worse is a service shortfall that has long bedeviled appliance owners of every geographic region and price range. According to the Professional Service Association, the number of appliance service centers in the United States has shrunk almost 25 percent in the last decade from 15,556, to 11,737.

Still, the shortage of qualified help may be most keenly felt by people who tote top-shelf appliances to their remote vacation homes, sometimes in the expectation that a hefty price tag guarantees a measure of infallibility. But amid a landscape of more pedestrian brands, designer ones like Wolf, Miele, Bosch and ASKO rarely achieve the critical mass needed to sustain a service business, especially a seasonal one.

Representatives of Viking Range and Sub-Zero Freezer, which owns Wolf Appliance, acknowledge that service can fall short in some rural areas.

"Those situations do happen, and what we do is try to make those issues go away," said Pail Leuthe, Sub-Zeros corporate marketing manager. "If it means switching out units and doing something above and beyond, well work with those people independently."

Even if there is a service provider in the next town who knows how to make a repair, he or she is probably too busy to breathe life into a wheezing Sub-Zero sitting an hour away. Most dont find it worthwhile to stray more than 25 to 35 miles beyond their base of operations, Mr. Sawyer said.

"Its a big problem to get them to come up," said Leonard Ladin, a retired management consultant who owns a vacation home in Copake, N.Y., 115 miles north of his primary residence in Manhattan. "Its distance related. There just arent enough people to fix things. The only one that seems to work is Sears because they seem to have enough clients in the rural areas to make it pay."

Mr. Ladin and his wife, Kay OConnor, a vice president at the Corcoran Group real estate company in Manhattan, own a country house about an hours drive (much of it over back roads) from the two closest appliance service centers.

Mr. Ladin sounded both weary and peeved as he described a tense history of service indignities suffered since remodeling the kitchen of his 19th-century house two years ago. Among the sore points: a luxury Australian-made Regency VSA oven with broken hinges and a six-burner Viking range top with a reluctant electric ignition.

Mr. Ladin tracked down the hinges for his Regency oven and installed them himself. "The Viking people came at least twice, and I just gave up," said Mr. Ladin, a serious cook who these days resorts to sanding the points of the recalcitrant ignition when he needs to light it.

Some customers are surprised to find themselves shunned by local dealers if an appliance was bought elsewhere. But even those who buy locally can wind up stranded in their hour (or season) of need if the dealer is focused more on sales than on service.

"When a dealer owns a market in a smaller place, where people are building McMansions right and left, he has a very successful business selling all this high-end stuff," said Mimi Levin Lieber, a Manhattan sociologist who owns a second home in Columbia County, N.Y. Her Sub-Zero refrigerator began malfunctioning two years after she bought it in 1998 from a busy dealer 20 miles from her house.

"We had enormous trouble with it over a period of years," Ms. Lieber said. "It kept defrosting itself and stopping working and you name it. We were told we were opening it too often."

Unable to get help from her dealer, she hired a handyman five times to tighten the door, spending about $1,000 before cajoling Sub-Zero into sending a repairman on the 40-minute drive from Albany. "He tried to fix it and acknowledged that the main system wasnt working" and arranged for the appliance to be replaced, she said. So far, there have been no problems with the new unit.

And when service is available, appointments are typically made only on weekdays, another problem for owners of weekend homes.

Even in wealthy, less-remote vacation communities awash in designer appliances, where some Saturday appointments can be had, snagging a time slot and then being available for a service call can drive owners to distraction.

"I begged people to come, and it literally took seven weeks because they didnt have any appointments," Darren Sukenik said about the recent winter when he tried to get a Sub-Zero refrigerator fixed in his 1880s cottage in East Hampton on Long Island.

"I drove out for an appointment on a Saturday, and they didnt show up," he said. "Then I had to pay someone to wait in the house for them on a Thursday evening, and they didnt show up. Then they had to order the part. Then they had to come back a week and a half later with it."

Between that and other home repairs, "every time I went out there, the only reason was to meet a service person," said Mr. Sukenik, executive vice president for luxury real estate sales at Prudential Douglas Elliman in Manhattan. He sold his house nine months ago, after spending a year and a half as its hostage and facing an ultimatum from his partner. "He was like, If you dont sell the house, were over, " said Mr. Sukenik, who agreed with the assessment.

Some who service high-end appliances in remote areas adopt a mail-route approach. "The company that services my appliances is about an hour west," said Dean Marchetto, an architect based in Hoboken, N.J., who owns a place in Andes, N.Y., about 150 miles away in the Catskills. "They have a Friday route in Andes. I have to book them a week or two in advance and make sure Im there on a Friday all day."

SOMETIMES, though, customers must cluster themselves.

Consider the extreme plight of second-home owners in Saltaire, N.Y. The village is on Fire Island off the south shore of Long Island. Saltaire permits neither cars nor golf carts in summer. To reach dyspeptic appliances, service workers must abandon their trucks, board a ferry for an hourlong journey, then trudge to each home carrying tools and parts.

"They cant even get on a bicycle like we do," said RoseAnn Larson, a local real estate agent whose husband, Ken, is a general contractor. Together they collect their clients complaints like fireflies in a jar until it is bright enough to shine beacon-style in the direction of mainland service providers.

Even then, the problems must be diagnosed beforehand because "the last thing they want to do is come twice," Ms. Larson said. Still, she said, "were their last priority, so anything that needs to be done should be in the winter," when Mr. Larson can shuttle people around in his truck.

Mr. Larson recently stopped buying appliances passing up on the customary 20 percent contractors markup simply because he doesnt want to deal with the headache of installing a brand-new dud. When that happens, a manufacturer or dealer who is either reluctant or unable to provide service will direct him to box a defective appliance and ship it back. Many times, though, he is just asked to junk it.

"You would never believe how many great appliances weve thrown out," he said. "We literally just threw out a $5,000 G.E. high-end professional range."

Paul Oster, a ReMax broker in the Mammoth Mountain ski resort in the Sierra Nevadas of California, said his sellers could be as jaded as the manufacturers encountered by Mr. Larson.

"Were three and a half miles of privately owned land surrounded by national forest," Mr. Oster said, "so were three hours from Reno and six hours from Los Angeles."

When a silver-spoon appliance needs help, he said, "you cant just flip open the Yellow Pages. Most sellers would rather give a credit to buyers. They dont care about the money, just the hassle of getting it fixed."

Mr. Oster plans to outfit his soon-to-be completed $1.5 million home with General Electric appliances, which he says he thinks will be easier to repair and, if need be, less costly to jettison and replace.

Living in fear of their up-market appliances going down, some second-home owners reminisce about the old but steadfast goods they put out to pasture.

Mr. Ladin in Copake said the appliances that came with his house "were all terribly low grade, and the refrigerator was a G.E.-made Hotpoint." Yet the Ladins lived with them for five trouble-free (and, in retrospect, idyllic) years before their kitchen renovation. "They were 21 years old when we replaced them" he said, "and they just didnt break down."

So what does the future look like for vacation-home owners stranded on broke-down mountain? "Its hard to say," said Mr. Sawyer of the service association, noting that if its any consolation, the lack of service support is even worse for electronics than for appliances.

Still, he said, "if we had a number of people come into the business as a viable career option, then youll see service people moving into the vacation areas."

Until then, second-homers must struggle to maintain the Zen-like calm they were presumably after in the first place, with one addendum: Wherever you go, there you are. And so is your deluxe but broken dishwasher.

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Beware! Viking may not honor their warranty. I purchased a Viking VCFW1000 disposer after reading various reviews on 1HP disposers on the Internet, and Ive owned two 1HP KitchenAid units. I made my purchase via the Internet through an authorized dealer. The unit arrived well packaged and appeared to by essentially identical to the KitchenAid unit I owned 30 years ago; not a bad thing. After processing one banana peel each of two consecutive days, the motor failed. Bad luck. Using the Viking web page I located the nearest authorized service center, where, after a lengthy discourse on the evils of Internet purchases, I was told I had to get an authorization from Viking to replace the unit. Viking customer service promised to fax authorization to the service provider. That didnt happen, which I discovered after two weeks of phone calls prompting the service provider for a response. Another week and I had the authorization in my hands to forward to the service provider. Another two weeks and more phone calls Im told the distributor will not honor the warranty because, apparently, the dealer that I purchased from was out-of-area (if that was a problem, the dealer should not have accepted my order). In a call directly to the distributor, I asked if I had purchased the unit in Seattle and subsequently moved to San Antonio and then installed it, would they honor the warranty? The response was no, Ive have to go back to the Seattle region distributer whoever that might be. No convinced this silly "policy" was that of Viking corporate, I wrote a letter to customer service detailing my experience and asking if this policy was true, and if so, why it wasnt published on their website. A month later there was no response from Viking; I dont expect to get one. Nor did the dealer respond to a request for assistance. Caveat emptor.

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Viking GSC306-4BSS igniters fire continuously without gas being turned on, please see below; otherwise performance OK - good high and low temp range; poor broiler; OK oven; open burner very messy but hotter, apparently. Separate hood poor owing to laborious design for necessary cleaning.

Now Peizo igniters on stove top fire continuously without gas being turned on. Tripping breaker and lighting manually solves short term problem but of course we want to fix the igniter operation. Removing center cover below burner grates (no center grill or burners on this unit) reveals module with white igniter wires going to igniters. White plastic housing of module is labeled "Viking Range # PA020020." Below that is label "U-67204-2." Part search turns up what looks like the module along with the message:

No longer available - This part has been permanently discontinued by the manufacturer and we don't know of any source for the part
Item # 810759
Google reveals: :: Viking - 1:35pm
Viking service bulletin 2002 gas range spark module return request, defective spark modules PA020020 PA020021 PA020013. Archived on: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 20:19: ... - 32k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages - Note this :: Archive
Viking service bulletin 2002 gas range spark module return request, defective spark modules PA020020 PA020021 PA020013, 2005-03-09 20:19:30 ... - 227k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
[ More results from ]

ServiceTech is higher cost pay site for techs which I am not.

In the meantime, can I safely disconnect the igniter leads from the module and restore electric power to the range so the oven can be used? A very faint clicking is still heard when I restore power with the leads disconnected.
- Brooke

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The issue with internet purchases (including the ridiculous comment that they wouldn't honor the warranty if you moved from Seattle to San Antonio) is far from limited to Viking. There have been many discussions on these boards over the last year and a half about warranty coverage on internet purchases.

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I own a 30" 4 burner Viking range. I've had to have the broiler ignition system replaced once, the oven burners replaced 3 times, and the door hinges replaced twice. I think that's excessive for an 8 year old stove. The door hinges are sticking again and the oven burners are making the same sounds again that they did the last time they needed to be replaced. I don't like the "simmer" control for the surface burners being located between the High/Off setting, otherwise I really like the way the cook top works. I also have a Viking Hood over the cooktop. It is a little loud but it works well. The one thing I don't like about it is how hard it is to remove the vent grids for cleaning. According to the directions they should just slip out--HA! It is a real pain in the neck to remove and re-insert. I am considering replacing the stove instead of spending the annual $400 in repairs again. Anyone have any suggestions?

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FWIW my 48" all gas Viking range with open burners has been in constant use for a little over a year now and I have no problems to report. I still have a year's warranty left so I'm hopefully not jinxing myself :-).

I chose Viking because it had everything that I wanted and nothing that I didn't. I wanted a very basic gas range with no clocks, self cleaning or timers. A range where all burners performed equally and a range that came apart easily to clean. I wanted a commercial look and high BTUs. I had also considered Blue Star and Wolf but Viking had everything that I was looking for & was significantly less expensive.

The only thing that I did was to buy an oven thermometer in order to keep an eye on preheat time and temperature fluctuation. The griddle does heat unevenly but I thought that it was supposed to do that? I like that, it performs more like a french top & I can move things that that need more heat to the rear of the griddle & vice versa.

I was apprehensive after reading all of the negative about Viking but I couldn't stomach the 1200$ price difference between it and the Wolf. I also spent the extra money to have the range installed by a licensed Viking installer who made sure it was perfectly set up.

About the only whistle on the thing is the convection in the large oven and that has worked without a problem as well. The broiler is outstanding, almost too powerful compared to the EZ Bake equivalent that I was used to.

I love the layout, I find it easy to set the burner flames & have have no ignitor problems. It's also very easy to take the top apart for cleaning. I have no regrets.

Hope this helps someone sleep at night.


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I would never buy a Viking range again. I have a 10-year old 30" gas open burner. I wanted a Wolf at the time, but they were just coming out with their 30" model and I couldn't wait the several months it would have taken to get it. I'm on my 3rd set of oven igniters and have just ordered my third oven bottom. The service tech came to replace the igniters yesterday and discovered the oven bottom had separated into two pieces. I can't believe Viking makes this part so cheaply and the distributor charges $200 for it. I'm outraged. It's basically just a big piece of enameled steel.

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I've had issues with my Viking range, its 7 yrs old. But i've always fixed the problems myself, problem is finding parts! Where do you all go for them? My repair man couldn't get them, so I searched and searched the net

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What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?
Looks and sturdiness.

What product(s) do you have?
36" freestanding gas range

How old are the product(s) you have?
6 yrs old.

What do you like about it/them?
Looks great! I get lots of compliments! It's also very easy to clean. I love the crumb drawer under the burners.

What do you dislike about it/them?
It's falling apart!

What was your experience with customer service?
After reading all the horror stories, I decided not to call Viking service.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?
After about a year old, the convection fan stopped working. I also started noticing that the lettering was rubbing off easily when cleaning and that the oven door felt like it was off track. It started make a rubbing noise when opening/closing. Now it squeaks. After about 2 years, the ignitor would start clicking on the left front burner when I would turn on the front right or middle burner. About 6 months ago, the oven stopped heating up enough to bake. It would only get warm. The broiler was still working though. I started researching the internet and found out that I'm not the only one with these problems. Seems to be very common. After reading up, I found out that the problem with my oven is the ignitor. To get it fixed through Viking service, it costs about $800. I read that the Maytag ignitor works fine and is alot cheaper. I found the link to order. The part costs $60 on the website, so I found it on ebay for $17 + $5 shipping. Not bad! Here's the part:

My husband couldn't figure out how to remove the oven door, so more searching and I found this website which was very helpful:

He's fixed it and now the oven bakes perfectly. Too bad I couldn't get him to fix the convection fan. That'll be the next project.

Would you buy another Viking?

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What attracted you to your Viking product(s)?
Matching,clean stainless steel appearance, hi quality look.

What product(s) do you have? 48" dual fuel w/griddle, grill, Largest refrig/freezer w/dispenser, trash compactor, d/w, microwave, toaster, cutting board for range, 1600cfm hood 48" exterior vented.

How old are the product(s) you have?
3 years-now out of warranty, despite factory extensions on warranty for problems never resolved.

What do you like about it/them?
My wife loves how they look and match. Griddle is great, hood is loud but excellent flow. I just cant be excited b/c of problems with frige/freezer and range cooktop. Oven though is great for breads and multiple casseroles-it does heat very evenly on convection bake setting.

What do you dislike about it/them?
Oh boy. I can afford any brand at any price, but the cooktop and icemaker problems appear to be irreconcilable with Viking Corporation and Hadco distributor in Atlanta. The problems have overshadowed any joy of cooking on my Viking appliances.

What was your experience with customer service?
There are different levels of customer service from different companies involved. Local appliance store would not install in new construction due to "liability." He only does retrofits, and there is no other Viking dealer in my area: Atlanta dealers dont sell to Athens-it's a monopoly racket run by Viking. Hadco distributor: has been out on 3 occasions for service, problems never resolved. They come from Atlanta to service on only certain days of the month. You'd better be off of work to let them in on one of those days. And then Viking in Mississippi-2 page letter to CEO outlining recurrent problems-no response.

If you experienced problems, could you detail them a bit?
Paid an "expert" independent installer from Atlanta, Kent Crane, (recommended by Hadco distributor) to calibrate burners and install appliances. Never could place paper plate on burner like Hadco demo did, some burners burn out on low or simmer. Ignitors would not shut off, all replaced under warranty. Now left rear burner smells of propane leak (it is not the supply line-it is within the range) and burners are uneven-low on one burner is med-low on another and simmer is different on all 4 burners. Last of 3 Hadco visits said refill the 100# propane tank. It is half full! Propane companies look at you like you're an idiot if you want to fill a half full 100# tank! My fireplace burners burn evenly, why cant my Viking cooktop?Then there's the icemaker: clogged/jammed-replaced entire unit under warranty-same problem now 3 yrs later. Family of 4, when you want ice, there is a 3 out of 4 chance my Viking icemaker will give ice. When I want ice, I go to my 10 year old ugly whirlpool side by side in the basement-and it gives ice EVERY TIME. It doesnt jam. Now my Viking refrigerator thermostat cant be adjusted-WHAT NEXT? I am convinced I have 2 lemons. But I wonder how many of you out there also have Viking lemons...

Would you buy another Viking?
#@$*% NO

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I hope I'm not a glutton for punishment because I've heard dozens of Viking horror stories from friends and family consistent with those in this thread - yet I'm considering the Viking VUC181 Trash Compactor.

Anyone have any experience or second hand feedback regarding their compactors? I've always avoided Viking like the plague, but this 18" model is the only one I've seen with a trash chute that doesn't require opening the drawer for small batches.

Love to hear of another option, but if not, I'd like to hear opinions on the VUC181.

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I've owned Viking products for over 9 years (both my kitchens in my current house and the kitchen in my beach house are Viking, as well as my outdoor entertainment area - all Viking (to include the beverage center and wine coolers)). I've not had any real issues with them at all.

cpanther95: I have the Viking compactor and it is excellent! the only complaint I could even muster is the filter for the vent is a little hard to reach every 3 months. Viking makes the ONLY 18" compactor (the others are 15") and it is a BEAST... I throw everything in there (including wine bottles). I DO recommend you using the Viking bags that are designed for it - I tried others and they weren't as suited.

I'll have to say that I had to call for service once on my Induction Cooktop. The technician was clean, courteous, and arrived with the part I needed (simply from my explanation on the phone of my problem). The unit was out of the warranty period but Viking was kind enough to grant me an exception due to the number of products I own.

I recently received a call from my customer rep at Viking to check to see how everything was working and if I had any questions or issues. I know alot of people complain about Viking, but I've had nothing but excellent support from them. I've seen people complain about Mercedes Benz just as bad even though they are of the highest quality as well... that is odd

OH - ONE ADDITIONAL NOTE: My Customer Rep said that Viking is planning on selling a Viking-administered Extended Service Contract Plan in the coming months. She said the plans will only be sold on products that still have remaining time on their warranty and will be available directly through Viking or the dealer you bought your product from... I'll have to look into that once it comes out.

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THANK YOU, for the info on the Extended Service Contract. I have mine through GE but I'm not sure on being hapy with it. I haven't had to use it, but it just seems strange to not have the manufactuer cover their products. Viking's CS has been in question so this may be a way of upping that a notch - hope so, anyway.

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I spoke with my CS at Viking about the Service Contract plans coming in the future. They said they will be available around the end of the year and will be available for sale to Viking owners who's appliance is still in-warranty. She also mentioned that they have a new person in charge if Product Support that came from Audi and previously Whirlpool/Kitchenaid and that he was kicking all of the support areas 'up a notch or 7'. If this is true, it is refreshing after having read alot of reviews about their support.

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We have the following Viking appliances for approx 3 yrs:

Gas range with grill - works well, oven thermostat is accurate.

Hood is really nice. Roof mounted 1500 cfm exhaust is quiet and works well.

Disposer works well.

However we have have two problems with our 36" fridge. One fixed under warranty, the other not fixed - even after 6 months (condensate freezes in bottom of freezer).

Unfortunately, Viking is a very secretative company. If you have a problem they won't help you, they won't tell you anything, even if the tech can't fix it.

But then again, probably all these high-end appliance companies are like this.

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Have you called Viking to discuss this? I know they have a tech support staff that "sits literally 20 feet from the call center staff" and these people are master technicians supposedly. When I had my little issue, it was remedied easily in a few moments.

here is the number: 1-888-845-4641 (1-888-VIKING1)

(do not dial 1-800-8454641 as THAT number is a sex line number)

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My kitchen is 3 years old.

The decals are disappearing off of my Viking smooth stove-top for a second time. Haven't used anything but soap, water and a sponge after the last go round. It does function well, however.

The oven burns everything unless I use one particular setting (convection) and the item needs to be on a low shelf. Can't do two pans of cupcakes, etc. because the top one will burn and the oven is too small to put 2 across. Had service out several times for various issues and have given up now that I have found one setting that I can use.We were on a first name basis with the repairman.

My old GE made popcorn perfectly. Now that I have my Viking I just don't bother trying any more because it is more of an art form to get good popcorn. Not worth the effort.

...but they look good. Small consolation.

I was warned on this forum but went ahead anyway. Just glad I didn't get more of their appliances. Never will.

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This is a sobering thread. Over at the Induction Site they are advising against the Viking Induction cooktops. I wish another manufacturer sold one with knobs.

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Just a quick reply as I was glad to find this thread. We are on our 2nd Viking 30" range (first one went with the house that was sold). Our first Viking was completely problem free so we figured it was a no-brainer to go with Viking again.

Had the 2nd Viking for 13 months and the spark module (re-igniter) for the cooktops went out. Called Viking and they were NO help at all. I even wrote a letter to Fred Carl, the founder of response. I sent the letter registered mail so I know he or his assistant received it. I didn't hear a peep out of anyone.

Needless to say I am done with Viking. I understand if a product has an issue, but to completely disregard a customer is a bad choice and implies poor management. Bluestar Range is an up and coming manufacturer that appears to have a much better reputation among the cooking gurus. I think we'll have a look at them, Wolf, Capital or just about anyone else before we go with Viking again.

Heck, if I want a stainless range that breaks just after the warranty expires and then offers poor/no customer service then I'll get a range made in China for 1/8 of the price. Bitter? Maybe a little...just my 2 cents.

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Owner of Viking for 8 years

I'll start with the good ? My Viking cooktop - 4 burner with griddle in the middle. It cooks nicely but the cleanup is horrible. There are all kinds of place where food can get down in and some areas are impossible to clean. But the cooktop works that's more than I can say for the rest of the appliances I have.

Next comes the Viking Professional outdoor grill - WOW - it never fit together properly. The appliance store (now out of business) who installed it could never fix it and Viking wouldn't (no one from Viking came out to ever look at this mess that was sold to us). The doors don't shut properly and the screws all rusted so we have rust dripping down the grill. If this isn't bad enough the automatic ignitor doesn't work right and never has. My husband is the only one who grills because I don't care to singe my hair off to try and start this grill.

And the biggest mess - our Viking refrigerator Model # VCBB362 We've had to have it serviced a couple of times through out it's life. But this one now that's been ongoing since the end of March 2009 and as of today is still NOT fixed. The refrigerator and freezer progressively got warmer and warmer. Then the ice stopped dropping and I noticed ice build up on the back wall of the freezer. The repair guy came out defrosted and replaced what he claimed was the problem and still the refrigerator never dropped ice. He came out again and again and etc. replacing parts (guessing i think at the problem) and each time he left with a "Now it's fixed" and sometimes it would work for a while and maybe even drop some ice and THEN the same problem would occur - the warming up of the refrigerator and the freezer! I've lost food now twice in both the refrigerator and the freezer because I believed the repairman that the problem was fixed. I'm sitting here now with a refrigerator at 60 degrees and freezer moving up, up, up and ice build up on the back wall. Not to mention how many times that stupid alarm sounds when the refrigerator gets hot. The nighttime is great. Sometimes the alarm goes off 3 and 4 times waking us while we're sleeping (it's like having a new baby in the house without the pleasure of the baby).
To date the refrigerator is still not fixed !!!!!! I'm wondering if it ever will be?

Would I ever buy another Viking ? NO !!!!! and I tell everyone I meet never to buy a Viking. I've waited a LONG time to be able to buy top of the line appliances and when I purchased my Vikings I was so happy ! Now I would like to have my Kenmores back again. At least they worked and I had my Kenmore refrigerator for 20+ years and never had a service call. Remember, price and looks doesn't mean it's a better product !!!

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Maybe I am going to be sorry but after visiting several remodeled kitchens with Viking appliances (no problems reported), I am going to order a double oven with convection. My sales people who I have know over 10 years report that the ovens are fine. DO NOT under any circumstances get their refrigerators though. They are still currently dealing with icemaker issues and door issues. Viking is vowing to make a turnaround and I hope to see this in the future.

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I am having a house built in NJ and my wife saw the Viking 48" range in the model home....and now she has to have one. I have attempted to research them and am simply star-struck by how many different model numbers exist! The best price I have seen is ~$7499 at Mrs. G's for the base unit. They did say it would be extra for the little backsplash, installation, hood, etc.
To my suprise I have not found a 48" lower priced than that. I expected Viking to be the most expensive.
Anyone know of other 48 inchers that might be lower cost?

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Bumping this to see if anybody has any recent experience with Viking rangetops, open burner.

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I have the Induction/Radiant 36" combo ceramic glass unit. I bought it for a redo of my kitchen 9/28-2006. Within the first year the black lines on the knob came of when I used soap and water on them with a sponge (no hard brushing/brushes). The replacement cost was a joke. Now, the small induction burner is busted. I'll have to pay for the labor to fix it but Viking is nice enough to pay for...well just the element. Generous. Won't buy again. I think the gas stoves are what they know how to go, the rest, stay away people, stay very far away. If we'd been able to have gas, as a cook, I would have preferred that anyway but our townhouse only allows electric. Induction is neat, but buy any other brand.

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I have a 36" dual fuel range with convection and grill; it was installed in 2003 when we re-did the kitchen. I've really liked it - the burners are very responsive, it's relatively easy to clean (I went with unsealed burners) and I really like the convection setting. On the other hand, the grill only ignites sporadically, so I've given up using it until I need a service call for something else. That may be very soon - this am, when I turned the oven on to preheat it for a cake, the rear right corner of the element started sparking and glowing very hot. I turned it off immediately. I've never had an electric oven before - do the elements burn out?

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Viking Management: Oven sucks. You suck. Yes. I said it. Get this piece of crap out of my kitchen and donate it to a dump.

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Terrible, terrible, terrible. I have the unfortunate experience of currently owning 5 Viking appliances. I own several high-end vacation rental properties in a resort town (Cape May, NJ). I bought one house with Viking refrigerator and gas range already in place. property used to be a B&B and the refrigerator is a commercial unit. Before I knew better, in 2004, I selected Viking side-by side (with custom wood panels, front water/ice dispenser), Viking range and dishwasher (actually manufactured by Asco, but Viking name on it).

Generally the ranges and dishwasher are fine. The commercial refrigerator has 'nuisance' problems (some that I have read about from others....interior shelving breaks, center supports too narrow so drawers fall down, gaskets leak, and, most annoying, the drip pan underneath keeps filling with water an overflowing). This is in a house that rents for close to $10,000 a week in peak summer weeks ,yet I have to ask my guests to periodically check and empty the drip pan! (numerous calls to Viking and regional service company...a part was ordered that includes a heater to dry up the dripped water. waited 6 weeks and when repairman brought the part, he declared that it did not fit! so we have to do the pan-emptying to prevent puddles on the floor).

The worst of all is my own side-by-side refrigerator, purchased November 2004. I chose this for the beauty and ability to have 2-tone metals (brass and stainless). What a mistake! From day 1, there were problems. System board would mysteriously fail and 'freeze up', icemaker did not work, front water dispenser would work at a 'trickle' level and no more, entire unit would lose cold capability in both freezer and refrigerator. Numerous service calls. Biggest problem was service. My kitchen designer bought from the largest local Viking distributor (Schaedel, about 200 miles from my home). In 2004, there were 3 local service companies. Two of the 3 no longer service Viking refrigerators (they refuse to). The third only services what they sell. After months of pleading and calling and writing, during which time Schaedel sent their tech's down (who arrived with attitude!), the local company was coerced into servicing my unit (Art Handler's). Though they are very nice, it typically takes 10 days to 2 weeks from the time I call a problem in to them to get a service person to visit. More often than not, the required part has to be ordered, for another multi-week wait.

Calling Viking and writing to them provides no help. They suggest that the technicians can call their tech line for help, but that is not the problem. I have a 'lemon' and Viking will do nothing about it.

during the 5+ year life of my refrigerator, the system board has been replaced twice, the thermostat once, the front water/ice dispenser replaced twice, the icemaker replaced twice, and the icemaker auger replaced once.

On March 9, 2011, I came home from a 2 week vacation to find the front wood panel warped, water in front of the freezer (from all the melted ice in the icemaker chute), and all my food ruined in the freezer and refrigerator. After cleaning everything out, I knew enough to do the 'reset process' (I have had to learn technical 'tricks' given the slow service and multiple problems). After leaving the unit off for 24 hours then turning it back on, the cold came back in both freezer and refrigerator but the icemaker did not work. I called Art Handlers who came out on March 22nd (the soonest appointment available...note that this is 12 days from the point that I called them!). The technician replaced the icemaker (amazingly had one with him). I waited 48 hours and no ice. Called again and this time they came back out on March 25th. The technician said all it needed was an adjustment. By march 26th, I had minimal ice (about 12 cubes!). All seemed fine until April 2nd, when again, the whole unit shut down and everything melted. Fortunately I caught this before more damage could be done to the wood front. Called for service again and am now waiting for arrival of a technician for an April 7th appointment (faster, thankfully, since this is a 'call back').

Since Monday I have called Viking, Schaedel (who Viking customer service routes my call to when I call their automated service line), and Handlers, asking for advice, help, etc. Nothing hopeful!

I feel that there is no relief in site. Over the last few years, I just don't even call for service if I can 'deal with' the problem. Display board frequently freezes up (I just reset it), when cold is lost I just turn off and wait, then turn on. I don't put lots of food in the unit (I bought a separate freezer and have an extra refrigerator that I use because I cannot trust the Viking).

My plan on thursday is to have the technician call both Schaedel and Viking corporate to report his findings. I have a folder that is an inch thick with work orders and bills on this appliance. Terrible in every way. Worst of all, Viking does not care. I have written to marketing, customer service, even to their HR person (found that they were looking for a regional sales manager and pleaded with HR to help me get a response from the company!). The only thing I hear from Viking is 'you are out of warranty'! Ha, the problems have occurred continually, since the unit was brand new, but that does not seem to matter to them.

In my expensive rental property, where guests have to empty the drip pan, I put a note of apology on the front and warn them never to buy Viking.

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(2 week viking owner). Just bought my first Viking - a used VGIC 6 burner all gas range with convection fan. I had been trolling for a used pro range as I can't afford $5-6k - and I finally found one in the mid $2k range.

Having read up on the ignitor issues a bit I was prepared to replace them when I got this beast home and hooked up. And sure enough, the oven ignitors were bad upon purchase (wouldn't heat to temp beyond 250 degrees - gas kept shutting off). The broiler and top burners worked fine.

So with use of this forum and others - i diagnosed the problem, found compatible ignitors (always replace both) on ebay from senecarivertraders - ( ) replaced them in all of 10 minutes - and voila FULLY FUNCTIONING VIKING RANGE OVEN. 450-500 fast! Checked temp with oven thermometer - and oven (and tstat) was dead on.

range top 6 big burners work great - a few lingering ignitor clicks from time to time - but seems to just need cleaning (and happened mostly after a very moist cleaning that I did).

bought a big chef king 14x23 heavy steel griddle from amazon - and it works great straddling 2 burners left to right - very stable and built-in feel. easily seasoned. stores in oven.

the viking oven baked cookies and biscuits perfectly.

the viking range broiler broiled a Tbone steak in 8 minutes - beautifully!

In short I love this range - no circuit board or complex electric elements to fail. just fairly simple glow ignitors, spark ignitors, gas valves, etc. easy to replace over the coming years that I plan on cooking on this. I assume I'll be replacing ignitors from time to time - but it's really very easy to do - just plug and play. Having bought this range 5 years used at a big discount to its price when new, I am certainly more forgiving about the ignitor issues - than those who paid $5k and do not have time or inclination to replace bad ignitors. But if you are having these problems give it a shot - you can easily fix without calling repair man. do the online research.

This viking is a big, beautiful, built like a tank, hot cooking machine and I love it.

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We installed a 6 burner Viking range top plus a downdraft w/remote blower in February 2003. To date, all have worked perfectly, no/zero/zip problems at all. We cook quite a lot, altho just for the two of us. I wouldn't change anything about this set up after 8+ years.

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I purchased the 30" all gas, open burner range last summer - all stainless steel. It was actually installed around September of 2010 due to construction delays. I did not need dual fuel as I don't do the type of cooking it is meant for, and could not fit a larger oven into the kitchen due to mechanicals in the walls prohibiting the hood from being positioned anywhere else. Not self-cleaning but not a problem to me as I have found in the past that even with self-cleaning ovens you still need to stick your hands in it to do wipes ups anyway and by not getting this you wind up with a larger oven capacity. Convection, which is not "true" convection is good enough for my purposes and does make a difference when I use it.

I have had no problems to date. I love it. The oven comes to temperature very quickly, and the broiler is fantastic. I do find the racks are a bit difficult to pull out but that is a minor issue. The cooktop burners are very efficient. I am still amazed at the difference in my cooking by having such good burners now. Love having the continuous grates to move pots/pans out of the way easily. No problems at all with ignition even with spillovers.

I don't have a Viking hood, but want to mention that the 600 cfm that I purchased handles everything the cooktop puts out fine.

I do find it difficult to keep clean, however, and it's rather challenging for me to keep on top of. Wipes up relatively ok, but when I do serious frying, it gets everywhere and I kind of miss a flat top surface at those times lol.

People are impressed by the stove, and it looks great and professional in my kitchen. I had considered other manufacturers but price won out in the end (there was a really good promo going on at the time) and I am very happy with my purchase.

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I own a VCBB363 36 inch bottom mount refrigerator installed 3 years ago Recently the interior fan at the top back of the refrigerator is making a lot of noise. Sounds like it's running 'rough' then it will get louder and goes into a high pitch whine. Anyone else have this problem?

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We bought a Viking Cooktop and Microwave and both are defective. The cooktop quickly became marred by flame and the microwave sensors never worked. We have tried for 4 months to get them swapped/corrected...both the company and respective repar company have taken NO ACTION to live up to any professional commitment. I would tell you that Viking needs to improve to achieve a level of poor customer service.

I would warn all individuals thinking of upgrading their kitchen from choosing Viking. If I had the money, I would take out full page adds nationally to discourage buying from this company.

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I bought a 30 inch dual fuel range about 10 - 15 years ago. Bottom element burned out in a few months, but was replaced quickly. Hinges started to fail about 5 years ago, won't hold the door closed, and checked online and found numerous reports. My repair guy said they don't offer replacement hinges for all the models and would call me back if he can find some - but haven't heard back in over a month. Also had some gas ignitors replaced. Still looks great, but pretty disappointed that the hinge design is so poor, and that they don't offer replacements, so am looking for other makes for a replacement.

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We purchased a Viking VICU1054BSB 4-burner all-induction cooktop in Nov 2007 from Trail Appliances in Richmond, B.C. The left side power board was replaced under Warranty in early 2008 ( left side burners occasionally would not turn on and required a breaker off/on to restore). In Nov 2011, the high power right rear burner became intermittent. Priority Appliance Service (Viking Service Company for our area) advised us that the right side power board had failed and the cost to replace was $1590 with tax and labor. We contacted Viking Customer Service on Nov 27, expressing our concern about the second failure and high repair cost. We received a reply from Viking on Nov 30. They acknowledged the problem and offered to pay for the cost of parts to repair our unit even though it was was 4 yrs old and out of warranty. I accepted their offer, but one day later, received a call that Viking had decided to exchange my unit for the current model VICU206-4B/BSB rather than repair the old unit. The installation was completed on Dec 9 at no cost to us and my wife is satisfied with the performance of the new unit. The Priority Appliance technician tells me that many VICU 206-4B cooktops have been sold in our area over the past 2 years and that he has never seen a failure of this newer model. From this recent personal experience it appears to me that Viking with the VICU 206-4B, has finally solved the reliability issues with their induction cooktops and is making an honest effort to provide exemplary customer support. We were drawn to the Viking cooktops because of the knob controls. As we get older, our eyesight and finger dexterity is not what it used to be and the solid feel and detents of the Viking knob controls suits us infinitely better than touch pad controls that we have to hunch over to read and use with greasy fingers �no thanks. Also if touch pad controls are so superior, would not every customer of gas cooktops be demanding them? Not likely! One could argue that touch pad controls for induction cooktops are just a low cost, inferior solution for manufacturers,cleverly marketed to create demand. On this one I salute Viking for bucking the trend and staying with their very high quality knob controls. We also have a Viking VCBF036RSS counter-width refrigerator and VESO130SS 30 in. wall oven. Both have now been running for four years without any problems.

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I read this thread with interest. I just purchased a 30" gas range, drawer microwave and vent hood. They will all be arriving next week. I'm so excited! We'll see if my excitement holds up after I've used my new appliances. I was seriously considering a Wolf and I hope I haven't made a mistake going with Viking instead. If I have as much trouble with my Viking items as some of you have had with yours I'll be very disappointed. This stuff costs a small FORTUNE and it better be worth it. :)

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Just to update this thread for the edification of future readers :

My gas range was installed today and seems to be a lemon right out of the box. The igniters constantly click after the burners are lit and won't stop. The oven igniter clicks on and then off right away and the oven won't stay lit. The installers told us not to use the range at all it until the service tech checks it out at least two days from now. Very disappointed. Will update this thread as the drama unfolds. :-/

(cross posted in the Kitchens forum also)

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The issue was quickly and easily resolved. Someone at the factory reversed the polarity inside the range. It's all fixed and working great.

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I had an older Viking 30 inch dual fuel with open burners.

It was easy to clean, but the oven took a long time to heat up.
Later on they added in extra electronics to use the broiler element during pre-heat.

The range hood was a 30 inch with an external blower.
It had a very short duct run, and worked very well.

Bad ductwork is probably the major cause of hood problems (I have installed and 'repaired' a lot of bad duct jobs over the years).

I actually removed the range and hood, put them in storage, then put them into my next house.
The run was about 4 feet longer, but it still worked very well.

The third house had a sealed burner 30 inch dual fuel installed, so the open burner and hood stayed behind.

The fan in the hood in the third house is markedly noisier than either remote blower installs.

The selaed burner stove is a PITA to clean compared to the 'take apart' open burner stove top (small pieeces can be cleaned in the sink, insterad of the 'in place' of the selaed burner setup).

The new oven had the faster heat up system, but my wife lit a fire by putting a pizza box on the top shelf and turning the oven on to keep the pizza warm.

She did not realize the broiler element would be on during pre-heat.

It did have a relay failure (the one hidden on the front lower right).

The KA side by side refrigerator-freezer had a motor start circuit failure (no start relays on the compressor, just some PTC thermistors to take the start capacitor out of the circuit).
You also need to be very careful in a power failure to remove the ice bin immediately.
If the ice melts it drips into the through the door motor and freezes it up when the power comes back on.

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Cross posted from a thread in the Kitchens forum:

My Viking AG range was a lemon right out of the box when they installed it on a Friday. The ignitors were the problem. They repair guy came out on Monday and had it fixed in 10 minutes. Seems there was a polarity issue with the wiring inside the range. I've had no problems with it since the repair. Granted, it's only been a few weeks, but it's working perfectly at the moment. I have to say that it is a pleasure to cook on this range as compared to my old one, but it's my first professional range experience and I'm sure other pro brands are just as nice to cook on.

If I had the range to do over again, I would get the Wolf range instead. I understand that all companies have lemons, however, due to the fact that my Viking range was a lemon right out of the box, my confidence is shaken in their range products and I live in constant fear that my Viking range is going to malfunction. My advice to potential Viking range owners is to spend the small amount of extra money it will cost and get the Wolf range.

I also own a Viking vent hood and drawer microwave. I like both of those products and only have minor complaints about them. The vent hood is a bit noisy, but again, it's my first experience with pro appliances and I'm not used to having a higher CFM blower. It works well. The microwave annoys me because I can't cook something and use the timer function at the same time like I used to do with my cheap Whirlpool OTR micro. If I had those two purchases to do over again, I would probably have spent less and bought the Sharp drawer since the Viking is made by Sharp anyway (I DID know that before I purchased it). I bought the Viking drawer because I didn't want the handle on the outside, but now that I have it installed, I find myself wishing I had a handle on the outside. On the vent, I'm not sure if another brand would be any less noisy, but the salesperson recommended the Vent-A-Hood over the Viking, said it was a better product and it was cheaper too. The vent decision was based on vanity. There, I said it! I wanted the Viking name on the vent hood over my Viking range. [shrug]

My advice overall to anyone buying appliances is to do your homework before buying and buy the best appliance you can afford for each item. As others have stated, I would not recommend buying a suite of appliances that are all the same brand. No one company makes the best of every type of appliance. My appliance purchasing plan was NOT to buy all Viking appliances and still isn't. When I replace my DW and refrigerator they will not be Viking products.

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Our Viking appliances are 6 years old. Instead of ss, we got graphite gray - looks sharp and shows less fingerprints than stainless.

The gas 6 burner range with grill has worked well. It's easy to take apart and clean. About every four months I take it apart and spray with Easy Off (in the laundry sink). The tray under the burners slides out for easy cleaning.

The Viking hood has nice lighting and fan speed controls. The external exhauster is powerful, easy to clean.

I would not reccomend purchasing a Viking refrigerator. We have had about 4 or 5 repair calls - last one was a $900 circuit board.

Viking should stick to what it makes best - ranges and hoods. All the other stuff is rebadged.

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Our Viking appliances are also 6 years old. We have the graphite grey refrigerator/freezer, hood, double convection oven and warming drawer. So far the hood, oven and warming drawer have been fine. But the refrigerator is a nightmare!

Three years ago it leaked water all over the hardwood floor doing considerable damage. Last Fall our "closed system" failed (the compressor and entire cooling system--a repair costing more than $2000). At the time, Viking told me that a failed closed system is not unusual for the age of our refrigerator!!?? This sounded ludicrous to me because I have had SubZero refrigerators and refrigerator/freezers for 15+ years with no problems. But because this 'piece of junk' matches everything else in my kitchen, I sucked it up and spent the $ to repair the refrigerator. [Even the Viking certified repair tech told me I should have a SubZero.]

Then two weeks after the closed system was replaced, Viking alerted me that they had a 'hinge recall,' claiming the door hinges could be defective/dangerous and the door could fall off. I did not see anything wrong with my refrigerator door hinges but I called Viking customer service and the representative strongly urged that I replace the door hinge. Although there was no problem with my door prior to this replacement, immediately upon replacing the hinge there WAS a significant problem, as the door does not close easily. The Viking certified repair tech told me "that is the way it is suppose to be."

Low and behold, six weeks later, at the end of 2011, Viking issued a second 'hinge recall' and this time offered customers a reduced price of $4470 ($4100 + tax) to buy a new Viking refrigerator. I contacted Viking customer service immediately because I wanted to know if Viking was willing to reduce the replacement cost to help compensate me for the major repair.

I repeatedly called and emailed Viking for 2 months, but no one I spoke with was authorized to help and my case was "escalated" numerous times to someone in customer service who was authorized to help. Finally, I waited on hold until I was finally transferred the appropriate 'customer service representative'(I use this term loosely) who could help. I explained the fact that I was willing to replace my refrigerator if the cost was truly $4500, but since I just spent more than $2000 on repairs this new refrigerator would effectively cost me $6500. I asked if Viking would be willing to reduce the replacement cost in any way, but I was flatly told, "No, the price you have is the price you'll pay." [Direct quote]

I inquired why Viking had not made this replacement offer when my system failed--before I sunk $2000 into this just 3 months prior. I was told that was "beside the point" and I could "take the offer or not" but there "is nothing more Viking will do."

After more research, I have learned that my $7000 Viking refrigerator/ freezer is actually made by Kitchen Aid--and Viking just slaps their fascade and logo on the front.

I will advise anyone and everyone who has not already made the purchase, DON'T BUY VIKING!! Not only is this an inferior refrigerator, but their customer service is perhaps the worst I have encountered.

Yes, I will be buy a SubZero and use a front panel to match my other graphite grey appliances. SEE BELOW

NOTE - For others with graphite grey appliances, I have found an Italian laminate by Abet Laminati that matches perfectly. (879 Sei- Colorpact is thicker than the regular product). I am a perfectionist, so I have had test door made up to be sure it a perfect match.

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Posting as a cross-thread from the main appliance forum. I'm looking for feedback from anyone with a Viking range/rangetop purchase in the last few years.


We're moving up from a Wolf 30 inch cooktop to a rangetop for 2 reasons: 1. Not enough cooking space. I really get about 24 inches of cooking width so my pots bang into each other quite a bit when cooking and it's not even big enough to put 2 cookie sheets on without turning on the burners. 2. I would like more high-powered burners now that I am cooking more. (Right now I have 15K, 12K, and 2 9Ks.)

I have read so many posts on this forum and looked at Wolf, Thermador, Viking, Capital and Bluestar. I would say I am an average cook, definitely not gourmet -- but enjoy cooking.

Right now I am leaning toward the Viking rangetop for a few reasons:

1. I like the 18500 power burner in the right place (front right) and the other three burners at 15000. It seems like for 98% of what I am doing, those outputs should be fine.

2. It has a lot of surface area. The Wolf loses 2 inches of surface area to trim on each side versus 3/4 inch for the Viking. We don't have a big kitchen so maximizing cooktop surface area is big to me.

3. It fits my pots comfortably from from the smallest to the largest. The flame won't be too big on my smallest pot.

4. I like the look of it. The Bluestar is great -- but it is too industrial for the style of our house and kitchen.

5. It has a 3 year warranty. I know there are a lot of Viking complaints here and I know their refrigerators are a big problem but I can't believe that they would put out a product and warranty it for 3 years if they didn't thoroughly believe in it.

6. It's the right price -- @$2480 or so right now versus the Wolf that is $400 more and the Bluestar that is about $800 more.

Does anyone out there have a Viking range/rangetop that they have purchased in the last few years? If so, can you share your experiences -- good or bad? Any thoughts on the criteria that I am weighing? Let me know. Many thanks.

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I just received a notice that my refrigerator has a second recall in 3 years. The replacement hinges must be replaced. There was a whole fandango finding someone to do this the first time. Here we go again.

The ROFLMAO aspect is that they are offering to sell me a new refrigerator at a discount if I wanted to replace the fridge rather than have the hinge repaired again. I told them I thought the valorous thing would be to replace the twice recalled refrigerator at no cost to me. Not just the hinges. But they said that wasn't an option in their program.

This was the first notice of this issue I've ever received although it says it was the third and final notice. They said they twice before tried to reach me by phone on this -- but my number was wrong in their system. However, they were able to reach me by email for feedback on their products -- just not about another hinge recall on a product I own.

You cannot make this stuff up.

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Wow. Just wow. Guess I won't buy Viking. I really like the look of 6 burner cooktop but I can't read all this about the service and quality.

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I have Viking induction Range that i purchased in June ...I couldnt be happier issues ...the oven is spot on temp wise and the induction top is a beast ...With the 3 year warranty i had no reservations about purchasing ...

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Our viking professional wall oven, new in our new home in April 2005, recently died. Service guy came to check it out, and determined the "board" had gone bad.
Viking apparently no longer makes nor provides an alternate board. We were told that it could be "rebuilt" by a company in PA for about $500, and the repair would carry a 90 day warrenty.

We are ready to rip the oven out & buy something else. I'm thinking Electrolux.

Meanwhile, my Weber Summit grill is use daily.

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I was a Viking owner for about a month. When we were updating our kitchen, we really liked a new model that Viking recently came out with called the D3 line. The 30" was a very nice looking range with sealed burners and a fifth burner for a small griddle. I purchased one and when it was delivered, it had a separation on the stainless steel between the front and side of the stove right on the top. I refused delivery and a new one was sent out a few days later. The installers could not get it to sit solidly on our concrete slab. It appeared that the legs on the range are not very sturdy. The entire range jiggled when the oven door was opened or closed. One of the installers said to remove the panel under the oven door and screw the range side panel to the cabinets to secure it. Why would I want to do that? The 2nd range also had a gas leak that was very minor. Viking sent out a repairman and he was unable to repair it. It was not the gas line, but one of the valves in the unit. By then the stock on the D3 line was depleted and I had to wait about a month to get the next one available. It arrived tweaked just like the first one. It was surprising to see that there was no type of fastener or connection to keep the stainless steel from separating. At that point, I went to the appliance dealer and spent another $1K and purchased a 30" Wolf. So far, so good. Cooks great. I think that the Viking was a beautiful range but not ready for prime time. It seems that everything was cheapened on it to be more competitive. My neighbor has a Viking and has had no problems. This new product was a huge headache. When it was returned, the sales people started fessing up about the unit being plagued with problems. To bad because I think that it's one of the nicest looking ranges.

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My Viking range is now banished to my garage replaced by a Blue Star. I spent way too much on repairs. Looked great, but a money pit.

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I remodeled my kitchen in 2006 with all Viking appliances. My bottom freezer refrigerator has been repaired twice to date! The bottom of the freezer accumulates a sheet of ice and causes snow like ice to form all over my food and trouble closing the door! I'm told that this is AN ONGOING PROBLEM WITH THIS TYPE OF VIKING REFRIGERATOR and I'm looking for people that have the same problem to contact me so that we can collectively address this problem with Viking and other agency that might make Viking accountable for this faulty unit!! I can be reached @ Regards Diane

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