Master Bath Tub ?

qs777January 31, 2013

We are re-doing our master, which currently only has a shower (not big). My husband would like (but doesn't have to have)a tub since our other bath only has a 5 ft. tub. We could fit a 6 ft. tub in our existing bath; however, it would be a tub/shower combo. We also have a 6 ft. wall closet we could use to put a tub in, which would leave us with the smaller shower and no closet (We have a 10 ft. wall closet in bedroom).

Do people expect a separate shower and separate tub if there is a tub? Does extra closet space trump all? I am not sure what to do. We are already adding another sink as these houses only had 1 sink in the master. Any ideas are appreciated!

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A separate shower and tub would be nice, but for space constraint and cost reasons I went with a 6' x 36" alcove tub/shower. Most 6' tubs are drop-in style designed to be used just as a tub, but several 3-wall alcove tub/shower units are available in this size as well.

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Thank you! I did not really think about the 3-wall alcove. Our tub would only hit 2 walls, then some space before you get to the toilet. I guess I am not sure if that would even work as we would want to just use a bath screen, but with no wall at the end, that could be problematic. I guess all of my previous bathrooms had the tub in a 3 wall alcove.

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