Had Gagg gas cooktop....buy another?

fly-weightFebruary 8, 2012

I have had a 36 inch Gaggenau gas cooktop for 14 years. I love it. We are building again. I was going to buy another but I thought I should check and see what else is out there. Gagg is not cheap.

My unit has the 17000 BTU wok burner which I find great for canning or boiling the big pot of potatoes

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how timely! We're about to begin our long-awaited reno and are thinking of using the 36" Gagg gas top or the 42" Miele as our primary cooking, and our island will have 15" induction hob and 15" steamer. We're also considering the Viking 36" as well as the Dacor and the Capital Maestro. Sadly, it's very hard to find gas cooktops that have same burner sizes together for overlaying a griddle top. SMEG has several, but we're not overly comfortable with the brand.

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What about a rangetop (for griddle)? Capital Culinarian or Bluestar?

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Earlier in the project I considered rangetops, and those two in particular were my first choices. But for this particular kitchen I really want to embrace a "family-friendly" design. In my experience, the whole pro look/feel and the "Saturn V booster rocket open burners" thing tends to intimidate rather than invite creative play and experimentation of younger or less-confident family members.

There's surely a time and a place for it, but this project doesn't call for it, and not intending to start a whole debate over an already well-argued and exhausted subject :)

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Those Capital cooktops are very nice, but we have decided to stay with the minimalist euro look. I also love the very low simmer that Gagg has and 17 000 BTU is all I need in the kitchen. Pressure canning and wok cooking are my biggest BTU demands

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The notion that a Bluestar cooktop or a Culinarian rangetop are not family friendly is silly.

Children don't know enough about cooking to be intimidated.
If they learn on a Bluestar or Culinarian that will be normal to them.

Then again,some people are intimidated by clowns. So someone somewhere will be intimidated by just about anything.

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