handicapped accessible home available

new-beginningJanuary 8, 2014

Anyone looking for a handicap accessible home in Mass? Someone on another forum I am on has one for rent, possible sale. If interested, I can put them in touch with you

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Could you share a bit more? What town/city is it in and can you find out the size (baths/beds) and the amount the rent request is for? Just saying there is a handicap accessible home in a state is too vague.

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Yes I have more info but unless someone is interested in Mass I really don't want to cut and paste that much info. I have a ton of info; the owner modified the home for a wheelchair bound spouse and they are moving out of state.

I am not a realtor, it is not my home; it belongs to an internet friend on the Wellspouse Association forum.

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I get what you are saying. Even posting the city (like Boston or Cambridge area) would give them something to go on to decide if they want to contact the other person. Not that you have to cut and paste all the info. Just general stuff.

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