Rock hunting expedition tomorrow...any tips?

nhbasketsJanuary 27, 2012

Tomorrow we are going to our fabricator to look through their remnants for our master bath. Going armed with cabinet samples in 8 different shades of white from 2 different companies along with one of the natural cherry doors from our kitchen. No idea what we'll end up with but excited to get the process started.

Any tips on how we should approach this adventure?

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If the remnants aren't already shined up and purdy, bring a spray bottle of water and a grout sponge.

Other than that, good hunting!

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I found it helpful to take a picture of the slabs I really liked, followed immediately by a picture of the tag or sign with the name of the stone so that I could keep track of them without having to rely on notes and memory. They can start to all look alike after awhile.

Good luck finding "the one"!

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Great ideas! Thanks so much. Leaving shortly on our expedition! Will report back with how we made out.

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I also recommend treasuretheday's suggestion of taking a picture of the slab followed by the tag (or vice versa). Also suggest taking a picture of the yard so you know which yard had the slab.

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Not sure if this is too late, but when I did my kitchen I took a ton of pictures of the slabs, but I leaned my other finishes up against it before I took the cabinet door, paint color options etc. It really helped.

Oh yeah, and you might want to be clear about your budget before you go hunting. Tell the people at the stone yards a range. I found slabs that I loved but were 3X my budget. I kept trying to work the budget around to fit in those lovely slabs but didn't. I wasted a lot of time loving those way to expensive slabs though!

Happy hunting. I really enjoyed the rock yards.

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So, what did you find?

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Sorry for not following up sooner. We had a whirlwind day last Saturday, picking out our countertop, tile and finalizing our vanity. Here's the rundown:

Cambria Canterbury countertop and backsplash.
-Also plan to have shower threshold done in this.
American Orlean Caterina Roman Gold tile.
-12x12 on floor done on the diagonal
-8x10 on the shower walls
-mosaic on the shower floor and in niche.
Medallion inset shaker vanity in White Chocolate Classic.

We already have purchased RH Asbury faucet, sconces, TP holder, plus assorted items.

Now I need to decide how to run the tile in the shower. It's a small shower stall, 3x3. Was thinking about running them vertically and offset. Not sure if that would be too busy. Any suggestions?

This is our master bath, so I'm getting really excited. It's a very small space, but I'm hoping it will be as beautiful as many that I've seen here.

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