Cats on soft paws in Group homes?

runsnwalkenJanuary 11, 2009

I have mild Autism and own two cats, one Bindi is almost 3 and another Leopalorn (a purebred Somali) almost 2, right now they have no soft paws, have front/back claws and are scratching post trained, they live in my parents house. I was wondering do you think a group home would accpect cats on soft paws?

I have a few years before I must go (5+) so I was wondering if trying soft paws now, so they get used to it would be a good idea?

These cats have already endured a lot of change and stress, (new pets- 3 dogs and 2 cats through my fathers marriage, when she moved in with us), We now, to comply with city codes, have 1 dog and 1 of her cats, and I worry about adding more changes, like soft paws.

I'm against de clawing and sadly have seen the results of it... first the human side- at work a woman living in a group home was forced by the place to de claw her two cats, the cats in turn gave her a bite on the arm, that required a large band aid. She brought the cat to work where the cat bit me to, though not hard enough to break the skin. I reported it, to the work staff.

If you ask me the group home should have never allowed cats to begin with, if they had to de claw, I assume they didn't know or care about soft paws- as well as the cat side of it- cats that can't jump properly or cry in pain - (have a childhood memory of it saw a cat with bloody paws/ect)

Should I leave them with mom and dad without soft paws?, or try the soft paws?. I could also, try the soft paws, but if group home says no they have to get de clawed, just allow them to fall out, and cats will remain at mom and dads .

what do you guys think? I want both people and pets to be safe and happy.

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I wouldn't worry about it. Some cats would live 5+ years, but some wouldn't. So they might not be around when and if you have to go.

Things might change a lot before then. It could be that sometime in the future, the group home would decide not to accept ANY cat.

So put your mind at ease for now. You have a lot of time before you have to make such a decision. Do what's best for your little four legged friends.

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its probably going to be mulitiple choices, not just one placement... and if your cats( save from illness and things you cant prevent- heart defects, injuries) dies before 10, my guess is your doing something wrong) We have a 16+ year old cat thats in VERY good health, and i've heard they can live 30+ if your lucky.

Good idea not to worry though... I guess I'll look into soft paws for the spring, give them a few more months before it, so they can learn to get along better.

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I've used soft paws before. It's a great product but has some disadvantages. First of all, your cats have to be compliant enough to allow you to put the soft paws on. It involves a special glue and getting the individual plastic coating securely on each claw. You have to hold the cat and expose each claw individually while slipping on the protective coating. Much easier said than done, especially if your cats are squirmers.

Secondly, the soft paws don't last indefinitely. As your cats shed the outer sheath of their claws regularly, the soft paws come off at the same time. Instead of finding bits of claw on the floor, you'll find bits of claw covered in bright red or blue plastic coating. You've got to continually check your cats' paws to make sure all the claws are protected. If you find that one of the claws has shed its special coating, then you've got to put a fresh one on.

I kept it up for about a year with my present kitty. But eventually I got tired of all the work involved. And the expense.

You might want to pick some soft paws up and give it a try. Use it for a couple of months and see what you think. Hope this helps.

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On soft they charge less then $ 20 per pack and that pack of 40 lasts about 4 to 6 months. So the website says.

I'll try it in the spring. Both my cats are tolerant of being handled, esspecically Leopalorn

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Are they indoor cats? Do they use their claws on people?

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DD50 reminded me. Soft Paws should only be used for indoor cats. Any cats that go outside for any period of time would be at a disadvantage with the Soft Paws. They'd have not way to defend themselves and it would interfere with their climbing, etc.

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They are indoor cats, one was indoor/outdoor, but we made them both indoor. Also both are neutered.

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I contacted Ramsey county, thats where I live and there is no legal stature requiring the De clawing of cats in group homes.

Allergies are another issue.... How common are Cat Allergies?

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It is possible some of the people you will live with may be allergic to cats but maybe not -- who knows???

You obviously care about your animals very much. I wouldn't worry too much about what might happen in five years. Chances are, you will have no control over it anyway.

If your parents are willing to keep your cats if the home does not allow them, that is wonderful. The cats will not have to adjust and you can visit them and know they are well taken care of.

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Actually thats what I think is best after thinking about it.. Not only would De clawing be a possible danger ( CPP says only if they are not scratching post trained, which they are not,still I say to them that its unrealistic to expect a cat to always use the post ( i've gotten no reply after that)) but quite possibly abuse as well

Most group home stories I've heard of have some pretty scary people in them ( My friend Hillary at Anydine Arts, my job site, has a roommate that a untreated skitzo, she has threatened people in the home with knives and has broken roommates cars!)

She lives in Rem housing, which is founded by BF skinner,a guy that believed people are like rats and can be controlled,condicioned to do things by force.. (Very nazi-like to me IMHO). CCP sounds better then Rem, but my dad still doesn't like them.. Orions the company I have now, VERY good but they have no openings for me, I've said to Hillary to take Orion as another placement and get outta there..

Then there was the story of a obese woman in her early 50's which was fed cheap and salty TV dinners for 5 years in a group home, she ended up having a heart attack at work and nearly died. They moved her out into independent living.
She has to eat a diet and had a heart machine implanted.

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