A1c query for medical technologist lurking or participating..

albert_135January 9, 2006

Do we have any medical technologist lurking or participating here?

I was an MT(ASCP) once and got sucked into HIS and am now retired.

I've a serious question. Does anyone have a link to the biochemistry and physiology and laboratory technology of A1c?

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Would you mind speaking English please?
I happen to know what an A1c is but the other abreviations are unknown.

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Have you tried doing a Google search. I did one for 'A1c laboratory technology' and got over 50,000 hits. Surely one would tell you what you need.

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Yes, thanks agnespuffin, I first went to Google and got 53000 plus and found lots of stuff on what hgb A1c means to the doctor but I never found any mechanism or the route by which the sugar affects the a1c. Indeed is it sugar which affects the A1c? Or is it insulin? Or something related to sugar and insulin?

Hence the query in the OP for a link.

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Thanks for trying. I a neutritionalist friend gave me a print reference: Fairbanks VF and Zimmerman BR, "Measurement of Glycosylated Hemoglobin by Affinity Chromatography," Mayo Clin Proc, 1983, 58(11):770-3 not online back this far.

Thanks again.

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