Color Scheme Suggestions Needed

sjharris53January 17, 2014

I am in the process of getting bids from contractors to redo our 80s master bathroom.

My concern is choosing the right "look" for the bathroom. The house is 50s ranch style. Our bedroom has deep gold walls, and accessories/fabrics are gold, green, and brick red. Floors are hardwood.

A larger tiled shower will be replacing the cultured marble tub and small shower. I am not a fan of clear glass enclosures - we have hard well water, and my husband is not one to use a squeegee.

I thought about going with a simple, classic white marble look with chrome fixtures and painted vanity, but am now thinking it might look too cool against all the other warm colors. So now I'm thinking about going more rustic - off whites and ORB, and a vanity with a glazed finish or stained wood? How do you decide??? I have looked at inspiration pictures until my head is spinning!

I want a look that will wear well, coordinate well and age well - I just can't figure out what that is! Guidance from those of you more creative and experienced is greatly appreciated!!!!

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I totally know where your head space is at right now! I am in the midst of serious planning for my 3rd and final BR reno. The master bath is days/weeks away from being finished, and our original plan exactly one year ago was to gut and redo BOTH bathrooms at once! Thank heavens reason prevailed and DH figured out how to reroute plumbing and come up with a temporary fix so that we could continue to use one of the BR's!

Though I've known I was going to redo this BR for 18 years... and the timeline has been creeping closer recently, I was really in a quandry as to where I was going... Like you, I did contemplate the classic white marble look with painted white vanity (and ironically that is sort of what the original builders of this 50 year old home went for; only with 'marble look' laminate and vinyl floors, and of course the sky blue fixtures! LOL

I think I have seen nearly ALL the bathroom pics on Houzz, some of them hundreds of times! I have made a couple of visits to our local granite yard (where I bought our granite and tile for the MBR), and it wasn't until I finally found a bathroom worthy of being called my Inspiration photo, that things began to fall in place for me. In fact today, I bought the first item for the new oil painting! That will now help me to focus colours/textures/theme and I am feeling so much better. (I had picked but haven't paid for my tub...that is the single most expensive feature, and once I confirmed that it also helped as it changed the direction I had been going)

Here's my pic, called will steer me away from granites with pink in them (I was getting pulled towards a few this week...LOL). I am almost giddy now that I have a starting point!

So, my advice is keep looking, keep your eyes glued, look in books, magazines, TV shows...looking at your beautiful bedroom, I would think maybe some Victorian style mags might give you some inspiration.

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Raehelen, the colors in your fish painting are incredible. Great that you have your "starting point!"

I did find this picture tonight:

I like how it combines the stained wood with the painted center section - perfect for people like me who can't decide! More color could come in on the walls.

I do have a colorful painting my mother did about 10 years ago:

Perhaps this could become my starting point; it has a water theme, and has beautiful colors. Raehelen, your idea of using a painting as a starting point may work for me, too!

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I love both the paintings! The inspiration picture has a lot going for it. After looking at so many pictures on Houzz I don't think I could do a white bathroom. But that picture has some warm elements, the wood, wall color, and they make the white seem crisp and clean. I like it!

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I love both of those paintings too! I can see how they would be so helpful in color structure. The harbor scene has about every color in the rainbow. My kind of palette.

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