How-to's of Home Health Aides

jkom51January 8, 2009

This is a series of 3 articles in the NYTimes' excellent blog by Jane Gross (her blog is titled The New Old Age). It discusses home health aides from a licensed agency, which gives one a good idea of costs, issues, etc. to consider. The link is to the third article, which gives additional links to the first two.

Yes, I know most people can't afford this. However, this is a rare look into actual costs in a big city, and thus useful for everyone to consider when planning for their own LTC needs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Health Aides series

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WOW, It cost a lot more to have home health care than AL or a Nursing home, then you add in the cost of food,utilities, ect.
My husbands step grandmother was from Holland and when she needed 24/7 care the government of Holland paid for her care. She lived in Calif.
I've heard that Holland is doing away with their help in many of their health care programs.

My husband has a niece that is mentally challenged and the government pays for all of her health care and they pay the parents vacation time. It's not welfare, you don't have to be poor or in hardship to get the help that's needed. I don't know if this is changing too but I wouldn't be surprised if it is effected by the changing times.

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Jkom, that's an informative series of aritcles. Everyone should read that before hiring home health aids or suggesting home health aids as a solution. When my mom lived with us, we hired some home health aids through a reputable agency. We foolishly thought I could handle most of the care myself. It didn't take long before we realized that dealing with a 93 year old woman with limited mobility, dementia, and almost total bowel & bladder incontinence was too much for my poor body. So we upped the hours of in-home care. After a while, we were actually paying more for the in-home aids than if we had kept my mother in her AL. Add to that the constant caregiver turnover, retraining, monitoring what they're doing, etc. Eventually, I found another AL closer to me for my mom. Now she's in its memory care unit.

In home health care is a good option for many as long as the funds are available and the needs aren't too great.

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