Elder Companion Care as Contractor? Help please!

snikcillaJanuary 12, 2010


I do non-medical companion care thru an agency which insures me, but takes a good portion of what the clients pay, etc.

I am thinking about working directly for a client as a "contractor" in his home. (I don't have any business set up or an LLC or anything.)

What do I need to have to make sure I am covered as a contractor?

-Liability coverage? How much

-Change my car insurance to commercial or just increase my own coverage? (I'd be taking him to store, barber, etc. in my car)

-I'm guessing in this area (major metro city) the agencies charge around $23 - 25 / hr. Companions get $10 / hr. What could I charge going directly? Could I go as high as $20 / hr?

- Anything else I should do / know?

(I don't want to LLC as it may just be a short term gig.)

Thanks for any input.

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FWIW, I pay $15.00 @hour (in currency) for private, trusted helpers all of whom have considerable experience but none of whom are insured or licensed. I don't need extensive qualifications -- just people who know how to reach me via cell-phone or call 911 if things go south. Biggest issue is trust. The time I pay for also includes their own overnight sleeping time on premises. This includes companionship, meal-making, toilet duties, and general attendance -- not concentrated or constant nursing care. I prepare pills in-advance in little boxes and these people make sure they're taken at the right times.

In my community, I have found it pretty easy to find such people but trust does take time. Basically I can't find anyone to do anything around here for less than $15.00 @hr. but at that rate there's no problem.

From time-to-time, I must call them for temporary difficult situations that need a woman to handle and for those short-term anomalies, I promise $50.00 minimum for their effort in coming at all. I've maintained such relationships for over 15 years, now, starting at $7.00 back then and raising my rates as general wage levels have risen.

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I would just ask your client if they require you to be insured, other than car insurance. Ask your insurance agent if you need extra coverage to drive to appointments. If your client mind your not having liability ins., ask them to sign a release of liability in case something unforseen would happen. I've checked prices of liability insurance years ago and it was around 600 then. And now its hard to find a company that will do it.

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