The Most Unique Floor Framing Ever...

mongoctJanuary 5, 2014


The. Most. Unique.


I've seen a lot over the years. I've seen quite a bit of good work. And I've seen a lot of bad work. This framing job? Unique.

The only thing more disheartening than the framing itself is that the guy who did it was just so very proud of himself.


But don't copy his methods.

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Oh my, how did you get involved with this? Are you supposed to tile the floor :)

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I think I've seen the painting this is based on!

Holy cow. I've -never- framed anything (yet), but after some googling and a few online videos I'm sure I could do a more appropriate job. My dad and I framed out and built a new hearth (ok, I mostly watched, but I was learning how to use my new saw). He believes in redundant measuring, marking, support, etc, but that only consisted of erring on the side of smaller gaps between supports to fit one more than we could have squeezed by with.

Looks like a case of more just being more!

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Must be in Colorado. They just legalized weed out there.

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Wow. I'll have to show that to DH tonight. Reminds me of an interesting thread in some "how NOT to build a shed". Some of it is quite funny. The guys framing looked like a game of Jenga.

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mongo is it level?

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No worries folks, I have nothing to do with this one. I just thought you'd all get a kick out of it. This is actually an old photo. I had it on my computer and came across it when cleaning things up. It lives another day.

The thing that befuddled me...okay, a lot about it befuddled me...but the thing that's just so surprising is that there are two full length joists in the floor. One of them is lagged to the existing joist on the left, and the other is lagged to the existing joist on the right.

So the two strongest pieces of lumber that he used are the two that have the most support.

It does get a little better. He was going to put marble over it.

I truly don't want to offend anyone, I usually don't dig on DIYers. Heck, I'm a DIYer at heart. But he asked for advice, then refused to accept any. Or even acknowledge that there could be a problem.

What's that song my mother used to whistle years ago...

"Que sera, sera..."

Live and learn.

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Maybe its all mortis and tenon joints and you just missed it.

edited to add: LOL

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I think I had better building sense when I was 10 years old and was creating cool LEGO structures!

I hope he isn't in earthquake country ... at least you don't have too far to fall if the floor cracks open!

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Sorry, I am just baffled at what he was trying to accomplish.

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dawnk82, to use all the left over lumber :)?

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