Medicare Drug Plans

scotland1January 9, 2006

I heard on the radio this morning that if you Walgreens will print up a report of what Medicare drug plans are in your area that includes co-pays, deductibles, etc so you can see which one is best for you.

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Our congressman Earl Pomeroy just sent out a real good letter explaining some of these programs. He said that he helped his Mom fill out the Medicare Personal Information Wooksheet which summarized the current prescription drug needs and costs and entered the information into Medicare's online Plan Finder. Then they contacted the local pharmacist to see which plans they would honor. You can contact medicare at 1 800 633 4227, or go to your local office to ask about this form
Some pharmacies are realy working with the people, some are not. Our medical people and pharmacies are really helping people out.
The health providers here are advising that the people accept the cheapest one if they are completly uncertain, just to get into the program. Each pharmacy is different as to which DRUGS they will accept. Some hospital pharmacies are better and cheaper. Costco is good also.
Good luck and I hope this helps

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Just something to remember, or be aware of. In the US, some pharmaceutical companies have a Patient Assistance Program, whereby they will give free meds if the patient qualifies (income is BELOW certain $ amount). My mom takes two pricey memory drugs, Aricept and Namenda. The Namenda is made by Forest Pharm. and they have the PAP (Pt assistance prog). She gets Namenda free. I have to re-apply every three months; just fill out a one page form and mail it in, along with the doctor's signature and a script from him.
Mom is also on an expensive anti-depressant, Lexapro, which is also made by Forest Pharm...she gets that one free also.

Also wanted to mention a state run program - Circuit Breaker - again person has to show yearly income and if below certain $ amount, they will receive a senior discount card. That card allows them to receive drugs at a cost to them of between $1 and $4 per script. There is, however, an $1,800 cap per year, then they pay 20% of the drug's cost.

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We got our Newsweek last night, and there was a summary by Jane Bryant Quinn in the back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Newsweek article

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It's too late to say, "I told you so," but we were warned to get started with choosing in December. We enrolled and received our cards before January 1. My husband used his, the druggist took all the information, and he got his first prescription without any trouble. It will go toward his 250 deductable. If we had dragged our feet and waited, it wouldn't have gone toward the deductable.

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