Williamson County (Georgetown) Texas rehab?

jubileejJanuary 15, 2008

Hi, I am an old time GWer, but new to this forum.

My father-in-law in Texas went into the hospital with pneumonia and was also having trouble standing up or moving feet - subsequent MRI showed signs of prev. undetected stroke.

He was transferred to a rehab facility, Park Place Care Ctr., rather quickly, I think - where he suffered a few nights after his arrival from hours of untreated, uncleaned up diarrhea and ended up back in the hospital with severe dehydration affecting his kidney function. I believe, in answer to the prayers of many, he has made a remarkable come-back, but - now we are once again faced with - where is it best for him to receive some short term rehab.?

Does anyone in the area have a recommendation? He is currently at St. David's Hospital in Georgetown, whose rehab dept was excellent for him a few years back, but they said they needed to outsource his therapy for his particular set of conditions at this time. Any suggestions?

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Talk to some of the medical staff at the hospital, social services at the hospital, Chaplin at hospital, look in phone book, and as to the rebab facility, Please put in a complaint both with the Care unit and state. Don't just put it on the back burner without letting someone know what happened. Ask St David's where they suggest.

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I am a oldie at this board, not been here for a long time, but I am sending you this link. It has a list of rehab places near Georgetown.
I just live down the road a ways from you. So knew we had some.

Here is a link that might be useful: Georgetown Rehab Facilities

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