boots and dress

cookie8December 6, 2007

Would wearing boots with a dress make it more casual? I have a wedding to go to and was considering wearing knee high boots with it instead of heels. What do you think? The dress is pretty casual as it is so I don't want to go even more casual. Thanks.

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From what you're describing, I think dressy shoes would make your dress more suitable for a wedding. I like the look of boots with a dress, but not for an occasion like this.

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I agree with Mitchdesj.I think boots with a dress are fine,but not really suitable for a wedding.

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That's what I thought. My friend is trying to convince me to wear boots.

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Well...then again,is it a really casual wedding? I have been to some where anything goes and some people wear jeans.If it is casual it might be ok...if it is more formal,then I would go with heels or flats instead of boots.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

And some boots are fairly dressy (stiletto with sleek leather and pointy toe) so it's not a given either way.

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depends on the boots, depends on the dress, depends on the wedding party...and definately depends on the weather, since dress shoes with frost-bitten toes is never fun ;)

you can dress a less than formal outfit up by dressing YOU up - hair done, lips lined, nails coordinating, better jewelry, maybe a fancy shawl/throw/silk scarf?

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OMG ... I just saw this thread. I attended a wedding the week before Christmas and wore a pair of winter white (cream colored) boots paired with a houndstooth jumper and charmeuse blouse. The jumper is fitted and the blouse has a nice attached bow so I think the look was not too casual. As someone mentioned previously the boots need to be "dressy" to really make it work, mine have a pretty high-heel 3.5". It was a day time wedding and I think it worked well. But I was sure glad to take the heels off after a couple of hours at the reception!


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Remember how chic Condi Rice looked in boots?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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