Nail layers

JamieDecember 28, 2005

Mine are peeling. I can't file them back as far as they are peeling because it goes below the tips of my fingers. Is there a layer glue that will hold them together and keep water and dirt out till they grow a bit and I can file to below the peel? It's pretty unsightly when dirt gets in there.

I usually use OPI Matte Nail Envy to keep my nails looking neat, and it does make them less peel-prone, too. But the dry air and a lot of wet work with my hands made a mess of them this month.

Since this started I have been applying formula 10 every other day. It helps a little, but I could use something better.

A manicurist once taught me to swipe once sideways, or crosswise, over the tip of the nail, to seal it. I do that, too, but I have a bad case right now.

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I'll be watching for advice -- long term nail problem for me! They are a bit better when I remember to take my calcium pills!


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I am currently letting those awful nails that are under the acrylic grow out....peeling big time!
Surgical gloves for most tasks are helping some!
Linda C

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