False Eyelashes

robbyrobDecember 9, 2007

I've been toying with the idea of wearing false eyelashes to an upcoming holiday party. Has anyone here used them? Are they easy to apply? Do they stay on well? Thanks!

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I've tried on false eyelashes, they always seem to get glued to my own lashes, and that's very uncomfortable. I don't like them at all!

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it depends on how dextrous you are, really -

if you have trouble with liquid eyeliner, you're gonna have a heck of a time with the adhesive...better if you have someone to do 'for' you.

I've found that the little lash clusters are easier to deal with than even the self-adhesive 'strip-o-lashes' because they don't want to sit close 'enough' to my lash line.

and an old lip liner brush is the best thing to apply the adhesive with - you can do it straight from the tube, but it takes some practice.

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I just bought the individual lash clusters. They are pretty easy. I just saw something about them on not applying them to the outside but rather the middle. I might try that look instead. When I tried them the first time, I did chicken out and trimmed them a bit so my lashes looked more full than long.

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I use them when I perform on stage - but what I hate is the gunk it leaves on your eyelids when you're done with them - tough to clean off.

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I've tried them a long while ago. It takes a little practice to do them yourself. I think if you just curl your lashes a bit with a warmed up lash curler and then mascara is almost as effective, quicker and easier to clean up and not so artificial looking. Better costlier option is individual lashes applied to your own, last longer and look more natural.

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I wore false eyelashes with rhinestones for a Halloween costume. I thought they were easy to apply, and my regular eye makeup remover easily removed the glue. They stayed on perfectly from 7pm to 4 am (good party!). It felt a little odd wearing them at first, but I forgot all about them in a couple of hours until someone mentioned them. I wore them to 2 holiday parties too; really glammed up the outfit!

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false eyelashes: get the cluster ones or the individual ones. use tweezers and put a dab of lash glue on your left hand. pick up lashes with tweezers, dip into lash glue on very edge and nestle lashes into your lashline, on your real lashes. continue on from middle to both sides. let it set up, then dip a lash liner brush into dark power liner or shadow and make a think line over the lashes, careful to cover any glue that might be showing.

they make an eyelash remover, but you can also use warm water and let them fall off in the shower. definitely don't leave them on overnight (I have and it hurts).

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