goldyDecember 19, 2003

Has anyone tried Rograin.Let me know if it works .I'm beginning to lose my locks and could use some help.I see where they have men's and ladies .Both the same strength so what's the difference?If I used it I would use the mens maybe work quicker. Let me know.Goldy

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I have had several hair dressers tell me it does work. The down side is that the hair falls out again when you stop using it. My current hair dresser recommends Nioxin products. I haven't tried them yet but will soon. I have fine, thin hair and a tendency to loose what little of I have when I am stressed or upset.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nioxin

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I' m glad to hear it works.If I have to be on it for life I don't mined.I'm 73 and at this time in life there isn't much left to spend your money on.Hair has been my thing in life it makes me feel good.They have a plane where they send it to you automatic every four months and it's cheaper.Thanks for your input.

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Hi Everyone,

I hadn't checked in here lately. I read a post about the mens Rogain growing mustache in women...interesting. I didn't know why, I've just seen it work. Honestly, I haven't seen any results from the Nioxin that I was impressed with, however I have spoken to hairdressers that think it is the greatest. I'd be willing to try just about anything though and wish anyone loosing hair the best of luck. Keep us posted!

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look at the other recent posting on hair thinning. You can buy generic Rogaine now and it's much cheaper. Besides, it seems to last longer than it says on the bottle.

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