Yet Another Sharp Microwave Drawer Question

schicksalFebruary 18, 2014

I'm planning for a microwave drawer for our kitchen and ran into a couple of questions.

When researching the Sharp branded model I noticed that it looks like it's been a while since it's been updated. Have there been any design changes lately or are there any that are due?

Someone on this thread

mentioned vent changes and condensation issues from the Sharp being the reason why they bought the Wolf branded one. Our cabinet doors will be walnut veneer so this is a bit of a concern for me. Is it true, or have things changed since the comment was made?

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The design has not changed the last 3.5 years.

Sharp makes the Wolf MW drawer and it does not have the old style vents either.

I have my current design Sharp MW for several years now without condensation issues or any issues. Don't know if they have a new model coming.

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Ok cool. I wasn't sure if it was a one off thing or not. In our layout it will be at the end of a peninsula and there will only be cabinets to the right and below. One thing is for certain though, it's that the minute we order one a fresh new design will come and take its place.

It's not clear to me though where the vent even is. Is it below the drawer?

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I've had ours for a few months and haven't noticed condensation. We did have an oddball problem where for some settings, it would countdown and right before it got to zero it would start counting down again at 7 or 8 seconds. While this actual time difference doesn't matter, i was worried that there was some other glitch which could cause a greater problem down the road, so I called the appliance store and they are having a new circuit board ordered.

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I am getting ready to have one installed in the end of a peninsula and I was wondering how hard it is to replace this when I want a new one later.

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Probably not hard... FWIW we went 24" since it seems like the most likely size to become standard. Just placed the order earlier this week from AJM but we saw one at Home Depot and they look nicer in person than they do in pictures.

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Thanks schicksal, I'm getting a 24" as well.

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Catharine-my DH and electrician installed ours. Wasn't hard at all, but it was easier with two people. In fact, we had to take it out for some reason not long after install. No problems. We also have never had an issue with condensation in our 2.5 years of usage. Ours is installed at the end of our island.

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I am planning to use the 24" version of this model and wanted to buy one of the refurbished ones from EBay. However, there are none currently available. Does anyone know if these come and go on the site?

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Around what size cabinets do you need to install the 24 inch microwave?

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Wet steam comes out of the bottom vent of my sharp microwave drawer onto my new cherry cabinet. I am sure it will be only time until it is ruined. I wipe up the condensation as the microwave is heating. What a chore. Just put in December 2014. If I had known this, I would have put a microwave on a shelf and saved money. It would have been easier to put towel down, when using the microwave that way.

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I have had a Sharp microwave drawer in use for over a year now and have no condensation issues. Mine is 24" -- as are all the "interiors", the only difference between the size of the surrounding box. Mine is in a 24" cabinet, too.

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Never had any condensation at all.

vtjon - You may want to search elsewhere for refurbed units also. Sears Outlet, Home Depot Outlet, etc..... most big appliance places have an outlet store. In fact here in P-town a couple of the larger appliance stores have outlet stores for returned and refurbed units. I got mine (latest model) from Home Depot outlet for ~$400 shipped. Only thing with refurbed units is they may not offer a warranty. The magnetron and protection diode went out on mine after about 18 months, had it repaired for ~$200, works great again. I'm still into it for less than a brand new unit.

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Is steam coming out of the vent in my microwave the same thing as condensation issue?

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I'd be curios to know the usage that's creating so much moisture. Is it being cooked in? Heating up liquids? Thawing, all the above? We don't really cook in ours, we use it for beverages, melting, thawing and heating up heat pads/pillows so may not get as much moisture as some.

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My sharp microwave draw is new - december 2014. The vent is at the bottom, which causes steam to pour on my new cherry cabinet face frame and drawer. I notice it most when making baked potatoes. It also happens toward the end of the cooking time when cooking frozen steam fresh vegetables and also heating up leftovers. I am sure I am not the only one this is happening to. I did notice from photos that the older model has the vent in a better location. Has anyone had this problem and if so, a solution?
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Our drawer was purchased in September 2013 and installed in January 2014. The vent is at the bottom, and I have no steam or condensation issues whatsoever. We mostly use the microwave for defrosting, cooking vegetables (fresh and frozen), reheating and popcorn.

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Sjhockeyfan325 - thanks for the response. does yours look like breezygirl's photo? If it does, maybe something is wrong with mine. I have a call in to sharp but must call back on monday.

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Yes, mine does look the same as breezygirl's.

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