Comfortable Dressy Shoes

azmomDecember 9, 2005

I have been spoiled by the comfort of wearing Helle Romus. It is the only brand I wear nowadays. Unfortunately it does not have a dressy style that can go with business suits or dresses.

Does anyone have any suggestion of a shoe brand that carries comfort and dressy styles?

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If you are thinking pumps, rather than super dressy, Naturalizer has several styles that are very comfortable, with from 1 1/4" t0 1 3/4" heels. The Maryland Square catalog carries them, if you don't have a Naturalizer store nearby. Prior to retirement I was a teacher and was on my feet most of the time. This brand is very comfortable and looked fine. I had about twenty pairs in plain pumps and wedge-heel pumps. Loved them! And I still have them!

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easy spirit, naturalizers, and Cobbie Cuddlers all make pumps made for stewardesses, teachers, and waitresses...

not the fanciest of shoes, but a truely classic pump is sometimes more stylish than the latest trendy bits.

ignore exaggerated toes, 'kitten' heels (used to be the 'louis' heel) and thin heels in general...and get them in a size that will let you add a good cushioning insole.

My pair is a pair of Enzo's - black, soft point toe, 3" heel, nice strap at the arch, totally elegant looking without being the least wobbly, and I stole a pair of 'wolverine' boot insoles from my husband, and cut them down to fit.

except for the lift, I'd never know they weren't birkenstocks ;)

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Aerosoles. Every try those?

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Think! is a good one, but pricy. Dansko has some styles that might cut it, depending on what suits and dresses you are thinking of wearing. Here in Boston, I see the clogs everywhere, even with skirts, suits, etc. Am planning to get a pair. My best suit shoes are BeautiFeel - a sort of slip on loafer. These are really my most comfortable shoes and they were worth every penny. Can be re-heeled, which I think is a big selling point.

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I also love Enzo...and Capezio makes a great leather flat that I wear to the office. It comes in a lot of colors, wears well, and has a somewhat squared toe so it is very comfortable. You can find them at Rack Room for a nice price.


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After several foot surgeries and thinking I could never wear heels again, I splurged on a pair of Jimmy Choos, very pricey, even on sale but I can wear them for hours with absolutely no pain. I got a classic pair that I can wear forvever, figure they can bury me in them when the time comes!

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terilyn, how high are those Choos ?

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